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NC Court System.

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1 NC Court System

2 NC Trial Courts Trial Courts- hear evidence and arguments of the parties in a case District Courts the judge hears the case and decides the verdict- there is no jury ex: family law, traffic violations, mental hospitalization civil cases less than $10,000

3 Superior Courts handle civil cases involving more than $10,000 and felonies- may involve jury trials felony- serious crimes with a victim, ex: rape, robbery, murder in capital cases, jury also decides the sentence

4 Judges are elected for each county Other Judicial Officers
Magistrates- issue search and arrest warrants district attorney- represents the state in all criminal cases in district and superior courts district public defender- state employee who represents low-income persons accused of crimes

5 NC Appellate Courts NC Court of Appeals- hears most cases appealed from the state’s trial courts Reviews trial court decisions Reviews evidence & procedures of trial courts Does not review death penalty case NC Constitutional issues, go to NC Supreme Court Sit in panels of 3, 15 Appeals judges total

6 NC Supreme Court NC Supreme Court highest court in the state
reviews cases of lower courts (Appellate & Trial courts) interprets state constitution voters elect chief justice and 6 associate judges Decides NC Constitutional issues Reviews death penalty sentencing Judges are elected

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