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Characteristics of the Epic

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1 Characteristics of the Epic

2 The Epic

3 Characteristics of the Epic
An epic is a long narrative story or poem. An epic recounts the adventures of an epic hero, a larger-than-life figure who undertakes great journeys and performs deeds requiring remarkable strength and cunning. Characteristics of the Epic

4 Archetype – Pronounced (är k -tYp)
An archetype is a pattern in literature that is found in a variety of works from different cultures throughout the ages. An archetype can be a plot, a character, an image or a setting.

5 Examples of Archetypes as characters
Heroes Shadows Mentors Heralds Threshold Guardians Shapeshifters Tricksters Allies Woman as Temptress Examples of Archetypes as characters

6 Heroes THE EPIC HERO Often possesses supernatural strengths or abilities Is charged with a quest Is tested, often to improve the worthiness of himself and his quest Restitution. Often this takes the form of the hero regaining his rightful place on the throne. Odysseus is considered an epic hero in The Odyssey

7 Shadows Villains Enemies or perhaps the enemy within.
Voldemort from Harry Potter

8 Mentors The hero’s guide or guiding principles
Gandalf from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

9 Herald The one who brings the call to adventure Can be a person or event The tornado is a herald in The Wizard of Oz

10 Threshold guardians The forces that stand in the way at the turning points Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter

11 shapeshifters Creatures who change their shape
The goddess, Athena, can become most any person or animal.

12 tricksters Clowns and mischief makers
Pippin and Merry from The Lord of the Rings

13 allies Characters who help the hero through the quest
Donkey from Shrek

14 Woman as temptress Femme fatale Offers danger to the hero
Princess Leia from Star Wars

15 The Hero’s Journey Discovered by Joseph Campbell in his analysis of epic stories. The hero’s journey is a cycle that is followed in hero myths and stories. An example of what the Hero’s Journey would look like in a diagram.

16 The Hero’s Journey The Ordinary World – the hero lives in a world that is normal or uneventful – (ex. Frodo Baggins and the Shire) The Call to Adventure – the hero is charged with a quest – (ex. Dorothy and the red slippers)

17 The hero’s journey Refusal of the Quest – the hero decides whether to accept or deny quest – (ex. Simba refuses to return to Pride Rock) Accepting the call The hero makes the decision to accept the call (ex. Luke in Star Wars) Entering the Unknown – the hero enters a world previously unknown to him/her (ex. Frodo outside of the Shire)

18 The hero’s journey Supernatural Aid – could be a being or object (Frodo – Gandalf the Wizard) Allies/Helpers – the hero is aided by helpers (ex. Dorothy and the lion, tin man and scarecrow)

19 The hero’s journey Tests/Belly of the Whale – the hero is tested (ex. Dorothy – defeating the Wicked Witch) Reward and the Journey Home – The hero claims reward (ex. Shrek – Fiona) Master of the Two Worlds/Restoring the World – the hero restores order in his former home (ex. Simba and Pride Rock)

20 The Hero’s Journey in Film
The Hero’s Journey in Film

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