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VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 1 Successful Application of RRT to Reducing Obsolescence & Ownership Cost ALQ-126B Navy Logistics Research.

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1 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 1 Successful Application of RRT to Reducing Obsolescence & Ownership Cost ALQ-126B Navy Logistics Research and Development Program Rapid Retargeting (RRT)

2 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 2 Outline Background RRT Defined Process ALQ-126B System ALQ-126B RRT Experience Results Business Case Other Benefits Summary

3 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 3 Background Desired Life Time for Military Systems is Several Times Greater Than Obsolescence Cycle for Electronics Results in: –Supportability problems for both legacy systems and new COTS systems Typical Solutions: –Life-of-type buys –Qualify alternative parts and / or manufacturing sources –Secondary markets –Component redesign Typical Solutions Increase Total Ownership Cost

4 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 4 RRT Defined VisiCom Approach to Obsolescence: Rapid Retargeting –Capture functionality at CCA or higher (subsystem) level –Characterize design in software; implement in programmable devices –Provide form fit and functional replacement for CCAs Advantages of Rapid Retargeting : –Avoids future obsolescence –Improves reliability (lower part counts) –Multiple CCA functionality can be implemented in a single hardware design –Can re-use software models –Can add functionality to a given design

5 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 5 RRT Process Candidate Identification - System or R&D Concept –Initial screening/discussions, “Quick Look” Submitted to NAVSUP Preliminary Assessment of candidate systems/concepts –Potential for solutions via Rapid Retargeting –Proposed cost and schedule for retargeting –Business Case Analyses Detailed Analyses and Designs –VHDL models, simulations, Prototype / Proof-of-Concept Hardware Field Testing Part Numbers assigned / ECPs / supply system support

6 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 6 The ALQ-126B System DESCRIPTION: Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures System Providing Increased Aircraft Survivability by Denying Accurate Range and Position Data against Pulse Modulated Air Defense Systems. ACQUISITION PHASE: Operational/Out of Production APPLICABLE AIRCRAFT: INVENTORY U. S. NAVY F/A-18, F-14, AV-8B 750 FMS F/A-18,AV-8B 260 PRIME CONTRACTOR: Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Co. Last Contract 3/15/95 FMS : CONTRACT: N00383-91-G-220 FFP VALUE: $14.7M PRODUCT: 14 AN/ALQ-126B Systems (Delivery Complete) 8 AN/ALQ-164 Pods (Delivery Complete) PRIME: Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Co. CUSTOMER: Malaysia, Italy, Kuwait CURRENT SOFTWARE: OFP 12 Released to Fleet July 1996 UDF 23 Released to Fleet July 1996 ISSUES: –AV8B ALQ-126B Software –Parts Obsolescence ALQ-126B

7 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 7 Previous Study (DMEA)  41 Unique CCA’s; 199 Unique Microcircuits  Overall System Health is YELLOW  28 Microcircuits are RED  21 Microcircuits are YELLOW  Predicted Health in 2005: 3 CCA’s RED We had Functionally-Equivalent VHDL Models for  23 of 28 RED Microcircuits  20 of 21 YELLOW Microcircuits Developed a UniModule That Can Replace Each of 8 Different ALQ-126B CCA’s ALQ-126B Experience The ALQ-126B UniModule (center) and 8 Modules it can replace

8 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 8 Retargeted UniModule has been Validated at NAS JAX Environmental Testing at NUWC Keyport and Boeing Underway ECP Package Prepared Production Validation and FOT&E This Summer < 1 Year Effort ALQ-126B UniModule The ALQ-126B UniModule (center) and 8 Modules it can replace

9 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 9 The Business Case The usual assumption is: –“Because of NRE cost, reengineering is the most expensive alternative to solving the obsolescence problem” But traditional obsolescence solutions (LOT, substitute, etc) only increase TOC BUT: Rapid Retargeting of the ALQ-126B –solved obsolescence problems for 8 CCAs –Significantly Reduced System Total Ownership Costs(TOC) Independent cost analysis showed RRT solution yielded a benefit to cost ratio of 1.71 –Almost qualifies for LECP under BOSS III

10 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 10 The Business Case For the AN/ALQ-126 Rapid Retargeting has proven to be –a desirable technical solution –a viable cost saving alternative –the preferred solution Doing nothing is not a viable option in the world of obsolescence

11 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 11 The Business Case (Cont’d) NRE costs are the largest portion of cost to retarget “So, how do you make RRT cost effective?” The ALQ-126B model –All cards replaced have usage –15 years service life remaining –UniModule design Reuse VHDL - reduces NRE cost $1,500 card replaces $13,000 cards Improved reliability - reduced component count Eliminate depot repair costs - UniModule consumable NRE Becomes Investment to Reduce Total Ownership Cost… as Well as Solving the Obsolescence Problem

12 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 12 Logisitics Impacts UniModule becomes a substitute for replacement cards Reduced spares investment - seven fewer line items No change to ATE Minimal change to “I” level maintenance procedures –Implemented through Avionics Change –Changes to manuals at next routine change release No changes to maintenance training

13 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 13 SUMMARY The experience with the ALQ-126B demonstrates Rapid retargeting is a viable technical solution to component obsolescence that can be easily implemented and Is a cost effective approach that can reduce Total Ownership Cost

14 VISICOM PRODUCTS DIVISION 14 Funding If you are thinking… “Rapid Retargeting looks like it could solve my obsolescence problem and reduce my system ownership costs, but my bare-bones budget will just not support that up-front NRE expense.” Contact… Navy Logistics Research and Development Program Jim Fitzgibbon, NAVSUP 4B2U (717) 605-1300 Tony Van Houweling Titan Systems, VisiCom Products Division 858-320-4078

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