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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

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1 The Witch of Blackbird Pond
PowerPoint Assignment

2 Table of Contents Slide
List what your next slides will be about There should be one bullet point per topic Include the conclusion in your TOC

3 Informational Slide #1 Title the slide based on its theme
Have at least 3 bullets on each slide Try to keep bullet points concise (6x6 rule) Include graphics, but don’t over do it You don’t need graphics on every slide

4 A Good Slide This slide is well organized.
It teaches without being overwhelming. The graphic is appropriate in size, style, and number.

5 A Not-so-Good Slide This slide is not appropriate because it puts way too much information and the information is not divided up into bullets. It also does not keep the information concise. Finally, it has way too many graphics. They look like they were put here to fill the page, not assist in learning, which is what graphics should do.

6 Information Slide #4 Final tips
Do not include all information on your slide Keep your slide clean and readable Stick with one background Choose readable fonts Slide transitions should not take away or distract the viewer Remember that the information is the most important part of you work

7 Conclusion A good presentation teaches and promotes discussion
It is visually appealing, but focuses more on the information being taught Graphics and transitions can be used, but are not needed on every page

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