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Oryx and Crake By: Leandra Paasch, Sydney Shields, Ryan Enquist, Lea Yotsuya, Alan Dickey, Nick Collar, Christian Bogdan.

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1 Oryx and Crake By: Leandra Paasch, Sydney Shields, Ryan Enquist, Lea Yotsuya, Alan Dickey, Nick Collar, Christian Bogdan

2 Xenotransplantation Oryx and Crake As an ethical and moral issue…
“…That’s all we need, more people with the brains of pigs” -Jimmy’s Mother Pg. 56 As a developing science… “The main idea was to find a way of replacing the older epidermis with a fresh, new one…” Pg. 54 As used in Oryx and Crake… “…you’ve thought up yet another way to rip off a bunch of desperate people…” Pg. 56 Xenotransplantation in today’s society is not seen a typical moral issue. When the idea of using animal organs first originated, the initial thought was to use our closest atomic match, the chimpanzee, but that is where ethical issues developed. It is seen as a very new science in the making, with very little actual procedures actually attempted. It is in the research stages. Australia has been the main advocator of the new science, using pigs to grow human cells that could then be used to develop organs. This would potentially solve the extreme lack of organs from donors.

3 School Oryx and Crake HelthWyzer High:
Both Jimmy and Crake graduate from HelthWyzer High. When a student graduates, institutes bid for each student, and the students get recruited away. Every compound school creates smarter than average kids, but Crake was something special. Martha Graham Academy: A dump of an art school in Jimmy’s eyes. He suspects his dad of twisting the arm of the school’s president to take him, so he does not even feel worth it at the beginning. He see’s his time at Martha Graham as just the time before he gets a job and becomes one of the faceless masses. Despite his morbid attitude, these are probably the best years of his life. Watson Crick Institute: The Ultra Ivy-League school for the irregularly smart geniuses society produces. Crake’s pride, and experiments reside here. His questionable creations are his life, and both the Crakers and BlyssPluss are his doing.

4 The Internet and Technology
Oryx and Crake The Internet and Technology The internet represents the smut and perversion that Atwood’s society revolves around. Oryx is introduced through the internet, as is the boys knowledge of the outside world during their childhood. Technology is the business, and science is the ultimate money making machine, generating the compounds, cross bred freak animals, and in the end, societies demise.

5 What is Happicuppa? Huppicuppa was developed by Helth Wyzer
Coffee beans ripen at different times requiring them to be hand picked. Happicuppa is a coffee bean that is designed to ripen simultaneously with all of the beans. Reduces work needed for harvest. Huppicuppa beans were harvested and grown by machines. Growing Businesses close. People lose their jobs! (3)

6 Loss of jobs creates panic.
Forces coffee growing community into poverty like state. Mobs and riots break out world wide Happicuppa profits continue to raise (2)

7 Happicuppa in Comparison to Starbucks
Starbucks consists of 7000 plus stores world wide Approximately 3 new stores are opened every day Net revenue of $335 million as of 2003 26% of a total increase in net revenue each year (1) One of the most popular franchises in the world Happicuppa vs. Starbucks (real world)

8 ChickieNob (4) “What they were looking at was a large bulblike object that seemed to be covered with stippled whitish-yellow skin. Out of it came twenty thick fleshy tubes, and at the end of each tube another bulb was growing.” (3) What is a ChickieNob? Select chicken meat with high growth rate built in, no hormones needed. The future of fast food?

9 Jimmy Vs. Snowman

10 Jimmy Jimmy is the character before the outbreak occurs and all the homo sapiens sapiens die. Also is known as Jimmy up until he visits the Crakers for the first time and takes them to there new home. Obsessed over Oryx before he knew her in person. Once he met Oryx, he was even more obsessed over her.

11 Snowman The character after the outbreak.
Also from the point he visits and talks to the Crakers for the first time and takes them to there new home. Takes care of Crakers Lives on the sea shore a short distance from the Crakers. Dreams and has visions of his past. Re-lives everything that’s happened to him through dreams. Dreams of Oryx, thinking her spirit visits him once in a while.

12 Personalities

13 Jimmy Mother and father worked for Helthweizer.
Mother left him and his father when Jimmy was young. Best friend was Crake Went to school at Martha Graham and worked at AnooYoo upon graduation. Then ended up working for Crake in Paradice. Wore fancy clothes, and owned fancy things. Went to pleebands to have a good time at bars. He loved Oryx.

14 Snowman Always dreaming
Doesn’t wear any clothes anymore (Except for a bed sheet) Lives on little supplies. Drinks when he can, but has a shortage of alcohol He doesn’t want to do anything that may get him a disease or make him sick Paranoid of catching a virus he can’t cure (such like the one Crake created)

15 Oryx and Crake Summary "Jimmy went in to see the Pigoons" Pic 1
"Snowman wakes before dawn" Pic 2 "Enter Oryx" Pic 3 "Snats don't squeak; they hiss" Pic 4

16 Society around Science
Compound Life – Life is the compounds revolved around science and technology. Crakers – These people were created “perfect” by man, so that when known civilization was wiped off the face of the earth, they could repopulate and make the “perfect” society. Blysspluss – This was the miracle pill Crake – Crake was the father of the Crakers, and the reason for the fall of mankind. Crake’s Father – was thought to have been murdered for his knowledge of this these types of sciences before, and was not the only one.

17 Compound Life V.S. Pleeblands

18 Tall walls surrounding the houses, a gated area where there was searchlights and security outside, were compounds. Outside of the compound walls, things were unpredictable. The compounds were created for people living in them to be safe from world like diseases and outbreaks. The idea of the compound was the same as a castle with drawbridges which kept the people inside safe and the bad out. Inside the compounds there was night patrols, curfews, and sniffer dogs after drugs. Each compound is different from one another. HelthWyzer It was more striker than other compounds. Security was much tighter at the gates were guards were ruder and suspicious of everyone who came along. Their phones and s were bugged, and they had spies that were disguised as house cleaners that would come twice a week to each home. It was also one of the bigger and newer compounds. RejoovenEsence One of the most powerful compounds of all. With twelve foot high walls that were electrified and it was very clean, well landscaping, having a expensive look. Compound Life

19 Pleeblands It was known as the cities.
There are tall and short buildings, endless streets and billboards, and neon signs. Lots of vehicles and people hurrying and rioting in the streets. Spitting on the sidewalks Walking and talking close to one another. The public security was weak and not well controlled. The kids were wild and run in packs all over the place: They would trash places and things Overdose waste themselves from loud music, toking and boozing. People who didn’t know there way around the pleeblands, it was known to them as a ultra-hazardous place. The compound people didn’t go to the pleeblands unless they had to but they never went alone. Crake referred the pleebland as a Petri dish with lots of things happening and contagious diseases. The air was a lot more hazardous with a lot of objects blowing in the wind and with a few whirlpool purifying towers around. There is a variety of different people that lived in the pleeblands. The rich The poor The hookers. Pleeblands

20 Paradice Project Dome

21 Paradice Project Dome Crakes Project, he was working on immortality
His concept and agreed to actualize it. The Paradice dome was located at the far right side of the RejoovenEsence Compound. It had its own park around it Dense climate controlling plantation Very tight security around the park. The dome was made out of mussel-adhesive/silicon/dendrite formation alloy, ultra-resistant. It could recon form itself after pressure and automatically repair any gashes. It had the capacity to both filter and breathe but required a solar-generated current to do so. An airlock was used in case it had to be sealed off from fanatics, toxic attacks, or hostile bioforms. The staff in paradice were the top of the line from MaddAddam. The population in the dome was ultra secret. No one was allowed out the complex. Two major projects that are within the Paradice dome: The Blyss Pluss Pill The Crakers(The main project in paradice

22 Crakers

23 Development of Crakers
Crake decided to make a new race of “humans” They would be perfect Crake was going to eliminate all other humans who were not good enough according to him He had many “ingenious” ideas about how they should work He made them completely non-human

24 Features of Crakers They eat plants
Have bug repellant in their skin (citrus scented) Have sunscreen in skin Believe anything they are told Are completely lacking in artistic skills because Crake thought art was useless Unaware of the “old” world No sense of fear or danger, think everything is good Purring to cure others

25 Mating Ritual Rather than having sex whenever, which Crake thought was pointless, Crakers would only have sex to make babies. Women’s stomachs would turn blue Men would dance around her She would choose 3-4 men to mate with

26 Animal Crossbreeding in Oryx and Crake
Rakunks Friendlier than a raccoon Less smell than a skunk Wolvogs “bred to deceive” (314) Cute like a dog Dangerous like a wolf Snats Rats with green scaly tales and fangs Pigoons Organs could be customized Cheaper than cloning

27 Purpose of crossbreeding
Remove genetic weaknesses Create new breeds Prevent inbreeding Save endangered species

28 Playing God “Create-an-animal was so much fun, said the guys doing it; it made you feel like God” (72). “‘I thought you didn’t believe in God,’ said Jimmy. ‘I don’t believe in Nature either,’ said Crake” (315).

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