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In The Jungle. In your rucksack you will need...

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1 In The Jungle

2 In your rucksack you will need...

3 A first aid box A map Water purifying tablets A rope A compass A magnifying glassA water bottle A torch A machete matches

4 You need these things because : The magnifying glass can help when you are lost, you can flash it against the sun and use it as a signal. It can also help you make fire and it can help you see things closely. A compass can help if you’re supposed to be going north, it can show you the way. The water bottle can carry water. Rope can help you climb and also help build a shelter. Matches can light a fire to keep you warm and cook food. Water purifying tablets can make the water safe to drink. A machete can move obstacles out of the way, help build a shelter and be used to prepare food. A torch can make a light when it’s dark and can also be used as a signal. A map can show you which way to go (but make sure you that you don’t have the map upside-down!). The first aid kit can help when you’re injured.

5 When you go into the jungle you need a place to stay. Try building a tree house. Take these for example:

6 Experts who will help you: Steve Backshall, an animal expert. Bear Grylls, a survival expert. A doctor. A local native guide.

7 These people have been chosen because... The doctor can help when you get injured. Steve Backshall can help when dangerous creatures get in our way, he’ll tell us what it is. Bear Grylls can help us to stay alive and survive. Last but not least, the native guide can show us the way.

8 Menu 1) Mango, pineapple, orange, papaya, passion fruit and pomegranate. 2) Edible roots, nuts, berries and other fruits. 3) Fish, rat, parrot, small animals and other birds.

9 Written by Matthew Woodings Special thank yous to mum woodings and dad woodings for helping me with my hard work. Thank you to Mrs. Woodcock for giving me the work and thank you to every one else who helped me. Thank you THE END Animated by Matthew Woodings

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