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Academics and Medical School Admissions Offered by the UWO Pre-Medical Society 2008.

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1 Academics and Medical School Admissions Offered by the UWO Pre-Medical Society 2008

2 Q: So…my marks, how good do they have to be exactly? A: There is no set average for admission to any medical school, a wide range of marks are accepted. However, in Ontario, generally your marks need to be in the 80+ range. So what determines my Grade Point Average (GPA)?


4 Grades: Biology 1022 - 84% Chemistry 1050 - 79% Physics 1024 - 81% Calculus 1000a - 91% Calculus 1201b - 72% Health Sciences 1000 - 80% Overall Average: 81.17% Converting this average to GPA you get… 3.70

5 Unfortunately this is not the way to calculate your GPA. Each mark must be converted to the OMSAS equivalent and then averaged out.Grades: Biology 1022 - 84% 3.70 Chemistry 1050 - 79% 3.30 Physics 1024 - 81% 3.70 Calculus 1000a - 91% 4.00 Calculus 1201b - 72% 2.70 Health Sciences 1000 - 80% 3.70 New Weighted GPA - 3.52

6 The MCAT is a standardized test offered by the AAMC. The test consists of 4 sections. 3 of which are multiple choice, and two writing samples. The areas covered are basic biology, chemistry, physics and reading comprehension. The sections are: Physical Sciences - Scored 1 to 15 (Average 8) Biological Sciences - Scored 1 to 15 (Average 8) Verbal Reasoning - Scored 1 to 15 (Average 8) Writing Sample - Scored J to T (Average O)

7 Approximately 100 years ago, two biologists performed separate experiments to study the process by which a fertilized egg differentiates into the many cell types found in a complete organism. Biologist 1: The Mosaic Hypothesis Biologist 1 worked with two-celled frog embryos, killing one cell of each embryo with a hot needle, but leaving the dead cell attached. The surviving cell formed only half of an embryo, and the biologist concluded that cells of the developing embryo were independent; that is, they acted as individual pieces of a mosaic. The biologist assumed that "determinants" (i.e., genes) were portioned out qualitatively as the egg divided, until each cell contained only the substances needed for its own development. Biologist 1 concluded that the fate of developing cells is determined by the cells' unequal content of determinants, and that cell lineage is unaffected by external conditions or by the position of a cell in the embryo. Biologist 2: The Regulative Hypothesis Biologist 2 worked with sea urchin embryos. When a tube of seawater containing embryos was shaken, the two cells of each embryo separated, and each cell later developed into a complete but slightly smaller embryo. This suggested that each cell retained a complete set of determinants. Biologist 2 viewed the embryo not as a mosaic, but as a harmonious equipotential system; that is, each cell is capable of developing into a complete organism, and the cells interact to regulate development. Thus, Biologist 2 concluded that the fate of developing cells depends mainly on environmental factors and on their position in the embryo. Following are some sample questions on this passage: 1. Which of the following pieces of experimental evidence best supports the Mosaic Hypothesis? 1. Identical twins or triplets are derived from a single fertilized egg. 2. In some developmental accidents, embryos with two normal-sized heads are produced. 3. Separated cells of two-celled embryos continue to divide, producing partial embryos. 4. Nuclei of dividing eggs in a single organism all contain the same genetic information. Answer: C

8 Autobiographical Sketch Autobiographical sketch is a comprehensive list of the pertinent details of the applicant’s activities since the age of 16 within the categories that apply to the applicant: –F: Formal Education –E: Employment –V: Volunteer Activities –X: Extracurricular Activities –A: Awards and Accomplishments –R: Research


10 In April 2004, Western’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry obtained Senate approval to accept a $26-million donation from Seymour Schulich. In exchange, the school was named after Schulich. -The Gazette April 2006





15 OMSAS Website: MCAT Website:

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