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The lighting ceremony of Olympic Games. In 1934, the IOC made the decision that the Sponsor of the Olympic Games should. In 1936 Berlin Olympic Games,the.

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1 The lighting ceremony of Olympic Games

2 In 1934, the IOC made the decision that the Sponsor of the Olympic Games should. In 1936 Berlin Olympic Games,the Seika was lighted on by a Germany athlete and “the father of the Olympic Games “Coubertin took part in and gave a speech. The formal lighting ceremony and Olympic Torch relay came to be formed.

3 1936 - Berlin Olympic Games  The formal ceremony of lighting on the Seika came out in the Berlin Olympic Games.But the torch fuel fell behind at that time and the Flame station was only 2 meters height.

4 1940-1944  The Olympic Games was stopped by the World War II.

5 1948-London Olympic Games  In 1948, the London held the 14th Olympic Games after the World War II.the Seika was lighted on by John Mack,a long- distance runner.

6 1952-Helsinki Olympic Games  The Olympic Torch was lighted on with 3000 peace doves flying into the sky.

7 1956-Melboume Olympic Games  This was the first time that the Olympic Torch relay in the Southern Hemisphere.

8 1960-Rome Olympic Games  The Seika was relayed from Mediterranean Sea (地中海) to Apennine Peninsula ( 亚平宁半岛) by boat. At that time,the improved fuel could be lighted on in a moment.

9 1964-Tokyo Olympic Games  The Seika was lighted on by a 19-year-old Japanese youth who was born on the day of atom bomb exploded in Hiroshima ( 广岛).

10 1968-Mexico Olympic Games  A 20 years old woman athlete lighted the Seika and she was the first woman lighting people.

11 1972-Munich Olympic Games  Zahn handing the Torch ran into the Olympic stadium and lighted on the Flame Station.

12 1976-Montreal Olympic Games  The organization committee tried to be different and the Flame was lighted on by a boy and a girl together.

13 1980-Moscow Olympic Games  The Flame Station became tall, big and advanced. From this games the lighting ceremony appeared an unusual pattern.

14 Ever since 1984,in Los Angles, every lighting ceremony had its unique characters. As people often said, a good opening ceremony means a half of a successful Olympic Games. At the same time, an ingenious design of the lighting ceremony also means half of a successful opening ceremony. As to the unforgettable opening ceremony in the history of modern Olympic Games, all of them had an exciting lighting ceremony.

15 The most surprising lighting ceremony 1984 Los Angeles Lighting People: Robertson Shining Point :Spaceman

16 In fact, the lighting ceremony of Los Angeles didn't have so many point deserving praise in the eye of today. But we should consider that was twenty years ago, the fantastic Americans the first time treated the Olympic Games as business. The lighting ceremony had strict rules in the past. But from this time, the organized began to try their best to design the course of the event. And how to light on the Seika became the biggest secret before every opening ceremony. So we can image the surprising express on the audiences when they saw a people acted as a spaceman flying over the stadium and lighted on the five color rings installation.


18 The most united lighting ceremony 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Lighting People : a teacher,a dancer and a marathon athlete Shining Point : three people lighted the Flame together

19 The lighting ceremony of Seoul Olympic Games focused on the nation hero Sunjizhen( 孙基祯 ), who had ever won the marathon champion. In 1936, when south Korea was taken in by Japan,Sun was forced to take part in the Olympic Games for Japan. He lowed his head painfully at the sight of the sun flag when standing in the rewarding site. Sun appeared in the opening ceremony meaned the power and competing spirit. While when people all held the idea that Sunjizhen was the best person to light on the torch, the organizer gave everyone a surprise that Sun ran into the main hall holding the torch,a dancer,a teacher and a marathon athlete lighted on the Seika.

20 The action that 3 people lighted on the Seika together made a record in the lighting ceremony of Olympic Games

21 The boldest lighting ceremony 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games Lighting people : Rebhorn Shining point : Archery lighted the torch

22 It is the forever classic lighting ceremony that is hard to copy and surpass. The sight that the disabled athlete Rebhorn lighted on the torch by archery was broadcasted on the TV over and over again. 100 thousand audiences present and 2 billion TV audiences witnessed the thrill lighting ceremony. It is said that in case of any accident, Rebhorn had practiced no less than 2000 times before the ceremony. But later there was rumor that the organizer used an automatic install ready- made to light on the torch. Whatever the truth was, the risky lighting was successful. Not having any modern technology could show the original and self-surpass Olympic spirits.


24 The most moving lighting ceremony 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Lighting People : Ali Shining Point : Ali

25 Maybe feeling the lighting ceremony of Barcelona is hard to surpass, the Americans gave up the “ technological equipment “ and tend to the “moving” card. It was turn to be that this action was a great succeed.Ali, who has achieved the Gold in the Olympic Games and later contracted the Parkinson Disease, lighted on the Seika for the century Olympic Games. When Old Ali used the shaking hands which because of the disease to lighted on the Olympic Torch, the whole audiences present were frenzied for him. The Olympic spirit was emerged thoroughly. Under the light of the flame,the Ali's firm and persisted face infect everybody. This moment

26 became one of most touching scenes in the history of Olympic Games.

27 The most romantic lighting ceremony 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Lighting People : Feldman Shining Point : Seika in water

28 The Sydney people who come from the seaside combined the Olympic Games with water perfect. When the torch was being relayed, they had a torch relay under water creatively. It went without saying that the lighting ceremony must have relation with water. The women runner, wearing on the silvery “Swiftsuit “, lighted on the Seika station under water at the backdrop of the flying waterfall. after finished the “Light on flame in water “ show,she was wet through. But the romantic scene of water and fire blending together gave d deep impression to everyone.


30 The most classical lighting ceremony 2004 Athens Olympic Games Lighting People : Kaklamanakis Shinning point : Return of Seika

31 the Greeks might concentrate the cream of the opening ceremony on the several hours literature show. The wonderful performance made the world convinced by their rich imagination and cultural temperament. Comparing with this, the lighting ceremony seemed to be a little simple. The Seika station was slowly put down and sue up again after the torch was lighted on. This classical way may symbol iced the return of the Seika. However, the last lighting people made a difference. When the Sailing world champion

32 Kaklamanakis stood in front of the Seika station, no one know who was he except the Greeks. After half minute of the lighting ceremony, Associated Press ( 美联 ), Agence France Presse( 法新 )and Reuters( 路透 ),the three famous associations, didn't have any reaction because the people's information was unknown. It is said that the organizing committee changed the lighting people at the last minute.


34 The most expecting lighting ceremony 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Lighting People : Yaoming ? Liuxiang ? …??? Shining Point : Shenzhou-6 spaceship ? the Signal fire turret of the Great Wall? …???

35 The main centre of the Beijing Olympic Games was the “ bird nest “ which has a close iron constriction. The unique design is different from the opened stadium in the past. So where the Seika station set up became a ridden, as it is hard to know to the way lighting the Olympic Torch.

36 The BOCOG ( 北京奥运会组织委员会 ) had promised that the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games will not let the world disappointed. In the following days, let's look forward to the Beijing Olympic Games with the world.

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