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Germanic Myths/ Legends/ Folklores Alois ( Evan Walsh ) Alois ( Evan Walsh ) Worlds Tree, Yggdrasil.

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1 Germanic Myths/ Legends/ Folklores Alois ( Evan Walsh ) Alois ( Evan Walsh ) Worlds Tree, Yggdrasil

2 The Basics Germanic Myths/Legends/Folklore actually covers a wide range of things When someone talks about Germanic Lore they are referencing Norse Myth Germanic Legend effects us in our modern day Ancient Germanic Symbolism can still be seen to this day

3 Germanic Countries

4 Germanic Myth Applies To These Countries Germany Denmark Iceland Faroese Islands England Sweden Norway Finland Netherlands and Some parts of other European Countries


6 Northern Europe ( To Give A Better Idea Of Where The Faroe Islands Are)

7 A List Of Gods A-Z

8 AESIRPrincipal race of gods in Norse mythology. ANDHRIMNIRThe cook of the Aesir. ANGRBODAGoddess and wife of Loki ASTRILDGoddess of love. ATLAWater goddess. AUDHUMLAThe primeval cow, formed from the melting ice. BALDERFairest of the gods BEYLAThe servant of Freyr. BORGHILDGoddess of the evening mist or moon, she slays the sun each evening. BRAGIGod of poets and the patron of all skaldi (poets) in Norse culture. BRONOThe son of Balder. He is the god of daylight. BYLGIAWater goddess. DAGURThe personification of day, he drives the day chariot across the sky. DISENA group of goddess in old Norse mythology. Called the "Dis of the Vanir". EIRGoddess of healing and shamanic healers, companion of the goddess Frigg ELLIGoddess of old age. FENRIRAlso known as Fenris. The great wolf, child of Loki and Angrboda FORSETIGod of justice who settles court disputes in his gilded hall. FREYAGoddess of love, beauty and sensuality. FREYRGod of fertility, sun and rain. FRIGGWife of Odin and the goddess of marriage and fertility.

9 GEFIONGoddess of agriculture and the plough. GERDThe wife of Freyr and a goddess of fertility. She is the personification of the fertile soil. HEIMDALLGod of light and protection. HELThe goddess of death and ruler of the realm of the dead. HERMODThe messenger of the gods. Often equated to the Greek god Hermes. HODBlind god of darkness and winter. HOLLERGod of disease and destruction. IDUNGoddess of the spring, eternal youth and the keeper of the golden apples JORDGoddess of the primitive and unpopulated earth. JORMUNGANDThe Midgard Serpent KARILeader of the storm giants. KVASIRThe wisest of the Vanir gods. LAGAGoddess of wells and springs. LOFNGoddess of forbidden love, who blesses all illicit love affairs. LOKITrickster god of the Norse, concerned with thievery, magic and fire. MAGNISon of Thor and god of brute strength. MANIGod of the moon and brother of the sun goddess Sol. MIMINGMinor forest god. MIMIRWisest god of the Aesir, sent in a hostage trade to the rival Vanir gods. MODIGod of battle wrath, he was the leader of the berserkers.

10 NJORDGod of the sea, wind and fire. He bestows good fortune to those on the sea. NORNSThe triple goddesses of fate and destiny. NOTTGoddess of night who mans the night-charion in it's track through the sky. ODINThe chief god of the Aesir and most important of the Norse deities. RANGoddess of storms and the drowned dead. SAGAGoddess of poetry and history. SIFWife of Thor, and possibly an ancient fertility goddess. SJOFNGoddess of love, passion and marital harmony. SKADIA frost giant and goddess of winter. SLEIPNIRThe eight-legged horse of Odin SOLGoddess of the sun, who guides the sun-chariot through the sky. SYNGoddess of watchfulness and truth. THORThunder-god and the protector of men and gods. TYRThe original god of war in the Germanic culture ULLGod of justice and duelling, archery and skiing. VALISon of Odin, and the god born to avenge the death of Balder. VALKYRIESThe battle-maidens, who choose the best warriors VANIRA group of fertility and nature gods VARGoddess of contracts and marriage agreements VIDARSon of Odin and the god of silence and vengeance.

11 Thor Odinson Mjollnir- colossal hammer of Thor, the thunder god Scourage of Thor- Thor's whip that calls lightning when wielded. Sigmund- sword tempered with lightning by Thor

12 Pictures of A Valkyrie (left) And Freya (right)

13 Weapons Yggdrasil- huge wooden club carved from the branch of Yggdrasil, the world tree Ytival- bow of pure silver, carried by the holy army when they descended from heaven Jormungand- staff made in the likeliness of Jormungand, the gigantic serpent that encircles the world Undabrunn- axe found in the fountain located at the very bottom of the world Laevateinn- the flaming sword of Surt, said to comsume the world by fire at the time of Ragnarok.

14 Weapons of Bladr Baldr bow- bow forged from Baldr Baldr claw- claw forged from Baldr Baldr axe- axe forged from Baldr Baldr club- cudgel forged from Baldr Baldr spear- spear forged from Baldr Baldr sword- sword forged from Baldr

15 Ragnarok/ The End Of The World Ragnarok by Micha F. Lindemans Ragnarok ("Doom of the Gods"), also called Gotterdammerung, means the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. It will be preceded by Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters. Three such winters will follow each other with no summers in between. Conflicts and feuds will break out, even between families, and all morality will disappear. This is the beginning of the end. The wolf Skoll will finally devour the sun, and his brother Hati will eat the moon, plunging the earth [into] darkness. The stars will vanish from the sky. The cock Fjalar will crow to the giants and the golden cock Gullinkambi will crow to the gods. A third cock will raise the dead.

16 Cocktrice- Poultry That Can Turn You To Stone Or Petrify You!!!!

17 Ragnarok (Cont.) The earth will shudder with earthquakes, and every bond and fetter will burst, freeing the terrible wolf Fenrir. The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury as he makes his way toward the land. With every breath, Jormungand will stain the soil and the sky with his poison. The waves caused by the serpent's emerging will set free the ship Naglfar, and with the giant Hymir as their commander, the giants will sail towards the battlefield. From the realm of the dead a second ship will set sail, and this ship carries the inhabitants of hell, with Loki as their helmsman. The fire giants, led by the giant Surt, will leave Muspell in the south to join against the gods. Surt, carrying a sword that blazes like the sun itself, will scorch the earth. Meanwhile, Heimdall will sound his horn, calling the sons of Odin and the heroes to the battlefield. From all the corners of the world, gods, giants, dwarves, demons and elves will ride towards the huge plain of Vigrid ("battle shaker") where the last battle will be fought. Odin will engage Fenrir in battle, and Thor will attack Jormungand. Thor will victorious, but the serpent's poison will gradually kill the god of thunder. Surt will seek out the swordless

18 Ragnarok (cont) Freyr, who will quickly succumb to the giant. The one-handed Tyr will fight the monstrous hound Garm and they will kill each other. Loki and Heimdall, age-old enemies, will meet for a final time, and neither will survive their encounter. The fight between Odin and Fenrir will rage for a long time, but finally Fenrir will seize Odin and swallow him. Odin's son Vidar will at once leap towards the wolf and kill him with his bare hands, ripping the wolf's jaws apart. Then Surt will fling fire in every direction. The nine worlds will burn, and friends and foes alike will perish. The earth will sink into the sea. After the destruction, a new and idyllic world will arise from the sea and will be filled with abundant supplies. Some of the gods will survive, others will be reborn. Wickedness and misery will no longer exist and gods and men will live happily together. The descendants of Lif and Lifthrasir will inhabit this earth. Ragnarök does not mean "Twilight of the Gods"; that phrase is the result of a famous mistranslation. "Ragnarökr" or "Ragnarøkr" means "doom of the powers" or "destruction of the powers" (where "powers" means "gods").

19 Pictures of Ragnarok (from Soul Eater XD)

20 Pictures of Ragnarok ( For Real This Time)

21 The 9 Realms of The Norse World And Worlds Tree, Yggdrasil

22 Germanic/Norse Runes

23 The Bluetooth Symbol is actually a Germanic Symbol

24 Bluetooth name and symbol origin The Logo The Bluetooth logo is one of the most familiar logos in the technology industry. It used the Runic alphabet characters for "H" and "B," the initials of its namesake, King Harald Bluetooth. King Harald's actual name was King Harald Batand. It is said he was given the nickname "Bluetooth" because of his love of eating teeth-staining blueberries.

25 Biblography _VCON/Classes

26 Bilbography (Cont.) Cotterell, Arthur. The Macmillan Illustrated Encyclopedia of Myths & Legends. New York: Macmillan, Print. "Ragnarok." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.

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