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Clonal Selection Programme Yalumba Old Vine Shiraz Selections Nick Dry- Yalumba Nursery Viticulturist.

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1 Clonal Selection Programme Yalumba Old Vine Shiraz Selections Nick Dry- Yalumba Nursery Viticulturist

2 Pre 1900’s Negative or Positive mass selection Post 1900’s selections based on measured parameters Late 1920’s Clonal Selection trials began in Germany by Sartorius (Riesling) Based on greatest potential yield increases Late 1960’s ENTAV-INRA begin clonal selection based on quality History of Clonal Selection

3 1788 - Vines arrive with first fleet (South Africa + Argentina) 1817 – Pinot Noir & Meunier introduced by Governor McArthur 1832 – 570 varieties introduced by Busby from premier grape growing regions of Europe 1836 – vines from Busby collection planted in SA History Clonal Selection – In Australia

4 1958 - Harry Tulloch collects fruit weights from individual vines 1962 - Selected the top 6 and bottom 2 yielding clones based on 5 yr average Referred to as H1 to H6 & L1, L2 Virus screening using woody indexing 1966 - 1st replicated clonal trial at Loxton History of Clonal Selection –In Australia

5 Yalumba’s Clonal Selection Program Program established in late 1990’s Selection based on wine quality Known health status Improve genetic diversity Three parts –Importation from international selection programmes and distinguished vineyards –Yalumba Selections –Assessment of commercial clones & rootstocks

6 The ENTAV/ INRA trademark specifies origin, authenticity, sanitary quality and genetic value of clonal selection The clones selected and produced over the last 40 years by ENTAV/ INRA constitutes over 90% of the current planting in France ENTAV/ INRA have produced over 15,000 individual clones for assessment. Some of the more well known clones originally selected and established by ENTAV/ INRA include Pinot Noir 777 and Chardonnay 76 & 95

7 Yalumba’s Clonal Selection Program Commercial clones: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc – Yalumba imports & commercial clones

8 Clonal Selection Program –Shiraz Oldest Shiraz vines in the world Project Aims to; –Identify clonal variation between Eden Valley & Barossa Valley Shiraz clones –Preserve genetic diversity –Improve overall wine quality Candidate vineyards used in Yalumba’s Icon Shiraz - Octavius Vineyards range in age from 40 to 127yrs

9 Clonal Selection Program –Shiraz 1999 - 5 Candidate vines selected per vineyard Tested for viral status using PCR Fruit maturity, colour & chemical analysis After 2 yrs a single mother vine is selected Cuttings collected & propagated

10 Clonal Selection Program –Shiraz 2001 – Replicated trial planted in commercial vineyard Includes 13 old vine Shiraz clones –7 x Barossa Valley vineyards –6 x Eden Valley vineyards 4 x commercial Shiraz clones 2005 first wines produced

11 Row and Vine # 3456789101112 6 1411 2316 111 7 1411 2316 111 8 1411 2316 111 9 3139164515159 10 3139164515159 11 3139164515159 12 1371211178514315 13 71211178514315 14 1371211178514315 119175171312174 16 119175171312174 119175171312174 18 121773921215417 19 121773921215417 20 121773921215417 Block Design

12 Clone Origin CloneBlockRegionYear PlantedProduct Destination EVOVS3JohnsEden Valley1977Octavious BVOVS5GropeBarossa Valley1919Reserve/Octavious BVOVS10Shiraz FarmBarossa Valley1899Signature/Octavious EVOVS12ProwseEden Valley1967Octavious 1654

13 Small –Lot Winemaking All clones harvested on the same day Crushed & de-stemmed into open fermenter’s Must acidified to same pH Inoculated using commercial yeast Fermented to dryness at controlled temperature Transferred to stainless steel vessels undergo secondary fermentation Finished wine sulphured and bottled







20 Clone IDYield (kg/vine) Bunch weight (g)Must Analysis (Baume, T.A., pH) 379014.8, 4.1, 3.77 568815, 3.9, 3.78 106.39015.1, 3.79,3.82 126.38915.3, 3.8, 3.79 15 (1654)6.38315.2,3.8, 3.79 Harvest Data

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