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Senior Field Camp, 2015 Photo D. Warburton SFC 1985.

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2 Senior Field Camp, 2015 Photo D. Warburton SFC 1985

3 22 Dates Van pickup and preparation, May 15 Depart May 16 Return June 27 (vans returned 6/28) Return date could be modified due to adverse conditions Handout sheets list the itinerary

4 Who Will Go Drs. Oleinik and Warburton reviewed students records in geology core courses completed Current grade levels in Structural Geology and Petrology were also reviewed There are some students at risk of failing to obtain a “C” in these courses All students have a reasonable possibility of obtaining a “C” or better Any student failing to get a “C” will be required to take the course over next year But all students who signed up for the course will be allowed to go 3

5 Forms A form for your contact information has been handed out This must be completed PRIOR to departure  If forms are not completed, you will not be going on SFC  The contact person must be either your spouse, if any, or a blood relative – no “significant others”  The second form is a cell phone form, and is simply for the convenience of those going on the camp – a list will be made available 4

6 55 Travel Arrangements Travel will be in mini-vans rented under the State of Florida Contract Currently there are 18 students, 4 staff Six vans will travel in convoy There will be radios in each van Car top carriers will be used for six vans

7 Student Drivers All student drivers become state employees for the duration of the trip – this is necessary for insurance purposes, and to permit compensation As part of the appointment process, all student drivers authorize driving back ground checks – anyone with serious violations will not be hired 6

8 Drivers Primary drivers are:  Dr. Oleinik  Alex Modys, Instructor  Caitlin Hanley, GTA  Claudio Zuccarelli, GTA  Paul B., student  James M., student Secondary drivers are:  Alex G.  Chris H.  Mario J.  Reni K.  Kelli T. 77

9 Driver responsibilities Drivers must initiate the employment process This is accomplished by meeting with Mr. Robert Briggs, Geoscience Budget Officer, in SE 458 This should be done as soon as possible after Monday, April 6 8

10 99 Overnight Accommodations - Camping Students and staff will camp for the travel portions of the camp, and for overnight excursions – arrangements have been made for “civilized” campgrounds in most cases  Running water (at least in the rest rooms)  Most have hot water showers  Most have electricity in restrooms – hair dryers, shavers, etc. will work  Some sites may not have potable water

11 10 Camping Equipment You must bring your own sleeping bag – the department has tents and sleeping pads for all participants Department has large coolers, stoves, and lamps and each van will have one of each – do not bring coolers or stoves

12 Food The department does not hire cooks, nor is food supplied Students may form cooking groups, and coordinate stoves, pots. pans, utensils, etc. – we need to bring just enough gear to get the job done Some cooking gear has been donated, and is in the T building – this may be used if desired 11

13 12 Excess Gear Excess gear in the van…the more you bring, the less room there is, and the more the gear gets “metamorphosed” Samples are acquired during the trip, so more material will be brought back than you initially left with Experience on JFC should be a guide as to what is needed and what is not

14 Department Equipment You will be issued a Brunton compass at the beginning of field camp You are responsible for the return of the compass in good working order at the end of camp Loss of the compass or any other department equipment assigned to you will result in a bill for replacement of the equipment, and a hold may be placed on your records until the bill is paid 13

15 Other Equipment Per van:  One cooking stove  One lantern  One cooler  Propane bottles as needed GPS units Radios, with batteries Portable Wi-Fi hot spot (experimental) 14

16 Cost The total cost for SFC 2015 is $2300 This includes van rental, gasoline, toll fees, National Park passes, campground and dorm fees, admissions to various sites, staff expenses (not paid by state), printing costs for SFC exercises, van washing, miscellaneous (propane for stoves, batteries, field notebooks, etc.) 15

17 Payments Mr. Briggs is having a payment web site set up You may pay in one or two payments (half each time) You will be notified by FAU e-mail when the site is set up, and what the deadlines for payment are 16

18 Graduation Those students who will be graduating at the end of summer, 2015 need to see Dr. Warburton for a Graduation Audit (e-mail for an appointment) Take the signed Graduation Audit form with you when you have an appointment with Mr. Glenn Malone, who will put you on the prospective graduation list 17

19 Canaveral Mineral and Gem Society The Canaveral Mineral and Gem Society has donated money for scholarships for the last two years The funding has been increased from $500 to $600 per scholarship We have funding for eight scholarships All FAU students attending camp were considered 18

20 CMGS Scholarship Rules Students are selected by a faculty committee based on scholarship – performance in Geology core courses was considered Students are obligated to make a presentation to the CMGS after returning from SFC Winners will write thank-you letters to CMGS, with copies to the Dean’s office 19

21 And the Winners Are…. Jordan C. Greg C, Alex G, Chrissy G, Chris H, Reni K. James M. Kelli T. Brice W. 20 CONGRATULATIONS!

22 Award Ceremony Winners names will be sent to the Dean’s Office A rumor has it that award winners will be invited to an Award Ceremony, probably on Tuesday, April 14 Representatives from CMGS may be there, so please make every effort to attend Please note that funds are likely to be unavailable until after SFC is complete 21

23 Final SFC Meeting Prior to departure, there will be a longer meeting Notices will be sent to your FAU e-mail accounts Be sure to check your FAU e-mail 22

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