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Test Review. What name is given for trial attorneys?

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1 Test Review

2 What name is given for trial attorneys?

3 Litigators

4 What percentage of lawyers are in private practice? a. 70% b. 50% c. 40% d. 20%

5 A 70% of lawyers are in private practice.

6 True or False? Most lawyers rarely go to court.

7 True. Most law practice involves giving advice, drafting legal opinions, negotiating settlements, or giving out-of-court legal assistance.

8 _____are organizations that license lawyers.

9 Bar associations

10 True or False? The best way to find an attorney is through an ad on the Internet or in the media.

11 False. The best way is through a referral from someone who has had a good experience with that attorney.

12 A ____________is agency that provides representation to low-income people on their civil legal problems.

13 Legal aid organization

14 This is a protected right of lawyers under the First Amendment right to free speech. (For years it was considered improper and was forbidden)

15 Advertising

16 This is a down payment on the total fee a lawyer charges.

17 Retainer

18 This is a type of payment plan in which the lawyer’s fees are deducted from the winnings of the case.

19 Contingency

20 Standards of conduct that guide lawyer’s conduct.

21 Code of professional responsibility

22 This ensures that information shared with your attorney is private.

23 Attorney-Client privilege

24 If an attorney has been __________, he or she no longer has a license to practice law.

25 disbarred

26 Lawyers can be sued by clients for serious errors that result in injury or loss. This type of case is known as a _____ __________case.

27 Legal malpractice

28 True or False? Middle-class persons have no difficulty hiring an attorney for their civil cases.

29 False

30 True or False? The attorney makes the final decision in a case.

31 False The attorney advises, but the final decision belongs to the client.

32 True or False? Crime victims are also many times victims of human rights violations.

33 True

34 A ________is something one does or fails to do that is in violation of the law.

35 Crime

36 What is the most widely abused substance in the United States?

37 alcohol

38 Which amendment protects an individual’s right to own and keep a gun in the home for self- defense?

39 The 2 nd Amendment

40 In which situation would a person most likely NOT need a lawyer? a. Jasmine is forming a corporation to sell her candies. b. John caused an accident in which another person was seriously injured. c. Val is renting an apartment for one year in an apartment building. d. Zander has been charged with a serious felony.

41 C You wouldn’t need a lawyer to rent an apartment.

42 What is NOT generally a consequence for lawyers who commit a violation of the state ethical requirements? a. Imprisonment b. Disbarment c. Suspension d. Reprimand

43 A Imprisonment is generally NOT a consequence.

44 Decisions as to what constitutes a crime are made by ____. a. The executive branch b. The legislative branch c. Agencies d. The courts

45 B The Legislative Branch

46 Which of the following statements is TRUE? a. The rates of both violent crime and property crime have been going down in recent years. b. The rate of violent crime but not property crime has been going down in recent years. c. The rate of property crime but not violent crime has been going down in recent years. d. The rates of both violent crime and property crime have been going up in recent years.

47 A The rates of both violent crime and property crime have been going down in recent years.

48 Which court case claimed that the 14 th Amendment had been violated due to a state court’s failure to provide a lawyer free of charge? a. Marbury v. Madison b. Clinton v. City of New York c. Mapp v. Ohio d. Gideon v. Wainwright

49 D Gideon v. Wainwright

50 Researchers have identified which of the following as a factor that puts young people at risk for gang involvement? a. Poverty b. Success at school c. Stable family d. Living in a urban area

51 A Poverty

52 True or False The number of females and males in gangs is about equal.

53 False Males account for 90% of gang members.

54 True or False Since the mid-1980s, there has generally been an increase in the reported number of drug crimes.

55 False There has been a decrease.

56 This created a national system to instantly check the background of people wanting to buy guns.

57 The Brady Act

58 A(n) _______law requires drives to submit to a blood alcohol test in exchange for the privilege of driving.

59  Implied consent

60 This law was passed as a result of efforts by victims’ advocacy groups, requires the registration of all convicted sex offenders in the community.

61 Megan’s Law

62 Repeat offender

63 Recidivist

64 Reports the frequency of crimes

65 Crime clock

66 Sum of violent crimes and property crimes

67 Crime index

68 Strategy whereby the community works actively with the local police to lower the crime rate in its area.

69 Community policing

70 Alcohol is a factor in about __of all violent crimes committed in the United States. a. 1/3 b. 2/3 c. 3/5 d. 3/4

71 1/3 of all violent crimes involve alcohol.

72 What could result from refusal to take a BAC test?

73 Suspension of the driver’s license for a certain period.

74 Between ___ and ___percent of persons taken into the criminal justice system test positive for one or more drugs at the time of their arrest.

75 50% - 75% test positive for one or more drugs at the time of arrest.

76 This means to require criminals to pay back or compensate the victims.

77 restitution

78 True or False? Teens and young adults are more likely to be victims of crime than people in any other age group.

79 True.

80 True or False? Persons from lower-income households are more likely to be victims of crime than those with higher incomes. n

81 True

82 True or False? The homicide victimization rate for African Americans was 6 times higher than the rate for whites in 2005.

83 True

84 What is the ratio of males committing crimes versus females committing crimes?

85 Males commit 4 times as many crimes as females.

86 Period in U.S. History when alcohol sale, manufacture, and transportation were illegal.

87 Prohibition

88 This law prohibits certain peoples from buying or possessing guns.

89 Gun Control Act of 1968

90 This court uses threat of prosecution to keep offenders in treatment.

91 Drug Court

92 This group advocates for victims of DUI.

93 MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

94 This law was enacted through parental advocacy to require registry of sex offenders.

95 Megan’s Law

96 Group of people, closed to the public, formed for common purposes that may include violent crime.

97 Gang

98 A person who is injured by the crime of another.

99 victim

100 Name three penalties for driving under the influence.

101 -Monetary fine -Enrollment in DWI school -Community service -License suspended -License revoked -Jail sentence

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