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2012 Summer Olympic Web Quest Discover what makes the Olympic Games so great!

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1 2012 Summer Olympic Web Quest Discover what makes the Olympic Games so great!

2 Introduction The following Web Quest will take you on a tour of the Olympic Games. The tour will help you gain knowledge about the different aspects on what the games have to offer not only to our county, but the entire world.

3 Task As you follow your tour through the Olympics, you will gain pieces of information that you will use to complete a section of your Bloom Ball. When you have completed your tour, you will connect all your sections together and have a complete Bloom Ball.

4 Process You will visit each slide and follow the directions. Students will click on the pictures in order to gain the information required to complete the assignment.

5 Section 1: Cover Page Your Name Your Home School Your School Logo What is your favorite activity to do in your free time?

6 Section 2: What are the Olympics Username: mps4 Password: search Write a brief summary explaining the Olympic Games. Write a brief history of how the Olympics became what they are today.

7 Section 3: Olympic Rings Draw a picture of the Olympic Rings. What do the colors of the rings stand for?

8 Section 4: Medals Draw the different medals the athletes can earn. What are these medals made from?

9 Section 5: Country Select a Country that participates in the Olympic Games. Draw the country’s flag Write down as many facts as you can about the country: How many medals have the earned, have they hosted the Olympic games, famous athlete from that country etc.

10 Section 6: Sport If you can be an Olympic Athlete, what sport would you choose? And why? Draw a picture of the sport you would choose.

11 Section 7: Athletes Choose an Olympic Athlete Write down facts about them: Where they were born. What Olympic Games have the participated in. What sport they participated in. What medals (if any) have they earned.

12 Section 8: Olympic News Go the Olympic News website. Choose an article about the Olympics. Write a brief description and draw a picture relating to the news you have read.

13 Section 9: Olympic Torch Go to Do a search on Olympic Torch Draw any Olympic Torch Click on the picture and write down at least 3 facts about the 2012 London Olympic Torch Relay

14 Section 10: Life After the Olympics Write down at least 3-5 items that will benefit London after the Olympic games are over. Draw a picture of one of your items.

15 Section 11: Paralympic What are the Paralympic Games? Write a brief description of the games. Write down 3-5 games from the Paralympic.

16 Section 12: Select one of the Olympic Park Venues Draw a simple picture of the venue List the games that will take place in the venue List any other interesting facts about the venue you choose

17 Almost there Cut out the edges of each piece. Glue or staple each piece together to complete your Olympic Bloom Ball

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