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DoD Teaming Group E2C2 FST Obsolescence Management Team May 2, 2001

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1 DoD Teaming Group E2C2 FST Obsolescence Management Team May 2, 2001
Francisco Rios

2 E2C2 Obsolescence Team FY00 Charlie Haliscak Assigned PMA-231 Obsolescence Coordinator PMA-231 DMSMS/Obsolescence Management Plan Developed (February 01) PMA-231 DMSMS/Obsolescence Team Charter Developed (February 01) North Island Team Formed and Kick-off Meeting Held 5 February 01

3 E-2C Aircraft Obsolescence Issues
50 of 64 total Aircraft have over 7 years in service Many Avionics Systems in New Production Aircraft are Configured with Legacy Systems Many of the Systems in Newer Production Aircraft are recycled from Retired Aircraft L-304 Mission Computer (Case Study) APS-125/138/145 Radar WRA’s Trailing Wire Antenna

4 Obsolescence Management Process
Obsolescence Coordinator Establish Priorities as: AN/APS-145 AN/APS-138 L-304 Mission Computer CPU-140A SCADC / NSIU (C-2A Peculiar) Create Bills of Material/Indentured Parts List (BOM/IPL) Electronic Format Electronic BOM/IPL Loaded into TACTRAC Appoint Server Administrator

5 Obsolescence Management Process
Identify Obsolete Parts or Those at Risk TACTRAC Output Reports (Green/Yellow/Red Format) Use Other Tool to Resolve Not Reported Parts (Haystack, Parts Plus, etc…) May Require Re-Formatting BOM/IPL and Re-Loading Resolve Unreported Parts Due to Suppliers or SCD’s Convert SCD’s to Manufacturer or Generic P/N’s or find NSN’s Re-Load BOM/IPL

6 Obsolescence Management Process
Assess Component/SRA/WRA/System Availability and Demand Rates Requires Logistics Analysis Use Data from USN Fleet Maintenance (NALDA) Also Depot Usage Data

7 Case Study E-2C Mission Computer Upgrade Planned
MCU/ACIS, Only for New Production Aircraft MC RePLACE Planned for E-2C GR II Currently Unfunded? No Retrofit for Group I Aircraft

8 Case Study In 1998 Litton Industries discontinued support for L-304 Mission Computer North Island visited Litton and Tagged Inventory All Inventory Turned over to N-G In the Mean Time, components for L-304 were Becoming Scarce Shop Request Alerted Engineering of L-304 Component Availability Issues

9 Case Study Components made by DDC used on L-304 MC were not in Production/Available North Island Production Contacted FISC regarding Litton P/N (19645) FISC contacted DLA – Item Manager DMEA Contacted by DLA and Began Redesign of Component P/N (19645) 2158 Same as Litton Part Number DMEA Effort Separate from North Island DMEA/DLA Requested North Island Perform Board Level Qualifying Test of Redesigned Part

10 Case Study Qualification and Bench Testing performed at NADEP North Island Feb – March 2001 First Built a Golden SRA to Test Unit in Circuit SRA was as Close to Center Test Values as Possible. After Witnessing Test/Values, P/N Approved by Engineering for Removal from SRA

11 Case Study Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)
First Article Inserted into SRA Initial Test Discovered Inconsistencies in First Article Component Thought to be Circuit Trace Problem

12 Case Study Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)
A Second Unit was Produced by DMEA and Rushed to North Island Recommended NOT to Encase New Item

13 Case Study Qualification and Bench Testing (cont.)
The Second DMEA Prototype was received March 16th Testing Began March 19th End to End Testing of SRA Found No Faults Bench Testing Results Forwarded to DLA/NAVICP/PMA-231 MIL-Qual Testing to be Performed by DMEA North Island Recommended MIL-Q-883

14 Case Study Royal Singapore Air Force requested PMA Assistance in Obtaining Part for ASN-92 P/N no Longer Supported by Litton PMA Contacted North Island for Assistance North Island Contacted Litton for Spec of Part North Island noticed ASN-92 Part, also made by Litton, was Common to L-304 MC Found Component RSAF was looking for was Family Member of Part Recently Redesigned North Island Already Affected by Unavailability of Litton P/N , , and Forwarded information to PMA-231/NAVICP

15 Sample of Part Number 861815 Corrosion
Case Study Opening Sealed Unit Found Extensive Corrosion. One set of leads had completely separated Packaging was holding in moisture. Sample of Part Number Corrosion

16 Case Study North Island Requested NAVICP/DLA Response for Navy and FMS Issues NAVICP Requested DMEA Quote on Fourteen Components NAVICP has received bid for rest of Components North Island Awaiting Funding Decision Potential candidates for Rapid Retargeting Would Not Help Singapore Issue

17 Questions?

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