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Describing artifacts: A look at the concepts of CDWA.

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1 Describing artifacts: A look at the concepts of CDWA

2 CDWA Guidelines Google search for ‘CDWA’ ( ( Cataloguing Cultural Objects: A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images (book) UIUC full access:

3 CDWA: “conceptual framework for describing and accessing information about works of art, architecture, other material culture, groups and collections of works, and related images.”

4 Categories for the Description of Works of Art

5 A set of categories for the description of works of art

6 CDWA – Framework for articulating art and material culture – Not a schema – Includes core concepts CDWA-Lite – XML schema of core CDWA concepts CCO – Set of principles and examples for cataloguing material culture, borrowing from the core CDWA categories

7 “Establish the logical focus of each Work Record, whether it is a single item, a work made up of several parts, or a physical group or collection of works. Clearly distinguish between Work Records and Image Records.” (Ten Key Principles of CCO, CCO 2)

8 "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat.



11 “An especially knotty but not uncommon example can be found in the archives of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. The institute owns a 35-mm slide copied from a lantern slide of a photograph by Erwin Panofsky, a distinguished 20th-century art historian. The photograph is of a 15th century Dutch manuscript page that depicts a 2nd-century Roman sarcophagus.”

12 Related Works: “important conceptual relationship with each other” Intrinsic relationships Whole-part relationships Group and Collection relationships Series relationships Components and Architectural Works Extrinsic Relationships

13 FOR THE OBJECT, ARCHITECTURE, OR GROUP Catalog Level Object/Work Type Classification Term Title or Name Measurements Description Materials and Techniques Description Creator Description Creator Identity Creator Role Creation Date Earliest Date Latest Date Subject Matter Current Location Repository Name/Geographic Location Current Repository Numbers FOR RELATED TEXTUAL REFERENCES AUTHORITY Brief Citation Full Citation FOR CREATOR IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY Name Source Display Biography Birth Date Death Date Nationality/Culture/Race Life Roles FOR PLACE/LOCATION AUTHORITY Place Name Source Place Type Broader Context FOR GENERIC CONCEPT AUTHORITY Term Source Broader Context Scope Note Source FOR SUBJECT AUTHORITY Subject Name Source Broader Context CDWA Core Categories (

14 1.Object/Work Type Wrapper 2.Title Wrapper 3.Display Creator 4.Indexing Creator Wrapper 5.Display Measurements 6.Indexing Measurements Wrapper 7.Display Materials/Techniques 8.Indexing Materials/Technique Wrapper 9.Display State/Edition Wrapper 10.Style Wrapper 11.Culture Wrapper 12.Display Creation Date 13.Indexing Dates Wrapper 14.Location/Repository Wrapper 15.Subject Indexing Wrapper 16.Classification Wrapper 17.Description/Descriptive Note Wrapper 18.Inscriptions Wrapper 19.Related Works Wrapper 20. Rights for Work 21. Record Wrapper 22. Resource Wrapper Descriptive Metadata Administrative and Resource Metadata

15 Display: intended for users Michel Erhart (German, ca. 1440-after 1522) Indexing: intended for retrieval Erhart, Michel German ca. 1440-after 1522 sculptor


17 How would you categorize architecture?

18 [for the basilica in the Vatican, Italy] Saint Peter 's Basilica...... Old Saint Peter's (original structure, 324-1451)...... New Saint Peter 's (current structure, 1451- present)............ Façade............ Dome............ Piazza CCO 17

19 [for a memorial in Washington, DC] Lincoln Memorial........ Structure (as built)........ Competition (1908-1909)........ Competition (1911-1912)

20 CDWA Examples earch/standards/cdwa/examples.html

21 decorative arts paintings sculpture Pre-Columbian art


23 Modelling CDWA LIte as an OWL-DL Ontology Richard Urban,

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