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Vygotsky Activity Group Activity.

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1 Vygotsky Activity Group Activity

2 Procedure Sort the following words into whatever categories make sense and provide a label or rationale for each category. males, females, figs, kangaroo, meat, dogs, honey, bees, the moon, cigarettes, water, sun, spear, wine, wind, fish, mud, fire, birds, rainbow

3 Compare Compare your categories with the following created by Dyirbal aborigines in Australia…

4 Dyirbal Categories Bayi: males, kangaroo, the moon, rainbow, fish, spear Balan: females, dogs, birds, fire, water, sun Balam: figs, honey, wine, cigarettes Bala: meat, bees, wind, mud

5 Your Categories Why did you come up with the categories you did? Where did these come from?

6 Internalization “Any higher mental function necessarily goes through an external stage in its development because it is initially a social function.” Lev Vygotsky

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