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School Design by the Numbers 480 students Grades 7 – 12 14 Subject certified teachers (All highly-qualified) 13 Academic Coaches and College Counselors.

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2 School Design by the Numbers 480 students Grades 7 – 12 14 Subject certified teachers (All highly-qualified) 13 Academic Coaches and College Counselors 7 Special Services Teachers 11 Full-time and 2 part-time administrative staff members

3 17-1702-A Legislative Intent “Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods.” “Provide parents and pupils with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are available within the public school system.”

4 Teaching Innovation 40-student cohorts, block scheduling There are two adults in the room….an academic coach and a subject-specific teacher. In most classes, classtime is spent split between individual time and small group discussion time. During individual time, the students read, watch video, write, do problems, under the watchful eye of the academic coach Subject-specific teacher pulls out small groups of students for discussion, remediation, reinforcement and extension.

5 Academic Coaches are staffed at 40 students per coach Stay with a cohort of students throughout the day. Responsible for keeping students on track Responsible for helping students form majors and developing college and career plans. Importance of Academic Coaches

6 Room Design

7 Value of Small Group Discussion* More opportunities to work and learn together More positive attitudes about learning Higher level of confidence Higher meta-cognitive development of problem solving skills *John Berry and Pasi Sahlberg, 2006

8 Benefits of this approach Eliminates lecturing, the least active and interesting part of lessons. Allows students to work at their own pace. Allows tailoring of curriculum to the particular needs and interests of each student. Allows the teacher to spend small group quality time with all students. The teacher can differentiate learning by tailoring instruction to small groups of students with common needs and interests

9 An Ideal Model for Special Services All students have an Individual Plan. All students have unique curriculum and work at their best pace. Special Education and ESL teachers can work with the students at their work stations without fighting with the attention of the subject teacher.

10 Carpe Diem School – Yuma, AZ 57% of students proficient in Yuma 65% of students proficient throughout Arizona. 92% of Carpe Diem Students proficient.

11 “Hold the schools established under this act accountable for meeting measurable academic standards….” All students will participate in the PSSAs, Keystone Exams or any of their successor assessments. We will use NWEA MAPS data in order to measure student progress over time. We have a curriculum which meets Pennsylvania Standards.

12 Courses Math English language arts Social Studies Physical Sciences Studio Art Performing Arts World Languages Business and Technology Physical Education

13 Foundation Curriculum For all students Provided by Pearson Publishing and its subsidiaries. Comprehensive covering all requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Closely aligned to the Common Core Curriculum.

14 Specialized Curriculum based on each student’s individual learning plan Achieve 3000 First in Math Brainpop ALEKS Sciencegeek Life Journal WorldHistoryforusall

15 Summary Meet all curriculum requirements of the State. Meet graduation requirements. Administer all PSSA and Keystone Examinations Our goal will be to meet or exceed the Upper Darby School District on all measurements of academic performance.

16 Need for Early College Planning Only 42 percent of young people who enroll in college complete a bachelor’s degree by the age of 26.

17 Penn State Website “ 80 percent of students entering college admit that they're not certain what they really want to major in, even if they've initially declared a major.”

18 Each student develops a major. Based on academic achievement, personality testing and interests. Credit for internships. Understand salary and employment potential in different fields. Culminating project based on career interest. Academic Coaches help students find career and college paths to continue learning and training in selected major. “Majors” at Delco Community CS


20 Real Estate Letter of Intent signed with the owners of 201 South Marple Avenue. Will start all on one floor Quiet, safe neighborhood, easy to access public transportation. Good flow for bus drop-off and parking.

21 Governance National curriculum, local management No large, for-profit company in the background. Three of the seven Board Positions will be parents.

22 Financial Management $200,000 line of credit secured through First Niagara Bank Positive cash flow in year one. Negotiation with 201 South Marple Avenue included in Financial Model.


24 Evidence 200 Students have pre-enrolled for Delco Charter School as of 7/10/2012 169 students pre-enrolled in grades 7 – 12 (Sept. 2013) compared to a starting enrollment needed of 160. 143 pre-enrolled who are residents of Upper Darby. 41 notes of support from adults.

25 "I am a single parent that resides in Upper Darby, PA. I recently signed my daughter up to attend Delco Charter. I'm very excited to see another choice in High Schools in my neighborhood. I didn't want my daughter to attend Upper Darby but couldn't afford any of the Catholic schools. I hope she's accepted here. If not I'll explore other options for her. Good luck, Delco Charter with your new school." - Nakeisha, Upper Darby School District Resident

26 "I would love for my child to attend a school with a small setting." - Brett, Upper Darby School District Resident

27 "(My Daughter) has one more year at DHMS. After that we have no choice but to move to another school district because she cannot attend UD high school. It's unsafe to say the least and getting worse. Moving will be a huge burden in that I'm a single low-income mom. Having an alternative school choice in the area for my daughter would mean we can stay in our home." - Mary, Upper Darby School District Resident

28 "14 years ago I bought my home in Upper Darby because I was looking for a better school district for my children. Now I pray every day for a charter school or to win the lottery to send my child to a private school. Why is it that Upper Darby School district only has one high school for all these students in the area for the price I am paying for school tax? My child should have a better option when it comes to her education. UDHS is too overcrowded. We need a change in our district and this proposal for a charter school is a start." - Sophia, Upper Darby School District Resident

29 "I am very interested in my child attending a school at which she can receive more individualized attention with less distractions of traditional public schools." - Michelle, Upper Darby School District Resident

30 Summary Innovative Address key areas of need Meet the standards of the State of Pennsylvania Have strong community support. Have a sustainable financial, governance and real estate plan.


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