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2 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” --Mahatma Ghandi

3 Now more than ever before, long-term, sustainable relationships are essential to every aspect of our lives. “We can't solve today’s problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

4 Brain Harmony Sign up now for 2012-2013

5 Brain Harmony is a year-long (10 credit) elective class open to anyone in 10-12 th grade. It is required for members of the PHD academy.

6 Brain Harmony is about discovering relevancy, meaning, and purpose.

7 Brain Harmony Themes: Developing self-awareness, connecting to personally relevant issues, understanding the science of learning, growth, and development of the mind, strengthening relationships through communication and conflict resolution skills, managing stress and nurturing holistic health, creating systemic change, discovering sustainability, balance, and harmony

8 Brain Harmony Practices: Drawing Painting Story-telling Singing Dancing Reflecting Sculpting Creating Listening Praising Caring Discovering Moving Changing Rejoicing Writing Sharing Understanding Doing Being

9 Brain Harmony A project-based-learning class where students and teacher work together to create a personalized curriculum

10 Portfolio Projects (20% of grade) You create unit projects or choose from a list. –E–Examples draw a picture or collage that reflects your strengths and weaknesses create a weekly plan for stress relief write a thank you letter to someone who has helped you

11 Journal Reflection (20% of grade) Class begins with a video clip and discussion question selected by students or teacher

12 Circular Class Council (20% of grade) Class conversations to develop communication skills

13 Service Projects / Action Research (20% of grade).

14 List of students that helped create this class: Anderson, Kameron Balbirnie, Jillian Baldazo, Gianna Barajas, Dominique Benitez, Ariana Brizuela, Leeza Contreras, Chris DeOliveira, Kayla Alexandria Fredenburg, Gianna Hallin, Anthony Hamilton, Brittney Jamison, Zachary Khan, Jordyn Knight, Emily Lau, Andrew Laxa, Venessa Lindstedt, Devyn Mauriscio, Alexandria Mendoza, Mariah Montero, Monica Pelayo, Rodolfo Slater, Naomi Swetnam, Emily Zirkle, Shannon Aiello, Deanna Benitez, Alex Bennett, Antinett Brady, James Caguioa, Ashley Claytor, Tiffany Cuenco, Jerome Gerundio, Isabella Gonzalez, Anna Gonzalez, Mayrane Hester, Aaron Jungnitsch, Kelli Kitchen, Lindsey Lara, Aries Lopez, Marcelino Rodriguez, Priscila Rohman, Matthew Salinas, Julie Ann Salmeron Barrera, Ysela Shackelford, Anjelica Smith, Stephanie Solares, Alexis Somers, Amanda Lynn Tabor, Drue Allen Alejandre, Alfonso Armendariz, Katie Baxter, Jessyka Castellanoz, Arcadio Flores, Marcelino Darrell Ford, Kyle Gatchalian, Sarah Gerber Jr, Michael Glynn, Desiree Hamilton, Brittney Hua, Destinee Hughes, Brittney Kemp, Alexandra Knight, Emily Mejia, Joanne Michels, Drew Northam, Dillon Padou, Lydia Pontius, Larissa Rettig, Alexis Rochelle, Ashley Rushton, Chelsea Twigg, Brittany Wheeler, Amanda

15 “What will Brain Harmony do for me?” Throughout the year, you will: –Develop more self-awareness Know your learning styles and preferences Know key parts of your brain essential to learning Know what motivates you Identify and use emotion constructively –Develop more “other-awareness” Learn to support and care for others Become more empathetic toward others Develop skills for active listening Increase tolerance for conflict and ability to resolve conflict Increase social skills Be a part of a team that will support, care, listen, and help you –Balance personal integrity with the increasing demands and societal expectations placed on you

16 The emphasis of this class is finding wholeness, purpose, and meaning in life by developing integrity of mind, body, heart, and soul.

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