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Project Design Charrette

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1 Project 1.2.2 Design Charrette
Scenario D

2 Stakeholders Christopher Claypool Clay “Lassy” Fellows
Mitchell J Oshaben Lauden Sullivan Hali Perkins Brook Adams - Landscape Architect - Architectural Designer - Cost Estimator - Construction Inspector - Interior Designer - Environmental Engineer


4 Job Descriptions Architect – Must prolong the life of a historical building through carfeul planning and intervention. Must critically decide when and how to engage in the intervention for ultimate conservation Interior Designer - Must assist the architect in conserving the historical building from an inside approach to restore the house

5 Job Descriptions Cost Estimator - Collects and analyzes the time, money, resources, and labor required for the restoration project Contruction Inspector – Ensures that repairs, changes, or new construction complies with local and national building codes, ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications

6 Job Descriptions Landscape Architect – The scientist and artist behind the designing and planning of the land. Works with natural elements to maximize land use while minimizing costs and the disruption of nature. Environmental Engineer – Ensures that environmental laws are being considered and carried out and corrects any ecologically hazardous situations

7 Our Mission To restore a 18th century farm house that was owned by the president Zachery Taylor. Make it as historically accurate as possible Make the interior close to how it looked back when the president lived there. Also make the landscaping look like it did back when he lived there. We have also decided to turn it into a museum for the president

8 History Year built: 1790 2 ½ story Style: Georgian Colonial
Materials: standard brick with wood siding Built on the highest point of the 700 acre plantation. Today: the plantation has been split up for residential homes, but 10 acres of wooded area is left

9 Major Changes Remova l of Victoria n style porches
Altering the direction of the stairs to the original arrange ment Removi ng the 2 added bathroo ms




13 Building Inspector The house has had many renovations over the years.
In 1974 the roof was replaced after a tornado damaged the house. All of the floors had to be replaced. The siding was starting to rot, need to be replaced. Overall the house survived mostly intact over time. All four chimneys need to be refurbished.

14 Interior Design Creating historically accurate room arrangements
Purchasing era- respective furniture Restoring the correct paint colors and/or wallpaper Research historic paintings and pictures to make the house as it was in its prime by:


16 Landscape Architect & Environmental Engineer
Added parking area Added pavilion and playground Added paths throughout 10 acres for pleasure or access to cemetery Restored cemetery Created flower garden along paths

17 Cost Estimator The House: Painting/wallpaper: $500
Furniture: $5,000- $10,000 Repair chimney: $3,000 Removal of pluming: $10,000 Changing the direction of the stairs: $8,000 Removal of porches and repairing the siding: $3,000 The floor: $4,000

18 Cost Estimator The Grounds: Parking lot: $2,170 Walk ways: $15,000
Benches: $10,500 Trash receptacles: $1,500 Pavilion on concrete slab: $10,000 Gift shop: $10,000 Bathroom: $1,000 Labor: 20,000

19 Cost Estimator House Total Cost: $38,050 Grounds Total Cost: $32,120
Stakeholders’ Pay Total: $250,000 Grand Total: $608,670.86

20 Resources Used inspectors.htm

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