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The Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-17.

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1 The Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-17

2 Ephesians 6:1-12 Christians are soldiers in a battle that cannot be won with physical weapons. Vs. 10: God makes us strong by providing weapons and armor that are suitable for our warfare. Vs. 11: Only when we learn how to use them will we actually benefit from them. Vs : We will be victorious in Christ “having done all to stand.”

3 Gird Your Waist with Truth
The girdle bound the soldier’s garments in the middle. It gave him freedom of movement. John 8:32: “The truth shall make you free.” When the truth is at the center of our armor, then the rest will be held together firmly. If the truth is not at the center, then our armor will fail—it will no longer be the armor of God.

4 Breastplate of Righteousness
The breastplate was designed to protect the body’s vital organs. We may receive minor injuries in our battle against the rulers of darkness. But when our hearts are covered with righteousness, we will not fall. We will not fall to sin when righteousness is in our hearts (Matt. 12:35).

5 Feet Shod With the Gospel
The soldier’s boots gave him a sure footing during the battle. They protected his feet regardless of the terrain. When we live according to the gospel it will give us a sure footing. It will carry us over any terrain and through any battle. We must walk according to the gospel.

6 Shield of Faith Roman shields in Paul’s day were commonly four feet tall. They protected most of the soldier’s body. Our faith is able to protect us from giving in to the attacks of wickedness. Whatever hardship we face, our faith in Christ and in the power of God will protect us.

7 Helmet of Salvation The helmet protected the most vital part of the soldier’s body, the head. Our helmets guard our minds, for many of our battles take place in the mind. It helps us to keep our orientation when in the heat of battle—focused on our salvation. When tempted in our minds to give in to sin, focusing on our salvation helps us to withstand the blow.

8 Sword of the Spirit All other armor is for protection or defense.
But we can also fight back with God’s word as our sword. Heb. 4:12: The word is sharper than any two edged sword. 2 Cor. 10:4-5: With it we can cut down the arguments of God’s enemies. Matt. 4:4-10: Like Jesus, we are able to fight back, not with our fists, but with, “it is written.” We must have a firm grip on our sword in order to wield it properly.

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