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STEM Volunteer Corp Designing the Orientation Guides February 15, 2014.

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1 STEM Volunteer Corp Designing the Orientation Guides February 15, 2014

2 Introductions You first – Agile Pairs: Find someone you do not know…(well) – Ask them these questions and be ready to introduce them to the rest of us What do you do to earn income? What do you do to have fun? Describe how you have used math and science this week – be specific! What do you expect to learn today?

3 Project Objectives Enrich STEM education in schools – through hands-on experiences and – STEM career awareness – executed through an empowered volunteer base working with local teachers. 7 th and 8 th grade is the starting point…

4 Project Outcomes Create an App with embedded videos and on-line training guides – that will empower a volunteer base – and pair them with a teacher need The App will provide grade-level orientation to education standards for non-educators – including Common Core Math and English Language Arts – and TN Science and Social Studies standards. Provide Training on App use An orientation guide, or “one-stop shop”

5 Project Timeline Jan 15 th 2014: Planning Feb 15 th 2014: Collaboration Meeting Feb 17 th 2014: Commence App Creation Work – Feb 25 th 2014: Monthly Review of App Progress – March 25 th 2014: Monthly Review of App Progress – April 25 th 2014: Monthly Review of App Progress – May 25 th 2014: Monthly Review of App Progress June 25 th 2014: Summer Pilot of App – with small group of volunteers July 25 th 2014: Training and Implementation – session as a part of Professional Development

6 Today’s Agenda

7 Challenge A mechanical engineer, Sally, working for Cool Engineering, Inc., has been invited to volunteer in her 8 th grade daughter’s, Sophie, classroom to share information about engineering careers and the importance of STEM education. She is looking for resources to help her prepare a dynamic interaction with the students. She knows that classroom time is precious. She wants her presentation/activity to support the teacher’s ongoing learning objectives for the students. She wishes she could find a “one-stop shop” that would help her get ready, but…

8 Generate Ideas What is your immediate response to this Challenge? What would you do? What will she need to know? Tapping the knowledge in this room, without going to outside sources just yet…

9 Multiple Perspectives Readings Videos Data Reports Etc What other people are saying…

10 Multiple Perspectives American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) article on STEM – how learning happens, Carl_Wieman_AAAS_SSE1.PDF – stem-volunteer-program stem-volunteer-program Changing the Conversation – the importance of language and dialog NASA resources – trustworthy activities (you think) but where to get started – 431794main_Easy_Ways.PDF TN Classroom “Tools of the Profession” – TEAM Lesson Plan and Learning Tasks

11 Research and Revise Act 1 Explore the 7 th and 8 th grade standards – Use the handouts, go on-line, visit other groups Write a summary of “Top Five” – the big picture view, the elevator speech – what you would tell your STEM peers or a family friend if they asked you: What are education standards?

12 Research and Revise Act 1 Expand on the Introduction activity – How you use “math” and “science”, make it more like a story, combine your stories, create new stories Make connections – to the 7 th and 8 th grade standards – Find the links between your story and the standards, if there are not direct links, go up or down a grade

13 Research and Revise Act 3 Pick a “template” – TEAM Lesson Plan or Learning Task Expand your “How I use math and science…” story onto the template you choose

14 Research and Revise Act 4 What would an App (a one-stop shop) look like… – that could help “Sally” accomplish Act 1 – 3 – How would “you” coach her through the process? What are key features of the App and how would someone interact with it? – If you were not there to help “Sally”

15 Test Your Mettle Getting ready to tell your group’s results… – Prepare a PPT or Paper Poster or Whiteboard – Prepare talking points and a 5-min presentation Facilitator Walkabout – Will be asking… What’s been hard today? What did you already know? What did you assume everyone knew? What have you learned?

16 Go Public 5-min summary chat with visuals Focused on what you’d like an App to look like… – that would help Sally get ready, – what examples she could find in the App, – how she could take her story and make it into a “teachable moment” for STEM education

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