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Katakana ア - A A Stands for…. Ah cute boy イ - i i stands for…. Capital cursive i - I.

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2 Katakana

3 ア - A A Stands for…. Ah cute boy

4 イ - i i stands for…. Capital cursive i - I

5 ウ - u U stands for Ur reaching your toes

6 エ - e Stands for…. Eh? Whats that? An H on its side!

7 オ - O Stands for…hopping on one leg

8 カ - ka Stands for…. Kate’s Grandpa bending over…

9 キ - ki Stands for…. A Key

10 ク - ku A Stands for…. A Kukaburra’s beak

11 ケ - ke A Stands for…. A Kettle

12 コ - ko Stands for…. An open coin box

13 サ - sa Stands for…. Sitting watching a SUN set サ

14 シ - shi She is looking to the right and she has a nice smile… シ

15 ス - su Su stands for sue… who is walking… ス

16 セ - se Se stands for sepoortuu (sport) セ

17 ソ - so Stands for sowing ソ

18 タ - ta Ta is like KU with an extra line タ

19 チ - chi Stands for…. A man doing tai CHI with a hat on チ

20 ツ - tsu Stands for…. HAAATSUUUUU, blesss you… ツ

21 テ - te Stands for…. The temple is about to fall down!! テ テ

22 ト - to Stands for…. A toe being poked… ト

23 ナ - na Na stands for…. My nan doing tai chi ナ

24 ニ - ni Ni stands for…. Wow, you ruled out those lines really Neatly! ニ

25 ヌ - nu Nu stands for…. Eating nudles ヌ

26 ネ - ne Ne Stands for…. Alien on Neptune. ネ

27 ノ - no No Stands for…. Not hard, just a line. ノ

28 ハ - ha Ha Stands for…. Ha, what a funny moustache! ハ

29 ヒ - hi Hi Stands for…. He is sitting down… ヒ

30 フ - hu Fu Stands for…. Hu’s that bending over? フ

31 ヘ - he He Stands for… ヘ Hehehe I’m cute! ^.^ ヘ

32 ホ - ho Ho Stands for…. Its hot so they sit under the shade of a tree ホ

33 マ - ma Ma Stands for…. My mum is cooking マ

34 ミ - mi Mi Stands for…. Look at me, I am 3! ミ

35 ム - mu A Stands for…. Conducting in Music ム

36 メ - me Look at me I’m sitting down… メ

37 モ – mo Mo Stands for…. More fish to catch モ

38 ヤ - ya Ya Stands for…. Yak! Wrong way! ヤ

39 ユ - yu Yu Stands for…. Yu broke the box ユ

40 ヨ - yo Yo Stands for… Three yoyos that are stacked up on top of each other. ヨ

41 ラ - ra Ra Stands for…. Rabbit ears ラ

42 リ - ri Ri Stands for…. The Reeds リ

43 ル - ru Ru Stands for…. Ruby’s hair ル

44 レ - re Re stands for: Resting against the wall.. レ

45 ロ - ro Ro Stands for…. Square roast pan

46 ワ - wa Wa Stands for…. Wa the sleeping baby says. ワ

47 ヲ - wo He wore a hat… ヲ

48 ン - n N Stands for…. Not different to ‘so’ ン ソ

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