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2 Overview! My power point is about a power-hungry man named Benito Mussolini. Mussolini became the 40th prime minster for Italy in 1922. He created a fascist party, was imprisoned by the king and killed many people. My project will explain why he was a significance to the war and how he got his power.

3 Who? and What? Who- Benito Mussolini was born on July 19 th 1883. What- Mussolini became the 40 th prime minster for Italy and was the “King Joint” supreme control over the military. He was the leader of the of the Italian Social Republic, and also created a group called the “National Fascist Party.”

4 Where? and When? Where- Mussolini’s power streak happened in Italy and continued there till he was killed. When- His rise to power happened during his time as the Prime Minster and after Italy started to trust him. He was the youngest Prime Minster to rule Italy and he ruled from October 31, 1922 to July 25, 1943.

5 Why? And How? Why- After meeting Hitler, Mussolini wanted to take on some of Hitler’s ways. Mussolini started to build a dictatorship, taking over ministries and foreign affairs. How- Mussolini got his power in 1925 when his title changed from “president of the Council of Ministers" to "head of the government."

6 Pictures

7 Significance to War After meeting Hitler for the first time Mussolini wanted to be as if a “second Hitler.” This was because Hitler had a lot of power. Mussolini loved having power, with his power he created fascist parties, took over different foreign affairs, and became Italy’s dictator. Also, when Mussolini teamed with Hitler to join forces to declare war on France and Brittan.

8 Movie Clip!

9 Timeline! Mussolini was born on July 29,1883. 1919: He forms the Fascist party. 1922: Mussolini becomes Prime Minster. 1925: Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy. 1928: Mussolini ends women's rights in Italy. June 10 th 1940: Mussolini joins powers with Hitler and both countries declare war on France and Brittan. July 26, 1943: Mussolini resign and was arrested. April 28,1945: Mussolini was captured and was hung.

10 Quiz! 1.What was Mussolini known for creating? A. The Fascist Party B. The first meeting with Hitler C. The power to take over Foreign Affairs 2. True or False Mussolini never meet Hitler? 3. True or False Mussolini was born on June 19 1884?

11 Work Cited Page  Lapsansky- Werner, Emma J, B Lery Randy Roberts, and Alan Taylor. United States History: reconstruction to the present. Boston Massachusetts: person Education, INC. 2008. print.  Tom Cooke editor. The New Grolier Encyclopedia of World War II. Danbury: 1995. print.  Smith, Denis. "Benito Mussolini." Grolier Online. Grolier, Inc., Danbury, CT, n.d. Web. 28 Mar 2010..

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