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Electro + Electro Lite By: George Holmes & Aaron Wallack.

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1 Electro + Electro Lite By: George Holmes & Aaron Wallack

2 Target Market $70,000 annually ` Psychographics AIO(activity interests and opinions) Attitudes - Strong and passionate about their health Values - actives middle age humans who love their daily workout Beliefs - Want to be healthy and gain muscles

3 Design CHOOSE YOUR OWN FLAVOR! Go onto our website OR check us out on our new mobile app Electro energy ! FLAVORS: Electrifying Blue (Blue raspberry) Shocking Purple (Grape) Light Bright yellow (Lemon)

4 Manufacturer Great State Beverage will be our provided distributor who will also keep our inventory in their Public warehouse they will Receive, Unload, Inspect and fill our order for us. Being in this type of warehouse, we will offer any other company the storage space if they're willing to pay the price. This means we could save money by splitting the costs of the warehouse with others. Selective Intensity - In all GNC, Planet fitness and nutrition stores within New England but eventually across the country. Name of manufacturer: Great state beverage / Licensing to Granite state 1000 Quality Drive, Hooksett NH. 03106.

5 Pricing Strategy & Profit Determine the pricing strategy & profit potential for all channel members Penetration Price strategy: Start low, eventually rise due to the constant competition within the energy drink market. G+A= $1.25 per unit 20,000 units $.69 for Seltzer water + $40.00 for 200 servings of N.O Xplode Mark up ($.80 to Manu. / $2.24 to Retailer.) Manufacture: $2.05 100-39 = 61% Retailer: $3.49 100-64 = 36%

6 Projected sales

7 Promotion plan Main Objectives To complete this we will have to: -Gym samples -Refundable cans $0.10 back -Trade shows/ sponsorships -Hold sports events and give out shot size samples

8 Rationale for selection = Local, inexpensive Initial inventory = 20,000 items Rationale for inventory level = Want to keep the demand and the supply equal, initially you would rather have more supply than the demand incase you run out of product to sell. Level of distribution intensity = Selective Rationale of distribution intensity level = We don't want Electro and Electro light to be found everywhere such as gas stations and convenience store, we would rather keep this product in selective areas, where we would know it would sell best. For example in Gyms, in nutrition store like GNC. We would also want our brand to come as quality Specific Distribution outlets (include geographic figures) = New England's Granite State Beverages - Move on to higher distribution center when the time is necessary.

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