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Welcome Pauline Mallison Contact: 0161-247-5791.

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1 Welcome Pauline Mallison Contact:

2 Objectives Developing an understanding of the Assessment Only (AO) Route Developing an understanding of how you demonstrate that you have met or are progressing towards the QTS standards. So that You are informed as to how you can demonstrate meeting the standards You can create a needs analysis to support discussions with line managers/ mentors back in school You can make an informed decision as to whether the AO route is the right one for you at this moment in time

3 What is AO Route? The AO route is a route for very experienced graduate teachers without qualified teacher status (QTS). It is not a teacher training route. It is a route that allows you to be assessed against the standards for QTS if you are working as an unqualified teacher paid or unpaid, or if you have recently had extensive experience of teaching in schools. Only those teachers who have met all of the standards for QTS can be recommended for the award of QTS. The whole process for a candidate will normally be completed in no longer than a term from the point of entry.

4 To apply for the AO Route you MUST HOLD : A UK first degree (or equivalent) – minimum of 2.2 ( normally) For those applying for Secondary teaching your first degree/further degree should predominantly be the subject you wish to teach. (normally) GCSE Grade C or above (or equivalent) in Mathematics and English. For Primary teaching, candidates also need GCSE grade C or above (or equivalent) in Science. Go to the National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) website to find out whether your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSEs and an undergraduate degree.

5 In addition you must; Have taught for two years or more, with substantial experience in two consecutive age ranges. Have taught in more than one school. Be employed in a school, and be supported by your school Be working within national frameworks (e.G. Key stages, GCSE) Have an up to date enhanced DBS Have verifiable references that support your application and which confirm your breadth and depth of experience. –Head teacher/principal reference of your current school /college –Approval as ‘fit to teach’ from the school. ( Partnership agreement)

6 What about Overseas Trained Teachers who have exceeded four years of employment as teachers? Overseas-trained teachers (OTTs) who have exceeded the four-year rule can still be employed to teach in maintained schools and non-maintained special schools as instructors. They are therefore eligible to apply for the AO route.

7 Skills Tests Have taken the professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy If you are thinking of applying, you will need to take the professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy, as part of the application process, and ensure you have passed them both before you can be enrolled on the route. When you take the tests you will need to provide proof that you have applied for a teacher training course. This will be the acknowledgement of the Application form.

8 Initial assessment Application and eligibility check Candidate prepares portfolio of evidence for initial assessment- ( 4 weeks) Interview Recommendation for progression to assessed practice with any development targets Assessed practice phase no longer than 12 weeks observation of teaching and review meeting – interim visit observation of teaching and final review meeting- final visit Recommendation for QTS Assessment Only Route at a glance

9 What teaching experience can be taken into account? Extensive successful relevant and recent experience of teaching, in at least two schools and across two consecutive age ranges (secondary) and age phases (Primary) - recent (within the last 12 months) -evidence from teaching in a second setting could be older( normally within the last 5 years.) -Candidates will need to provide strong evidence of age-range experience on application if they are proposing an assessed placement in a single age-range..

10 AO route Requirements In order to have sufficient opportunity to meet the Professional Standards for QTS, it is expected that the school will, for the duration of assessment –Provide the candidate with a teaching timetable that will enable them to demonstrate competence against the Professional Standards for QTS –Provide a subject/phase specialist mentor to support the applicant for approximately 1 hour each week –Ensure that the applicant and the mentor are available to meet with MMU tutor when they visit the school for the purposes of assessment and moderation (normally two times during the 12-weeks assessment period)

11 The Application Form –Applications will be assessed for suitability for entry onto the route based on the evidence of the personal statement, qualifications and references. –When applying, please state in the Personal Statement section whether you are applying for Primary or Secondary ( for secondary state which subject you wish to be assessed for) –You should set out clearly why you want to be considered for the Assessment Only Route –Experience of teaching in schools – this is the most important aspect for you to indicate the length, variety and breadth of experiences in the subject/Key Stages –Not all who apply will be successful but all candidates will be given feedback to aid future successful application

12 Portfolio of evidence Professional portfolio of evidence which demonstrates your ability to meet the Teacher's Standards as set out by the NCTL - see the Standards website. More than a description of what you do to actually reflecting on what worked and setting personal development goals. –Ability to evaluate own practice –Willingness and ability to develop own practice and solve problems. –Constructive engagement in professional dialogue with other practitioners –Development of reflective skills and attitudes

13 Evidence of good teaching that demonstrates that teachers –are involved in a process of reflecting about their experiences. –supported through discussion with colleagues and school- based mentor. –are able to learn from their experiences and apply the outcomes of that learning to future activity. –are open to new ideas and can clearly demonstrate that they are continuing to learn and investigate.

14 The Interview At interview you will be asked to: –Present and discuss on any aspect of your professional development. –Interview questions are of a professional nature to explore ways in which you have met the standards and will be the same for all candidates. –Successful candidates will be registered with the nctl and proceed to the assessed practice phase –Unsuccessful candidates will be offered feedback.

15 Assessed Phase of Practice Observation of successful teaching that demonstrates breadth and depth of experience. The purposes of the visit are to: –Observe you teach ( by specialist subject tutor- joint observation and discussion with your mentor) –Check progress with the portfolio of evidence –Set developmental targets and check progress against these Internal and external moderation will ensure accurate and reliable assessment.

16 The role of the mentor –To meet you formally and regularly to review progress towards QTS –Provide adequate feedback (lesson observations, feedback on lesson planning and assessment) to support the applicant towards demonstrating competence against the Professional Standards for QTS – To discuss your progress with the university visitor(s) – To observe you teach and to give oral and written feedback. – To facilitate training opportunities in school – To offer advice about your portfolio of evidence – To contribute to your final report We are able to offer support for mentors that are new to our Partnership. There will be a charge of this.

17 Recommendation for QTS Candidates will be expected to complete a final summary of the progress achieved against the initial needs audit and developmental targets set during the assessed practice phase. Candidates will receive a pass or fail at the end of the assessment process. All those who are assessed and recommended for QTS will need to be informed by their school about the relevant arrangements for the induction of newly qualified teachers.

18 Funding There is no NCTL funding for the AO Route and applicants and their supporting schools must meet the cost of the assessment. Initial recruitment and assessment of the portfolio£300 Interview £100 Assessed placement £1700 TOTAL: £2100 Portfolio guidance - Mentor training Any additional support or visits requested or required for these will be charged for as necessary at a fee of £150 per applicant

19 Initial Needs Analysis Consider what your initial needs might be…. Elements might include:  enhancement of subject knowledge by means of observation and research  being observed teaching a particular topic or in a key stage/age range  familiarisation with school policies  undertaking moderation of pupil assessments  broadening the range of AfL activities employed  a second school placement

20 S7 Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment What types of experience do you need to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard? What types of evidence do you need to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard?

21 S8 Make accurate and productive use of assessment What types of experience do you need to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard? What types of evidence do you need to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard? What has been the impact on pupil progress? file://localhost/Users/Jane/Documents/AO ROUTE 2013 /Information Evening/INFO EVENING NOVEMBER 2013/Initial Needs Audit - Info evening example.docx file://localhost/Users/Jane/Documents/AO ROUTE 2013 /Information Evening/INFO EVENING NOVEMBER 2013/Initial Needs Audit - Info evening example.docx

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