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-Program Overview Kellogg Middle School.

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1 -Program Overview Kellogg Middle School

2 Course Requirements Math English Science Social Studies PE/Health

3 7th Grade Honors Advanced English 7 Honors Social Studies 7
Honors Science 7 Accelerated Math Compression Math 7 & 8 (1 yr acceleration) Algebra (available to Hi Cap students, 2 yr acceleration)

4 High School Credit Math Classes: World Language: Algebra I & Geometry
French 1 and 2 Japanese 1 and 2 Spanish 1 and 2 Chinese 1* Decision to add grade/credit to high school transcript made in junior year

5 Class of 2020 Honors Data 318 Total Students in 7th Grade Class
207 Students Take 1 or More Honors Classes 65% of our 7th Graders are Taking an Honors Class 47 taking 1 Honors Course 99 taking 2 Honors Courses 130 taking 3 Honors Courses 76 taking 4 Honors Courses

6 Class of 2020 Honors Data 109 girls are taking one or more Honors classes 98 boys are taking one or more Honors classes Ethnic Breakdown: 62% White 21% Asian/Pacific Islander 6% Black 8% Hispanic


8 Honors students are… expected to participate actively and frequently in their own learning challenged to go in-depth in their analysis and interpretation and to draw connections between abstract concepts expected to work more independently The pace, the depth of the coverage of material, and project complexity are at a more rigorous level in an honors course.

9 How to Decide… Course Catalog Honors Course Selection
Standardized Test Scores District Assessments Elementary Report Card Scores (3s and 4s) Study Habits & Organizational Skills

10 Honors Student “Look Fors…”
Keen interest in the subject area Willingness to work at a faster pace and a deeper level Self Motivated Consistent attendance Minimal missing assignments Participates actively in discussions Willingness to commit to increased amount of time for homework Produces high quality work Willing to ask for help

11 Data to Use English, Social Studies, Science: Math: Grades
Level 3 or 4 MSP, grades 5 & 6 SRI Lexile 1000 or above Math: Level 4 MSP, grades 5 & 6 Score of 35 or higher on Algebra Prognosis Test; (0rleans-Hanna) Grades 3s or 4s in subject area

12 Current Honors Enrollment

13 Profile of an Accelerated Math Student
Strong motivational and study habits, including an intrinsic interest in mathematics A history of classroom-based and elementary report card evidence of strong math performance A history of meeting the state math standards with a score of 4 on the MSP Evidence of readiness in Algebra as measured by the Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test – Scores should exceed 35

14 Math Sequence

15 Options: Math 7 and Math 8 in Middle School – can accelerate again in 9th grade and take Algebra and Geometry concurrently; Start Algebra 2 in 10th Grade Accelerate in 7th grade with Compression Math; Algebra in 8th grade (also have the option of taking Algebra and Geometry concurrently) If taking Algebra and Geometry concurrently, one of the two courses would be completed on-line

16 Compression 7/8 2 years of math in one Moves at a very quick pace
Students work more independently in this course with more homework/practice assigned Supports available at Kellogg: Math Teachers at Homework Lunch every day; Math Tutor on Wednesdays at Homework Club after school through Hang Time; Tutorial time to work with math teacher

17 Honors English independent summer assignment
homework almost every night, which includes a significant amount of reading to prepare for class time writing skills are expected to be above grade level; instruction moves to more challenging aspects at a fast pace Emphasis is on : analysis and discussion of challenging text in a variety of genres; high level reading, writing, and discussion with proficiency

18 Honors Science Pace and depth of coverage of the material
Distinguished from Standard Course by: Pace and depth of coverage of the material Complexity of daily class discussions. Test rigor and difficulty Emphasis on thorough experimental conclusions based upon collected data Lab work is organized with an emphasis in developing independent thought and application in a collaborative environment SRI/Lexile of 1000 or higher and Math MSP score of level 3 or 4 recommended

19 Honors Social Studies Quickly paced with more independent work outside of class Fulfills High School Washington State History Credit Assignments build upon larger ideas that result in papers, projects, or public speaking assessments Quizzes, tests, and other assessments often require more preparation and extended responses SRI/Lexile over 1000 plus a 3 or higher on Reading MSP recommended

20 Considerations As you talk with your student about honors options next year consider … Student interests Student goals Extracurricular activities Quality of life

21 Wrap Up Q and A Reminders and Suggestions Next Steps… Register!
Check out course catalog (available on-line) Contact counselor with specific questions Talk with your student Next Steps… Register!

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