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MVHS Intro to Engineering

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1 MVHS Intro to Engineering
The Process of Design MVHS Intro to Engineering

2 Thinking What is a good example of the problem solving process?
What is a good definition of the design process? What are the major steps in the design process? How are creativity and innovation parts of the design process?

3 Design Process Design is the process of planned change By accident!
Design goal By accident: instead of something changing by accident, design demands that we plan change so that we end up with the results we want Design goal: In a design process the goal is to minimize undesired effects and control risk Design also refers tot eh process used to create something new – to solve a problem. We will investigate the process of design as a unique form of human activity associated with solving technological problems.

4 Design Process Definition-
a systematic problem-solving strategy, with criteria and constraints, used to develop many possible solutions to solve a problems or satisfy human needs and wants and to narrow down the possible solutions.

5 Problem Solving The process of understanding a problem, devising a plan, carrying out the plan, and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan in order to solve a problem or meet a need or want

6 Scientific Method Characterization: Observations or measurements
Hypotheses: Theoretical explanations Predictions: Reasoning using logic Experiments: Tests of all the above

7 Thinking How is the design process different to the scientific method?
How is it similar? (3 min – be prepared to share)


What is the problem? What have others done? What are the constraints? IMPROVE IMAGINE Make your design better Test it out What are some solutions? Brainstorm Choose the best GOAL CREATE PLAN Follow your plan and create Test it out Draw diagram(s) List materials and equipment needed Estimate what to do, by whom, when

10 Brainstorming Rules: No Critizism Work for quantity
Welcome “piling on” Allow free-for-all Agenda? Marker rule

11 Dean Kamen Who is Dean Kamen What is he famous for?
(3 min – be prepared to share)

12 Design Brief A written plan that identifies a problem to be solved and its criteria and constraints. A design brief encourages thinking of all aspects of the problem before attempting a solution.

13 Client: Designer: Problem Statement: Design Statement: Constraints: Deliverables: Grans Chain, Inc. Ian Mahoney Computer desk areas tend to be very cluttered. A variety of desk items 9blank paper, printed papers, paperclips, tape, etc.) as well as a plethora of computer cables and attachments are all typically very cluttered and unorganized, causing major loss of work efficiency Design, model, and test a prototype modular commercial computer desk system that will substantially reduce desk and computer cable clutter, leaving ample computer connectivity (USB, firewire, etc.) 3 mo. Design and prototype, (ii) $175 max mfg. Cost (qty of 100,000) –base unit, (iii) $250 max. mfg. cost (qty of 10,000) – fully optioned, (iv) 8 sq. ft. min. surface working area (st. 30” height), (vi) max. shelving height of 7”, (vii) less than 130lbs – fully optioned (i) Sketches showing breadth of ideas, (ii) Design journal, (iii) technical drawings, (iv) Mfg. cost estimates, (v) Development schedule and cost estimates.

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