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CSU Accessible Technology Initiative Section 508 Procurement Training February 11 – 12, 2008 Assistive Technology Q and A Presented by Penny Peterson,

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1 CSU Accessible Technology Initiative Section 508 Procurement Training February 11 – 12, 2008 Assistive Technology Q and A Presented by Penny Peterson, Coordinator HTC & Accessible Media Project CSU Long Beach

2 Assistive Technology Products Assistive devices enable people to function within a range of abilities that contributes to their personal independence at home, school, work, and leisure activities.

3 Types of Computer-Aided Assistive Technology Electronic pointing devices—used to control the cursor on the screen without use of hands. Devices used include ultrasound, infrared beams, eye movements, nerve signals, or brain waves. Sip-and-puff systems—activated by inhaling or exhaling. Wands and sticks—worn on the head, held in the mouth or strapped to the chin and used to press keys on the keyboard

4 Joysticks—manipulated by hand, feet, chin, etc. and used to control the cursor on screen. Trackballs—movable balls on top of a base that can be used to move the cursor on screen. Touch screens—allow direct selection or activation of the computer by touching the screen, making it easier to select an option directly rather than through a mouse movement or keyboard.

5 Braille embossers transfer computer generated text into embossed Braille output. Braille tactile embossers transfer computer generated graphics and illustrations to embossed Braille output. Refreshable Braille displays provide tactile output of information represented on the computer screen.

6 Alternative keyboards—featuring larger- or smaller-than-standard keys or keyboards, alternative key configurations, and keyboards for use with one hand. Keyboard filters are typing aids such as word prediction utilities and add-on spelling checkers that reduce the required number of keystrokes. On-screen keyboards provide an image of a standard or modified keyboard on the computer screen that allows the user to select keys with a mouse, touch screen, trackball, joystick, switch, or electronic pointing device.

7 Reading tools and learning disabilities programs include software and hardware designed to make text-based materials more accessible for people who have difficulty with reading. Options can include scanning, reformatting, navigating, or speaking text out loud. Screen enlargers, or screen magnifiers, work like a magnifying glass for the computer by enlarging a portion of the screen which can increase legibility and make it easier to see items on the computer. Screen readers are used to verbalize, or "speak," everything on the screen including text, graphics, control buttons, and menus into a computerized voice that is spoken aloud.

8 Speech recognition or voice recognition programs, allow people to give commands and enter data using their voices rather than a mouse or keyboard. Text-to-Speech (TTS) or speech synthesizers receive information going to the screen in the form of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and then "speak" it out loud in a computerized voice. Talking and large-print word processors are software programs that use speech synthesizers to provide auditory feedback of what is typed.

9 TTY/TDD conversion modems are connected between computers and telephones to allow an individual to type a message on a computer and send it to a TTY/TDD telephone or other Baudot equipped device. Light signaler alerts -- monitors computer sounds and alerts the computer user with light signals.

10 Tim Jin, BA, Communications, types on a computer using his toes instead of his fingers. Tim was born with Cerebral Palsy.

11 Sitting in the Center of the photo below is Jennie Benson Moody, MS Special Education, who is a Practicing School Psychologist. Jennie has been blind since birth.

12 Placing a CCTV in an area where it can be accessed for general reading tasks is an equitable accommodation for folks with vision limitations.

13 Where to find Assistive Technology The following slides of adaptive equipment and software vendors represent a small sampling of the available resources university AT planners can review for their AT acquisitions. The hot links to the vendor’s web sites will lead planners to many types of AT that may not be included in the initial link, so look around and have fun playing with the toys!

14 Adjustable Tables and Workstations sis usa, inc. Ergonomically accessible workstations (hand crank & electrically motorized tables). Ergo In Demand, Inc. r_workstation.htm Da-Lite. http://www.da- http://www.da-

15 Braille Embossers GW Micro ViewPlus Tiger® Braille Printer ever! The ViewPlus Pro is your marathon braille production machine able to handle large volume runs of braille and tactile graphics, printing all sizes and types of paper/media.

16 Sighted Electronics Basic-D and Basic-S Double or single sided Braille printers Basic-D and Basic-S Everest Double sided Braille printer for cut sheet paper Everest Index 4X4 PRO Double sided Embosser for Braille Magazines Index 4X4 PRO 4 Wave Professional Double sided Braille printer for cut sheet paper 4 Wave Professional Acoustic cabinets

17 Enabling Technologies Single-Sided Braille Embossers Romeo Attaché Our most transportable single-sided basic embosser.Romeo Attaché Romeo Attaché Pro Our most feature-rich transportable single-sided embosser.Romeo Attaché Pro Romeo 25 Transportable single-sided basic embosser, flexible & tough.Romeo 25 Romeo Pro 50 Faster, feature-rich transportable single-sided embosser with Romeo durability.Romeo Pro 50 Thomas Single-sided desktop embosser.Thomas Marathon Highest capacity in single-sided Braille.Marathon Double-Sided Braille Embossers Juliet Classic Value in extra-wide-line interpoint.Juliet Classic Juliet Pro Feature-rich extra-wide-line interpoint.Juliet Pro ET Value in speedier interpoint.ET Juliet Pro 60 Feature-rich speedier interpoint.Juliet Pro 60 Commercial Production Embossers BookMaker Production interpoint at 80 characters per second.BookMaker Braille Express 100 Production interpoint at 100 characters per second.Braille Express 100 Braille Express 150 Production interpoint at 150 characters per second.Braille Express 150 BraillePlace Production interpoint at 300 characters per second.BraillePlace PED-30 Plate Embossing Device Platemaker for Braille publishing.PED-30 Plate Embossing Device Signmakers & Labelers PrestoBraille Industrial-strength Braille signmaker.PrestoBraille KGS Braille Labeler Braille labels made easyKGS Braille Labeler

18 Braille Keyboard Displays The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-80s The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-80s The flattest 80 cell Braille display world wide. The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-66s The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-66s A large Braille Display in a compact desktop unit. The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-40s The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-40s The smallest Braille Display ever made and it utilizes the Easy Access Bar. The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-40sd The NEW BRAILLEX® EL-40sd The handsome 40 cell desktop Braille display. The BRAILLEX® EL 2D-80 The BRAILLEX® EL 2D-80 The summit in efficiency. The BRAILLEX® EL 2D-66 The BRAILLEX® EL 2D-66 The clever intermediate size Braille Display.

19 Braille Note Takers GW Micro Braille Sense. Braille notetaker. Freedom Scientific Braille Lite. A refreshable Braille output device.

20 Braille Translation Software Duxbury Systems Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) and MegaDots: Print to Braille translation software applications.

21 APPLE Apple's accessibility features for the Macintosh computer system

22 Augmentative Communication Devices Prentke-Romich, Company Communication Products Adaptive Technology Software Products Adaptive Technology Computer Access Switches & Mounts

23 CCTV’s Technologies High resolution portable color CCTV (TViZoom, Liberty, Liberty Plus, Prisma). Sighted Electronics Magnilink. Desk top CCTVs (Seagull, Penguin, Colibri). Optelec, Inc. Desk Top CCTVs, Hand held magnification devices.

24 On-Screen Character Enlargement Applications AiSquared ZoomText. An on screen magnification interface. Freedom Scientific MAGic. Screen magnification application.

25 OCR (Not to be confused with the Office of Civil Rights!) Optical character recognition applications, text scanners, assisted reading and writing software and hardware applications. Freedom Scientific WYNN 3.0, literacy software for assisted reading and writing. Arkenstone OPENBook. An optical character recognition system (OCR text scanner & reader). Lisa Smolen & Associates http://www.access4reading.com Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 for the PC, Kurzweil 3000 for the MAC, textHELP !

26 On-Screen Keyboard Innovation Management Group, Inc. On-screen Virtual Keyboards and Pointing Device Utilities Bloorview MacMillan Children’s Centre WiViK on-screen keyboard (virtual keyboard)

27 TTD/TTY What is it? What is a TTY Relay Service? How to Use it. Ultratec Superprint Pro80™ Gold TTY.

28 Voice Recognition Dragon Naturally Speaking. A voice recognition input device.

29 Screen Readers and Speech Synthesizers Freedom Scientific JAWS Screen Reader. GW Micro Window/Vocal Eyes. A screen reader. Additional Speech synthesizers.

30 Word Prediction Applied Human Factors, Inc. Word prediction WordQ Word prediction writing Software

31 MORE TOYS!! The following three vendor slides are provided as an overview of additional adaptive technology used by folks who have a disability. You will find assorted software, hardware, communication devices, & CCTV’s to embossers, & smart assistive access devices.

32 A T Kratter, Inc. New! Reading Machines Computer Screen Magnification Speech Access & Screen Readers PDA's and NoteTakers Braille Devices Tactile Graphics Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia Adaptive Keyboards GPS Navigation

33 HumanWare, Inc. Assorted adaptive and assistive access devices: tary_products.asp tary_products.asp Victor Reader is a line of digital talking book players that allow reading of talking books recorded in digital format. Trekker is a revolutionary system that uses GPS and digital maps to help blind persons find their way in urban and rural areas. The SmartView video magnifier is a low vision aid that enlarges objects, actions and text onto a display screen myReader portable CCTV Maestro is a PDA using a text-to-speech technology adapted application and a tactile keyboard membrane over a PDA touch screen.

34 Captioning Vendors Automatic Sync 877.278.7962 $70 for 0-20 hrs $55 for 21-50 hrs PeopleSupport Rapidtext, Inc. Kathy Furlan 1801 Dove Street, Suite 101, Newport Beach, CA 92660 1-800-234-0304 ext 47124 Fax: 949-258-5639

35 Enjoy the Toys!! Contact Information: Penny Peterson, ITC Coordinator, CSULB DSS High Tech Center & Alt Media Project 1250 Bellflower Blvd. LA5-173 Long Beach, CA 90840 562-985-1672 Photo of a frog diving into a pond, by Tim Flach.

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