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Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister Louisa Cannell April 5, 2007 Okoth History Block

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1 Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister Louisa Cannell April 5, 2007 Okoth History Block C jpeg

2 Background Born Margaret Hilda Roberts in 1925 Father, Alfred Roberts, was one time mayor of Grantham, Lincolnshire. The n worked as grocery store owner. Attended Somerville College, Oxford President of Oxford University Conservative Association BS degree in chemistry and MA in law with specialization in taxation Worked as research chemist Married Denis Thatcher and had twin son and daughter in 1953 Called to the bar in 1953 Denis Thatcher and Margaret Roberts marry

3 Becoming Britain’s Leading Lady Elected to parliament in 1959 Leader of Opposition in 1970 Succeeded Edward Heath as leader of the Tories in 1974 Conservatives won the election and Thatcher became first female Prime Minister in May 1979 Won second election for Prime Minister in 1983

4 YearIn Margaret’s Life…In the World… 1925bornHitler published Mein Kampf, flapper dresses popular Worked as a research chemist, marries Denis Thatcher, called to the bar “Big Bang” theory, Gandhi assassinated, apartheid begun, China becomes communist, Korean War, WWII ends, DNA discovered 1959Elected to Parliament Castro becomes dictator of Cuba, Sound of Music on Broadway Education Minister fro Edward HeathBeatles break up, decimal system in England for currency, terrorist attack at the Olympic games in Munich, President Nixon resigns 1979Became Prime MinisterWalkman created by Sony, Mother Theresa awarded Nobel Peace Prize First TermFirst woman appointed to U.S. senate, AIDS discovered, U.S. embassy in Beirut bombed Second TermHole in ozone discovered, Titanic ruins found, Third termBerlin Wall falls 1990Margaret Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister Nelson Mandela freed from jail 1991Founded Margaret Thatcher FoundationCollapse of Soviet Union, South Africa repeals apartheid, U.S. Operation Desert Storm World History During Her Time

5 Being Prime Minister Inherited the inflation and industrial problems made in the Heath government Privatized the national industries –Examples: British Airways, British Steel Powerful alliances –Ronald Reagan –Business with Soviet Mikhail Gorbachev Put into play union laws that ended trade-union problems –Miner’s Union Strike Military victory over Argentina Rise in unemployment to around 3 million Increased taxes Reformation of Education system Changes made to national Health Service Introduced “poll tax” for the tax system of the local government

6 The Margaret Thatcher Foundation Founded in 1991 “to advance the cause of political and economic freedom” Raises funds with the emphasis on helping education “The Foundation has five broad goals: 1.To promote the widest possible acceptance of democracy, market principles, the rule of law, and strong defence 2.To encourage strong transatlantic links between Britain, Europe, and North America 3.To assist and encourage the peoples of the former communist countries and other oppressive regimes across the world as they adopt democracy 4.To foster greater contact between Western nations and those of the Middle East in the region's search for a lasting peace with security 5.To further free trade throughout the world” Quoted from: "Biography." Margaret Thatcher Foundation Margaret Thatcher Foundation. 5 Apr 2007.

7 Bibliography "Biography." Margaret Thatcher Foundation Margaret Thatcher Foundation. 5 Apr Rosenberg, Jennifer. "Timeline of the Twentieth Century." 20th Century History About, Inc.. 5 Apr Johnson, Paul. "Margaret Thatcher." Leaders and Revolutionaries 13 April (1998) 4 April Jackson, Guida M.. Women Who Ruled. Santa Barbara,California: ABC-Clio Inc, Mortimer, John. “The Grocer’s Daughter.” The New York Times Book Review 9 July 1995: Dellheim, Charles. “The Disenchanted Isle; Thatcher’s Capitalist Revolution.” Young, Hugo. Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica’s Guide to Women’s History. 15 Mar

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