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By: Jeffrey Barnes & James Lupini Brocton CSD March 23, 2009.

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1 By: Jeffrey Barnes & James Lupini Brocton CSD March 23, 2009

2 Dennis King Teaching Vs. Learning “It’s not what we teach, It’s what the students learn.”

3 Test Essay “A great minority or female scientist that we studied this year is Mr. Lupini. Mr. Lupini is my science teacher. He invented the peanut. He made peanut butter and shampoo out of the peanuts he grew. I really like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks to Mr. Lupini and the peanut, I can wash my hair every day.”

4 Student Question After a 15 minute discussion on MRSA Student: Isn’t MRSA those helicopters? Mr. L: Helicopters, WHAT are you talking about? Student: You know, MRSA flights Mr. L: No (student’s name), that is called Mercy Flight. That’s a little bit different than what were just talking about.

5 Teachers can differentiate: Content Process Product Readiness Interests Learning Profile according to student’s through a range of instructional and management strategies… Source: The Differentiated Classroom, Tomlinson 1999

6 Readiness is the student’s entry point relative to a particular entry point or skill. Carol Ann Tomlinson

7 What does interest mean? Discovering interest is important; Creating interest is even more important. Inventing Better Schools, Schlechty

8 LEARNING PROFILE Learning profile refers to how an individual learns best – most efficiently and effectively. Teachers and students may differ in the learning profile. Nanci Smith

9 Learner Profile Card Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic Modality Multiple Intelligence Preference Gardner Analytical, Creative, Practical Sternberg Student’s Interests Array Inventory Gender Stripe Nanci Smith

10 RAFT R ole A udience F ormat T opic

11 RoleAudienceFormatTopic Experienced Water Drop New Water DropsTravel Guide Journey through the Water Cycle LungsBrainPersuasive SpeechWhy Quit Smoking SeedSelfDiaryChanges As I Germinate CellNew CellsOwner’s Manual My Parts and How They Function Safety GogglesFamilyLetterSafety in the Lab White Blood CellRed Blood CellRomantic LetterI Will Keep You Safe RAFTs for Science

12 Cubes/ Thinkdots

13 Learning Menu/ Contract

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