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SLAC Electron Beam Test Facilities 5 MeV to 23 GeV Carsten Hast, Head Test Facilities SAREC Meeting at SLAC, July 2013 FACET ● ESTB ● NLCTA ● ASTA.

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1 SLAC Electron Beam Test Facilities 5 MeV to 23 GeV Carsten Hast, Head Test Facilities SAREC Meeting at SLAC, July 2013 FACET ● ESTB ● NLCTA ● ASTA

2 ESTBNLCTA FACET ASTA 20-23 GeV 2-16 GeV & single e - 5 MeV 60-220 MeV

3 Overview ASTA-NLCTA-ESTB-FACET span a broad spectrum of electron energy from a few MeV to 23 GeV Together they allow a broad spectrum of research opportunities User, technical and scientific support is via the FACET and Test Facilities Division which allows a one stop shopping for User needs Formal proposal review processes are in place for FACET and ESTB, for the others we are developing them SLAC’s goal is to operate all beam lines as user facilities

4 4 FACET Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests Sector 0 Sector 10Sector 20Linac: FACET (Sector 20): Experimental Area (next slide) Notch Collimator xTCAV DoE HEP National User Facility ASTA

5 5 FACET’s Experimental Area Sample chamber Plasma Experiment Sample chamber Profile measurement experiment

6 6 New 10 TW FACET Ionization Laser

7 7 FACET Summary FACET just finished a very successful User run New features are working and more are coming - Notch collimator to generate two bunches - New 10TW Laser to pre-ionize plasma is working Laser can be used for other experiments as well - We started to resurrect the whole complex of positron generation, and will be commissioning it during FY2014 - Designs for a THz transport line are in place to take THz up to the laser room Next FACET run starts fall 2013 During FACET down times and when the laser is not needed we are sharing it with our SLAC colleagues who are studying materials under extreme conditions

8 8 ESTB End Station (A) Test Beam ASTA

9 ESTB Mission and Layout ESTB is a unique Test Beam resource World’s only high-energy primary electron beam for large scale Linear Collider MDI and beam instrumentation studies Exceptionally clean and well-defined primary and secondary electron beams for detector development Will serve a broad User community Pulsed magnets in beam switch yard to send LCLS beam to ESA

10 LCLS and ESTB Beams LCLS beam Energy: 2.2 –16.0 GeV Repetition rate: 120Hz Beam charge: 20 to 250 pC (150pC typically) Beam availability > 95%! ESTB beam Kick the LCLS beam into ESA @ 5 Hz - Potential for higher rates when LCLS doesn’t need full rate Primary beam 2.2 -16.0 GeV - Determined by LCLS - <1.5 x 10 9 e - /pulse (250 pC) Clean secondary electrons - 2 GeV to 15 GeV, 1 e - /pulse to 10 9 e - /pulse

11 Experimental Areas in End Station A 11 Beam Beam Dump

12 HERA-B e-Cal modules beam test for G Ep (5) at J- Lab (T-508) Principal Investigator: Ed Brash Institution: Christopher Newport University / J-Lab (5 Users) Physics goal: Measure the ratio of the proton elastic form factors G Ep /G Mp Calibration of 9 “Shashlik” style lead/scintillating fiber calorimeter modules from Hera-B Beam parameters Single electrons @ 5 Hz Energy: 3, 9, 12 GeV Various incident angles Run Times: 6/6 until 6/11 1 23456= # of e - / bunch 3GeV Beam

13 13 ESTB Run Time Finishing the 1 st ESTB User Run next week 6 weeks of operation between June and now ESTB schedule is tied to the LCLS operation schedule ESTB startup mid October Winter break December 21 to January 15 Operation until early August 2014 October 2014 to March 2015 (excluding winter break) October 2015 beam on again

14 14 NLCTA Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator ASTA

15 End Station B and NLCTA NLCTA TTF Couplers Marx Modulator X-Band Plasma Switches L-Band Laser E-163 DLA S-Band Gun Echo-7RF Testing XTA Klystron Cluster Concept Control Room  Direct Laser Acceleration  Echo Seeding  High Gradient Development  ILC Modulator Development  ILC Klystron Cluster Concept  X-Band gun and linac development

16 16 NLCTA Overview

17 NLCTA  45m long bunker for e-beams and RF processing  4 X-band RF stations capable of > 100 MW each  Beam energy 60 - 120 MeV (going to 220 MeV in 2014)  Bunch charge 10 pC - 1 nC  Bunch length 0.5 psec  xy-emittance 1 to few microns  Momentum resolution dp/p ≤ 10 -4  X-Band transverse cavities for bunch length measurements  LCLS 1 st generation style S-band injector  Multiple laser systems for E-163, Echo, and XTA » GW-class Ti:Sapphire system (800nm, 2.5 mJ, 1ps) BBO/BBO tripler for photocathode(266nm, 0.25 mJ) 100 MW-class OPA (1200-3000 nm, 80-20  J) 5 MW-class DFG-OPA(3000-10,000 nm, 1-3  J) » 100 GW-class Ti:Sapphire system (800nm, 4 mJ, 30fs) » Active and passive stabilization techniques  Rich beam diagnostics and experimental infrastructure

18 18

19 XTA X-Band Test Accelerator Compact (~6 meters) Injector Beam Line 19

20 20 XTA Beam Line Gun + Solenoid Linac Laser Injection chamber +YAG +FC Laser Compressor(IR) Tripler

21 21 ASTA Accelerator Structure Test Area ASTA

22 Small bunker (10’ by 28’) Maximal beam energy 50 MeV 2 X-Band RF Stations 50 MW each Variable length pulse compressor that can produce up to 500 MW 1 S-Band RF station New laser Very flexible infrastructure allows combination of the X- and S-Band sources Quick turn around for experimental changes

23 23

24 24 ASTA Schedule ASTA Operations 2013 JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober NovemberDecember Sat1 Sun2 1 1 Mon3 cryo/Laser Mon1 cryo/Laser/Cath FC mv Mon2 SLAC Holiday Mon2 cern/LCLS II GUN Tue4 cryo/Laser Tue2 cryo/Laser/Cath FC mv Tue3 cryo/Cath Tue1 cern/Laser/CsBr Tue3 cern/LCLS II GUN Wed5 cryo/Laser Wed3 cryo/Laser/Cath FC mv Wed4 cryo/Cath Wed2 cern/Laser/CsBr Wed4 cern/LCLS II GUN Thur6 cryo/Laser Thur4 SLAC Holiday Thur1 cryo/Cath Thur5 cryo/Cath Thur3 cern/Laser/CsBr Thur5 cern/LCLS II GUN Fri7 cryo/Laser Fri5 cryo/Laser/Cath FC bake Fri2 cryo/Cath Fri6 cryo/Cath Fri4 cern/Laser/CsBr Fri1 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Fri6 cern/LCLS II GUNASTA Closed Sat8 6 3 7 5 2 7 Sun9 7 4 8 6 3 8 Operations Mon10 cryo/Laser Mon8 cryo/Laser/Cath FC bake Mon5 cryo/Cath Mon9 cryo/Cath Mon7 cern/Laser/CsBr Mon4 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Mon9 cern/LCLS II GUNPPS Certification Tue11 cryo/Laser Tue9 cryo/Laser/Cath FC bake Tue6 cryo/Cath Tue10 cryo/Cath Tue8 cern/Laser/CsBr Tue5 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Tue10 cern/LCLS II GUNSLAC Holiday Wed12 cryo/Laser Wed10 cryo/Laser/Cath FC cool dwn Wed7 cryo/Cath Wed11 cryo/Cath Wed9 cern/Laser/CsBr Wed6 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Wed11 cern/LCLS II GUNMaintenance Thur13 cryo/Laser Thur11 cryo/Laser Thur8 cryo/Cath Thur12 cryo/Cath Thur10 cern/Laser/CsBr Thur7 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Thur12 cern/LCLS II GUNWeekend Fri14 cryo/Laser Fri12 cryo/Laser Fri9 cryo/Cath Fri13 cryo/Cath Fri11 cern/Laser/CsBr Fri8 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Fri13 cern/LCLS II GUN Sat15 Sat13 Sat10 Sat14 Sat12 Sat9 14 Sun16 Sun14 Sun11 Sun15 Sun13 Sun10 Sun15 For access Mon17 cryo/Laser Mon15 cryo/Cath Mon12 cryo/Cath Mon16 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Mon14 cern/Laser/CsBr Mon11 cern/LCLS II GUN/Laser Mon16 cern/LCLS II GUNcontact EOIC Tue18 cryo/Laser Tue16 cryo/Cath Tue13 cryo/Cath Tue17 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Tue15 cern/Laser/CsBr Tue12 cern/LCLS II GUN/Laser Tue17 cern/LCLS II GUN Wed19 cryo/Laser Wed17 cryo/Cath Wed14 cryo/Cath Wed18 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Wed16 cern/Laser/CsBr Wed13 cern/LCLS II GUN/Laser Wed18 cern/LCLS II GUN Thur20 cryo/Laser Thur18 cryo/Cath Thur15 cryo/Cath Thur19 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Thur17 cern/Laser/CsBr Thur14 cern/LCLS II GUN/Laser Thur19 cern/LCLS II GUN Fri21 cryo/Laser Fri19 cryo/Cath Fri16 cryo/Cath Fri20 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Fri18 cern/Laser/CsBr Fri15 cern/LCLS II GUN/Laser Fri20 cern/LCLS II GUN Sat22 Sat20 Sat17 Sat21 Sat19 Sat16 Sat21 SLAC HolidayASTA Open Sun23 Sun21 Sun18 Sun22 Sun20 Sun17 Sun22 SLAC Holiday Mon24 cryo/Laser Mon22 cryo/Cath Mon19 cryo/Cath Mon23 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Mon21 cern/Laser/CsBr Mon18 cern/LCLS II GUN Mon23 SLAC Holiday Tue25 cryo/Laser Tue23 cryo/Cath Tue20 cryo/Cath Tue24 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Tue22 cern/Laser/CsBr Tue19 cern/LCLS II GUN Tue24 SLAC HolidayInstallation Wed26 cryo/Laser Wed24 cryo/Cath Wed21 cryo/Cath Wed25 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Wed23 cern/Laser/CsBr Wed20 cern/LCLS II GUN Wed25 SLAC HolidayMaintenance Thur27 cryo/Laser Thur25 cryo/Cath Thur22 cryo/Cath Thur26 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Thur24 cern/Laser/CsBr Thur21 cern/LCLS II GUN Thur26 SLAC Holiday Fri28 cryo/Laser Fri26 cryo/Cath Fri23 cryo/Cath Fri27 cern/Laser/CsBr gun swap Fri25 PPS Certification Fri22 cern/LCLS II GUN Fri27 SLAC Holiday Sat29 Sat27 Sat24 Sat28 Sat26 Sat23 Sat28 SLAC Holiday Sun30 Sun28 Sun25 Sun29 Sun27 Sun24 Sun29 SLAC Holiday Mon29 cryo/Cath Mon26 cryo/Cath Mon30 cern/Laser/CsBr Mon28 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Mon25 cern/LCLS II GUN Mon30 SLAC Holiday Tue30 cryo/Cath Tue27 cryo/Cath Tue29 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Tue26 cern/LCLS II GUN Wed31 cryo/Cath Wed28 cryo/Cath Wed30 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Wed27 cern/LCLS II GUN Thur29 cryo/Cath Thur31 LCLS II GUN inst/Laser Thur28 SLAC Holiday Fri30 cryo/Cath Fri29 SLAC Holiday Sat31 Sat30

25 25 SLAC Electron Beam Test Facilities Summary FacilityPurposeParameters FACETAccelerator R&D, Material Science, THz Very focused and short bunches at 23GeV e - /(e + ) ESTBDetector R&D, LC MDI, Radiation Tests 2-16GeV primary LCLS beam or single e- NLCTA and XTA Accelerator R&D, Medical60 to 220MeV, small emittance, very versatile infrastructure ASTAGun and Kathode Development, RF Testing and RF processing <50MeV, X- and S-Band RF power All supported by SLAC’s FACET and Test Facilities Division and http://estb.slac.stanford.eduhttp://facet.slac.stanford.edu Google: SLAC FACET or SLAC ESTB

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