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UMBC NASA’s BEST Students B eginning E ngineering, S cience and T echnology ESMD Project Managers Meeting Kennedy.

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1 UMBC NASA’s BEST Students B eginning E ngineering, S cience and T echnology ESMD Project Managers Meeting Kennedy Space Center February 26, 2008 Delivered by Dr. Susan Hoban Goddard Education University of Maryland, Baltimore County Supported through NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate UMBC

2 UMBC Today’s Presentation Project Summary ESMD mission content Outcomes and target audience Project status Distribution strategy Notable successes and lessons learned What’s next?

3 UMBC NASA’s BEST Students: The Team Goddard Education Carmel Conaty UMBC Goddard Earth Science and Technology Center: Laurie Cook Marci Delaney Brittany Hamolia Susan Hoban Chris Smith/ Honeywell Partners from: UMBC Engineering Anne Arundel County Public Schools Anne Arundel Community College

4 UMBC NASA’s BEST Students: Project Summary STEM standards-based, Engineering Clubs 2-week Summer Bridges STEM Collaborative Challenge STEM Systems STEM Expo

5 UMBC ESMD Mission Content Lunar Exploration –LIDAR Mapping –Search for Lunar Ice –Rockets, satellites, rovers, habitats (power generation, food-water-oxygen), etc. –Launching, orbiting, landing –Mission Design & Execution Having said that…

6 UMBC The Engineering Design Process Video 1: Introduction

7 UMBC Outcomes NASA Education Outcome 2 Attract and retain students in STEM disciplines through a progression of educational opportunities for students, teachers, and faculty. Objective 2.1: Short-duration PD Objective 2.2: Long-duration PD Objective 2.3: Curricular support resources BEST Components Engineering Clubs Summer Bridge STEM Challenge STEM Systems –Curriculum –Professional Development STEM Expo –Curriculum –Professional Development “Other PD workshops, as assigned….”

8 UMBC Target Audience Professional Development Curriculum

9 UMBC BEST emphasis: Professional Development Engineering Clubs –K-2 –3-5 –6-8 STEM Challenge, 6-8 STEM Systems –9-12 –6-8 STEM Expo, “Family” –Mainly 6-8 Primarily ePD

10 UMBC Project Status Engineering Clubs –Pilot completed 2008 –23 schools, >300 students –Activity Guides in Product Review –12 more activities underway –ePD ongoing STEM Expo –Pilot Nov. 15, 2008 –149 attendees –Handbook in development

11 UMBC STEM Collaborative Challenge –Search for Lunar Ice Robotic Challenge –Underway with 3 schools (MD, England, Germany)…maybe to add one in AZ –ePD with a twist: in Second Life (under development with NASA Learning Technologies office)

12 UMBC STEM Systems, ramping up Discussion Forum with stakeholders 3/19/09 Summer Bridge in July High school course –Pilot in STEM Magnets –Fall 09, Spring 2010 Middle School Modules to follow, 2010 University Course (MAE Program), 2011

13 UMBC Project Status, conclusion Summer Bridge –Last year combined MSDE, AACPS – 40 students –This year, two offerings (Robotics, STEM Systems) Evaluation & Research –Dr. Bob Wolffe, Bradley University, outside evaluator/per NAS Report –Effectiveness of ePD, Laurie Cook

14 UMBC BEST 2009+ Distribution Strategy Under construction! AESP DLN Network Existing online channels, e.g. Blended Schools Home Schooling Networks Engineering Education, e.g. –Project Lead the Way –Boston Museum of Science Professional Organizations –Community partners That’s why we’re here!

15 UMBC Notable Successes 2008 pilot of Engineering Clubs in AACPS –Strong positive feedback – uniqueness for K-2, 3-5 –Strong positive student response – request to repeat –Constructive criticism from teachers E.g. Activities take more than one session Tentative results for ePD –Teachers responding positively to convenience –Need more training on STEM content

16 UMBC Lessons Learned Remote staff takes more management time –BEST Multimedia team 4 undergraduates around the country developing multimedia pieces for recruiting tool for Engineering Clubs Did not finish on schedule Working on wrap-up strategy –STEM Collaboration Challenge Similar issue, originally planned for High School level, but remote developer fizzled out (In this case, able to resurrect for middle school with in-house support)

17 UMBC What’s Next (near future) February –Engineering Clubs ePD series –Engineering clubs starting in AACPS and in 1 Baltimore school March –STEM Systems Education Discussion Forum April – LRO VIP Event at Goddard Visitor Center Summer Bridges –Robotic Lunar Exploration, June 22 – July3 –STEM Systems – July 13 - 24

18 UMBC NASA’s BEST Students Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology BEST Materials Electronic Professional Development –Sign-up: –Delivery: –Research: Project Information –

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