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Beginning Burmese Lessons Different tones in Burmese.

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1 Beginning Burmese Lessons Different tones in Burmese

2 In a tone language (tonal language), different tones (like in music) will change the meaning of the words, even if pronunciation of the word is the same otherwise. English and almost all other European languages are not tone languages at all. Many East Asian languages are tone languages such as all the Chinese languages, Vietnamese, a small number of Korean dialects (From Wikipedia..)

3 In a tonal language, placing different emphasis on the vowel changes the meaning. Some Burmese words may sound identical to untrained ears, but mean different things because there's tonal differences.

4 a ar ei e ou ouu ae ai awt aw arn ar: a ar ar: art ei e e: ou ouu ou: awt aw aw:

5 Some phrases So good. kaun: lite ta It’s yummy/very delicious. sa: lo kaun: lite ta Very lovely. chit saya kaun: like ta So cute. chit saya lay Any discount? shau par ohm: I’m full. wa bi It is enough. taw bi That’s all. dar par be

6 Come…… lar par Come here…. de ko lar par Here… de… de ko…. de mhar I am here. Kya naw de mhar shi de Go… thwa: par Go there… ho ko thwa: par There… ho…ho ko… ho mhar… I will be there.. kya naw ho mhar shi me

7 (short vowel ) (long vowel) (open vowel) counting 1 tha khu (short) 10 tha se (long) 100 tha yar (short vowel ) 1,000 tha taun (long vowel) 10,000 tha taun: (open vowel) yar (short vowel ) taun (long vowel) taun: (open vowel) khu (short vowel ) se (long vowel)

8 Sample video –at Myanmar Lessons from the monk: Burmese Alphabets Some Burmese lesson sites: How to write Burmese Alphabets

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