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Equity and Diversity Education Department Operation Respect / Welcoming Schools Pilot Update.

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1 Equity and Diversity Education Department Operation Respect / Welcoming Schools Pilot Update

2 Equity and Diversity Education Department “ Say No to Bullying”

3 Keys to Diversity

4 Bullying Prevention Pilot Project

5 Project Application 1. Date of Application 2. School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP 3. School Telephone 4. Principal 5. Name of Person Submitting Application 6. Provide a summary why your school should be selected to receive assistance. 7. What does your school currently do to reduce bullying? 8. What additional support do you need? 9. Which of the following categories apply to your school site? 10. Please indicate the appropriate performance zone.

6 Operation Respect Pilot Participating Schools SchoolPrincipalAreaZone Bozarth Elementary SchoolRodney Saunders1 Performance Zone 1 Helen Herr Elementary SchoolHoward Garrard2Performance Zone 5 Whitney Elementary SchoolSherrie Gahn2Performance Zone 9 Dell Robison Middle SchoolElena Baker2Performance Zone 6 J.D. Smith Middle SchoolChristine Ahrens2Performance Zone 5 Roy Martin Middle SchoolMary Hafner2Performance Zone 5 Monaco Middle SchoolLisa Medina2Performance Zone 6 Jeffrey Behavior Jr/Sr High SchoolFran HallESD Green Valley High SchoolJeffrey Horn3Performance Zone 10 Southwest Behavior Jr/Sr High SchoolCaryl SuzukiESD Virgin Valley High SchoolClifford Hughes1Performance Zone 1

7 Testimonies Jacqueline Carducci & the Green Valley High School “Weight of Words” Rod Saunders, Bozarth Elementary School Frances Hall, Jeffrey Behavioral School



10 2012 Cross-Cultural Institute Creating a Respectful Culture (Bullying Prevention) June 21 and 22, 2012

11 Operation Respect / Welcoming Schools Partnerships  Human Right Campaign, Josh Miller  Operation Respect, Mark Weiss  Public Education Foundation, Judi Steele, Brian Myli, and Catherine Tully  University of Nevada Las Vegas, Shannon Smith, Project Evaluator  Welcoming Schools, Kim Westheimer To assist the Equity and Diversity Education Department, Operation Respect, and Welcoming Schools with the bullying prevention professional development within CCSD, the Public Education Foundation funded a part- time position.

12 Wells Fargo Bully Prevention Initiative Grant ( $56,017.00) Funding has been made available through the Wells Fargo Corporate Giving Division to strengthen communities by improving human services, educational, artistic, cultural, civic, and environmental programs. Clark County School District’s (CCSD) Equity and Diversity Education Department (EDE) is applying for funding through Wells Fargo Corporate Giving Division to decrease bullying incidents and increase implementation of bullying prevention strategies. Wells Fargo provides funding to nonprofit organizations, public schools, and qualified tribal and governmental agencies that provides programs for low- and moderate- income individuals and families. EDE seeks partnership with Wells Fargo to establish a Bullying Prevention Initiative project. The primary goals for this project are:  Increase the knowledge and awareness of bullying prevention for administration, teachers, parents, and students.  Create a safe and bully-free educational environment to contribute to student achievement.

13 Equity and Diversity Education Department CCSD Divisions and Departments Involved in Bullying Initiative Name of Department/DivisionService(s)Contact Person Contact Number Equity and Diversity Education Department  Operation Respect School Pilot Project  Professional Development  Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee  “Say No to Bullying” CCSD Website Dr. Greta Peay(702) Education Services Division  Professional development re: policy/regulations  Adjudicating disciplinary cases Bradley Waldron(702) CCSD School Police Department  Professional development for CCSD Police officers  Support to schools re: threat assessment/crisis response Officer Gil Diaz(702) Safe and Drug Free Schools Program  Professional Development Jodi S. Joyce (702) School-Community Partnership Department  “Do the Write Thing” writing contest Bridget Phillips(702) School Threat Evaluation and Crisis Response Department  Professional development  Threat assessment/crisis response to schools Dr. William Miller(702) Wrap-Around Services Department  Social worker support Susan Sernoe(702)

14 Equity and Diversity Education Department Bullying Prevention Resources Name of OrganizationContact PersonPhone Contact /website address 1. Anti-Defamation League (ADL): “No Place for Hate” Phylis Friedman(702) 2. Banks EntertainmentJay Banks (615) 3. CCSD: Equity and Diversity Education Department Dr. Greta Peay(702) 4. Equity AllianceJoEtta Gonzalez (480) 5. “Flip the Script”Catherine Levy(702) International Committee of Artists for Peace: “I Choose Victory over Violence” Audrey Dempsey(702) Learning For Life: “Harassment, Bullying, and Cyber-Intimidation” Dr. Diane Thornton Kelli Paul (972) (972) “No More Bullies!” bookAndre Lewis, author(901) Operation RespectMark Weiss(212) 10. Rachel’s Challenge (877) Programs/index.php 11. “SAVE: Students Against Violence Everywhere” (CCSD Safe & Drug Free Schools) (702) Jodi S. Joyce 12. The Respect for All Project: “Let’s Get Real” (800) 13. Styles Management Group LLC: “Toe-Tag Monologues” Kim Flowers(702) 14. Welcoming SchoolsKim Westheimer(202) 15. Yellow Ribbon: “Suicide Prevention Program” (303) CA: (760) 16. Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishers Jennifer Gotkin (702)

15 Equity and Diversity Education Department Operation Respect / Welcoming Schools Pilot Update

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