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Copywriting Pond's Flawless White - Love Conquers All.

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2 Copywriting Pond's Flawless White - Love Conquers All

3 Guide lines 1.Use The Video 2.Support The Video 3.Coordinate The Audio With The Video 4.Entertain But Sell The Brand 5.Reflect The Brand Personality And Images 6.Use Copy Judiciously 7.Be Flexible 8.Build Campaigns

4 USE THE VIDEO The product used the video to promote about that product (Pond’s)

5 SUPPORT THE VIDEO In the video, pond’s also show the ads. The woman suddenly she saw the pond’s product makes that woman’s face looks more bright, so the man falling in love again with her.

6 Coordinate the Audio With the Video The audio and video is match, because it’s completing each other. Example: 1.When they falling in love. Music is romatic to show the love of them 2.When the house eviction. The music was going strain. 3.When the house was burn. The sound of something burning. 4.When she save the tree. The man also save her. So the audio become slowly and romatic.

7 Entertain But Sell the Brand The ads like dramas or serial movie. So audience feel curious and interested about the next ads to the end story of ads. Reflect the Brands Personality and Image Yes, because in the video show face of the woman become more white without dark spot (flawless white) in 7 days has the women who want to be more beautiful faster can be influanced by this advertisment.

8 Use Copy Judiciously In the video there are some transript to explain name person who acts and the story from that advertisment likes. “Tom & Rose”, “Tom’s Mother”, and “Rose’s Parents” “6 years later” is explain that the story already six years later. Picture wuth transcription “EVICTION 7 Days” and “EVICTION 4 Days” are explain that location will be evict soon. In 7 days and 4 days soon. Build the picture that write “Paradise Grand View” it explained that in the location will be build ‘golf yard ‘ the name is “Paradise Grand View”

9 Be Flexible Yes, because the story is made in detail and divided into some serial Build Campaigns The advertisement suggest to womans to used the product (pond’s), so that her face become more beautiful in just 7 days. Because in the fact the woman believe that white is beauty and beauty is white.

10 Thank you Created by: Novi Kristiani Rahman Susanto Ratih Andreany Septi Ayu Windani Syaepul Mahdi

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