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A Sure Defense 1 Timothy 4:12-16. Tiger Woods Chip Ingram.

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1 A Sure Defense 1 Timothy 4:12-16

2 Tiger Woods

3 Chip Ingram

4 DISCUSSION GUIDE 1.Paul charges Timothy to let no one look down on him because of his age and experience. How could Timothy be respected by people who were older than him? (1 Timothy 4:12) By staying disciplined and living as a mature believer well beyond his chronological age.

5 DISCUSSION GUIDE 2.How was Timothy to set an example for other believers? (1 Timothy 4:12) a. Through his speech b. His lifestyle c. The love he expressed d. Living faithfully e. Staying pure

6 DISCUSSION GUIDE 3.Using the abovec traits, rate yourself on how your life is going in these same areas. Place a numeric value on each trait. (1 being very poor/10 being Christ-like)

7 DISCUSSION GUIDE 4.Complete each phrase below… a. To be Christ-like in my communication I must eliminate: b. To be Christ-like in my lifestyle I must eliminate: c. To love unconditionally I need to: d. To live as a faithful Christ-follower I need to: e. To regain or remain pure I must:

8 DISCUSSION GUIDE 5.Complete the following chart to identify practices that Paul tells Timothy to be about in his life. (4:13-14) PracticeWhat other Scripture says Public reading of Scripture(Acts 13:15) The law and the prophets were read Exhortation of Scripture(Romans 12:8) Exhortation is a gift The teaching of Scripture(Romans 12:7) Teaching is a gift

9 DISCUSSION GUIDE 6.What warning does Paul give Timothy in (v. 14)? To not neglect his spiritual gift.

10 DISCUSSION GUIDE 7.What is/are your spiritual gift(s)?

11 DISCUSSION GUIDE 8.How are you currently using your gift(s) for the glory of God?

12 DISCUSSION GUIDE 9.What excuses do you give if you are not currently using your gift(s)?

13 DISCUSSION GUIDE 10.Why was it vital for Timothy to be totally absorbed in the exercise of his gifts? (v. 15) a. For spiritual progress b. To set an example for all

14 DISCUSSION GUIDE 11.What was the end result of Paul’s charge to Timothy about staying disciplined in these things? (v. 16) That Timothy would save himself and those who listened to him.

15 DISCUSSION GUIDE 12.Life is short; your time to make an impact is limited. What are you going to do about it?

16 Understanding and Applying the Armor Function for Roman SoldierFunction for You Belt (Girdle) – This was usually made of leather and was used to hold the soldier’s sword as well as gather up his tunic so that he would not trip on it during battle How does truth keep you from getting tripped up? What areas of untruth do you engage in that trip you up in your spiritual life? Breastplate – Consisted of leather or metal and protected the chest area from sword strikes and arrows. How does trusting in God’s righteousness protect you from crippling spiritual blows? In what areas of your life do you need to model or trust God’s righteousness? Boots – A type of half-boot which protected the feet of the soldier during battle as well as long marches. To whom are you ready to bring the Gospel of peace? How familiar are you with the Gospel? To whom are you not ready to bring the Gospel of peace? Shield – This type of shield was one that covered the whole body of the Roman soldier so that they could form a wall with them and advance in the face of an assault by archers. What are some practical ways that you can build your faith as well as encourage the faith of others? What areas of your life do you have more faith/less faith? Helmet – Typically made of bronze and had cheek pieces so that the head of the soldier had some type of minimal protection. How does knowing that if you are a Christ-follower your salvation is secure help to protect your mind against doubts? What ways can you remind yourself of this truth? Sword – A short sword which was used both defensively to parry and offensively to thrust. How does the Word of God allow you to defend yourself as well as attack the lies of Satan? What ways can you use your sword, the Word, more effectively?

17 The 10 Commitments Falling Behind Holding My Own Setting The Pace Commitment12345 Personal Realm/ Physical Fitness Personal Realm/ Intellectual Fitness Personal Realm/ Relational Fitness Personal Realm/ Spiritual Fitness Family Realm/ Marriage Family Realm/ Parenting Professional Realm/ Career Professional Realm/ Finances Kingdom Realm/ Other Christians Kingdom Realm/ Lost people

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