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January 6 & 9, 2013.  Collection of coins for the Working Boys’ Center – Advent Service Project  Reminder about Evaluation Forms.

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1 January 6 & 9, 2013

2  Collection of coins for the Working Boys’ Center – Advent Service Project  Reminder about Evaluation Forms.

3 In this Professing Our Faith session will explore images of the Church. It will also explore the ministries and mission of the Church – what the Church does (its ministries) and why the Church acts as it does (its mission). You will learn how the mission of Jesus and the early Church is

4 being lived by the Church today. The session will present the Church as a living community with six fundamental ministries: community life, evangelization; justice and service to those in need; liturgy, sacraments and prayer; pastoral care; and teaching/catechesis. (symbols of these ministries are on the prayer table)

5  Introduction  Opening Prayer  Break Out Groups  K-8 th with Catechists  H.S. and Adults with Fr. Craig  Return for Summary and Closing Prayer  Dismissal – Home kits

6  Notice the items on the prayer table and that it is set in the middle of the room.  Ask tables to designate one volunteer for a later activity.

7 Lord Jesus, from the very beginning of your public ministry, you gathered a group of disciples around you. You described your relationship with them as a vine with its branches. They received life from you.

8 Today, as your Church, we gather together to learn and to grow closer to you. We too receive life from you. Open our hearts and minds to your Word. Give us the strength to follow you and to love one another as you have loved us. Amen.

9  The volunteer from each table, takes the string, and goes back to their table.  Invite all to join hands as we listen to the Parable of the Vine and the Branches.

10 John 15:1-12 The Vine and the Branches

11 R: Lord, may we abide in your love.

12 Lord, we know that you are the vine and we are the branches, that without you we cannot bear fruit but will wither and die. Help us abide in your live in the midst of this parish community. Help us to recognize you in the life of the Church and to grow as faithful disciples. Amen.

13 GroupSunday CatechistWednesday Catechist Kinder/1 st GradeMs. Sharon/Ms. Gigi and Nicole Greenberg 2 nd GradersMs. Jenny & Ms. Susan 3 rd GradersMs. Debbie B. 4 th GradersMs. Laura 5-8 th GradersMs. Sabrina, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Debbie G., Mrs. Rose H.S. /AdultsFr. Craig Forner

14  Think of everything you have done in this session to understand the Church and its mission and ministries. To help you take your learning from this session and apply it in your lives, reflect on the following questions, discuss briefly with your table group then share with the large group.

15  What would you like to share that you learned today?  What insights about the Church did you gain through this session?  Do you need to revise or expand your understanding of the Church because of your learning at this session?  How will your learning influence your view of the Church and your active participation in the life of the Church community?

16  Light the candle on the prayer table.  Begin, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

17 When Jesus walked the earth, he chose Apostles and disciples to help him proclaim God’s word, heal and care for people, serve those in need, and teach people how to live as his followers, how to pray, and how to worship God. Jesus calls us to help him do these same things today. He calls us to use our special gifts, talents and abilities. I invite you now to reflect on how you can join with the entire Church in continuing Jesus’ mission. Pause

18  1 Corinthians 12:12-27

19  R: Lord, bless our efforts to continue your mission.

20 Lord Jesus, help us to recognize that we are members of your Body, teach us how to respect the unique gifts each of us has, teach us how to care for each other, teach us how to rely upon each other for support, teach us how to work together as members of your Body. Amen.

21  Please make sure you pick up a copy of the People of Faith: Generations magazine to take home and continue learning!  Check out our newly designed parish website:

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