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Coe Lake Critters Lesson Coe Lake Outdoor Science Education.

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1 Coe Lake Critters Lesson Coe Lake Outdoor Science Education

2 Food Chain Key Terms Producers- – Photosynthesis: Primary consumers- – Cellular respiration: Secondary consumers- Tertiary consumers- Herbivore- Carnivore- Omnivore- Decomposer-

3 Common Producers (Phytoplankton/Photosynthesize)

4 More phytoplankton!

5 Super cool phytoplankton : DIATOMS!

6 Microscopic Stuff Amoeba-omnivoresParamecium- eat bacteria Amoeba Feeding Footage

7 Common Primary Consumers (Zooplankton) Daphnia (water flea) Footage Daphnia (water flea) Footage

8 Snails (not zooplankton) primary consumers Right handed (dextral) pollution sensitive Left handed (sinestral) pollution tolerant, EX: Pouch Snails

9 Scud (zooplankton)Footage Scud (zooplankton)Footage primary & secondary consumer omnivore & nocturnal

10 Copepods (zooplankton) Footage Copepods (zooplankton) Footage (primary & secondary consumer) omnivore

11 Ostracod (zooplankton) Footage Ostracod (zooplankton) Footage primary & secondary consumer omnivore some bioluminescent (glow blue at night in Caribbean) some parthenogenic (drought resistant eggs-come back to life)

12 Planaria Footage Planaria Footage secondary consumer (& they will eat dead organisms too) regenerate

13 Nematode Footage Nematode Footage (decomposers)

14 Rotifer Footage Rotifer Footage "wheel bearer" crown of cilia omnivores (but small enough to fit in tiny mouth)

15 Key Terms to Know Photosynthesisparthenogenic Cellular respirationphytoplankton Primary consumerzooplankton Secondary consumerDaphnia Tertiary consumerOstracod NocturnalScud DiurnalCopepod DecomposerDiatom HerbivorePlanaria CarnivoreNematode OmnivoreSnail Bioluminescentdextral Regeneratesinustral RotiferAmoeba Paramecium

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