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Gripsholm Runestone.

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1 Gripsholm Runestone

2 Yggdrasil



5 Thor Thor’s hammer

6 Hymir and the Midgard Serpent

7 Thor’s death prophesied
Thrymr steals Thor’s hammer Thor competes in flyting with Odin disguised

8 Odin Mimir’s Well Odin discovers runes Fenrir the wolf and Odin’s prophesied death Odin and Valhalla Battle and the Valkyries Huginn and Muninn Sleipnir his 8-legged horse


10 Njördr in Nóatún begot afterward two children: the son was called Freyr, and the daughter Freyja; they were fair of face and mighty. Freyr is the most renowned of the Æsir; he rules over the rain and the shining of the sun, and therewithal the fruit of the earth; and it is good to call on him for fruitful seasons and peace. He governs also the prosperity of men. Gylfaginning XXIV, Prose Edda Freyr (in seeking the giantess Gerdr for his wife) Then Skírnir answered thus: he would go on his errand, but Freyr should give him his own sword-which is so good that it fights of itself;- and Freyr did not refuse, but gave him the sword. Then Skírnir went forth and wooed the woman for him, and received her promise; and nine nights later she was to come to the place called Barrey, and then go to the bridal with Freyr. Gylfaginning XXXVII, Prose Edda (without his sword, Freyr will be defeated by Surtr at Ragnarok)

11 Adam of Bremen – ca. 1080 Description of a Temple in Uppsala In this temple, entirely decked out in gold, the people worship the statues of three gods in such wise that the mightiest of them, Thor, occupies a throne in the middle of the chamber; Wotan and Frikko have places on either side. The significance of these gods is as follows: Thor, they say, presides over the air, which governs the thunder and lightning, the winds and rains, fair weather and crops. The other, Wotan—that is, the Furious—carries on war and imparts to man strength against his enemies. The third is Frikko, who bestows peace and pleasure on mortals. His likeness, too, they fashion with an immense phallus. Gesta Hammaburgensis 26



14 Stora Hammars Stone I Gotland, Sweden Odin in the form of an eagle? Warrior about to be hung?


16 Andre VIII 8th / 9th c Gotland, Sweden Thor fishing for Jormundgandr punishment of Loki for killing Baldr Odin riding to Valhalla on Sleipnir


18 Hunnestad Monument DR 282, Sweden
member of the Varangian guard?


20 Ledberg Stone Sweden 11th c Odin being devoured by the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarok


22 Snake-Witch Stone AD Gotland, Sweden


24 Tangelgarda Stone, 7th c Gotland, Sweden scene of warriors, possibly Odin valknut “slain warrior’s knot” symbols


26 Detail from Stora Hammars III
Gotland, Sweden Odin? mead of poetry?

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