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Metadata: Its Functions in Knowledge Representation for Digital Collections 1 Summary.

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1 Metadata: Its Functions in Knowledge Representation for Digital Collections 1 Summary

2 Review Understanding Metadata Metadata types Matching types with functions Metadata standards Metadata implementation – the workflows 2

3 Metadata Classes/Types 3 CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) 1999 (NISO): Understanding Metadata 2004 Gilland-Swetland Getty: Intro to Metadata 2000 Descriptive Administrative. Preservation. Rights management Preservation Structural Technical Use Greenburg : A quantitative categorical analysis of... 2001 Discovery Administration Use Authentication

4 The DCMI defines metadata as … … data associated with either an information system or an information object for purposes of – description, – administration, – legal requirements, – technical functionality, – use and usage, and – preservation (DCMI Glossary, 2005) 4 Matching types with functions Matching types with functions

5 Metadata Standards Standards for data structures and semantics metadata element sets e.g., Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) Standards and Guides for data content created to guide the practices of metadata generation e.g., CCO, Using Dublin Core Standards for data values value encoding schemes e.g., DCMI Type Vocabulary | RFC 4646 Tags for Identifying Languages | LCSH 5

6 1. The Web: From the Web of Documents to the Web of Data 2. Our Work: F rom [bibliographic and authority] control to knowledge organization, resource discovery, and delivery 3. Our Data: From machine-readable to machine-processable and become Web resources (linked data) 6 Change … We need

7 Evolution of the Men Metadata = Cataloging ?

8 Metadata Workflow 1. Analyze & determine the functional requirements Type of resources to include in DL User interface; search, browsing functions User needs; Elements for search and browse; Links between records & data; Filtering fields Influence of external services Limitations or additional conditions e.g., text, images, Web resources 2. Decide a responsibility model Local Regional National International projects Reuse existing records; Harvest & reuse external metadata Individual institution 4. Create metadata records/Control quality Data creation Data harvesting Data integration Data conversion Normalize Aggregate Ingest Control & improve quality Metadata storage: Databases, Repositories Maintain Transfer Preserve Implement best practices; semi-auto when generating data Use OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting Use mapping tables/ crosswalks 5. Use in DLs Support search, browse, Results display, & delivery Distribute Expose Share & exchange Reuse & repurpose Maximize the usage 3. Select metadata standards / Develop application profiles Standards for data structures Develop metadata application profiles e.g., DC-LIB; NLM-MS Standards for data content e.g., Dublin Core, MODS, CDWA, EAD, VRA Core, … e.g., Best practice guidelines, AACR2, CCO, DACS … Standards for data values e.g., controlled term lists, classification schemes, thesauri, subject heading lists, name authority files … Standards for data exchange e.g., MARC21, UNIMARC, ISO 2709 format, XML, … 1) Select a “base” metadata namespace; select elements from the base schema 2) Select additional elements from other metadata name-spaces if needed 3) Specify the use of these elements: obligations, data value encoding rules & schemes, best practices, relationship with other elements 4) If needed, define more local Elements in a declarative document Accessibility Share Reuse Add values Plan workflow & timing Collaboration 5) Encode all elements in machine- processable schemas Support linked data ©Lee, Zeng, and Hayes for IFLA GDL-WG, 2009

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