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The World Leader in High Performance Signal Processing Solutions Personal Digital Notepad October 24,2007.

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1 The World Leader in High Performance Signal Processing Solutions Personal Digital Notepad October 24,2007

2 2 Project Guides  Dr.(Mrs.) P.P.Warnekar  Mr. Sandip Kothari, Analog Devices Inc.  Mr. Akshay Mishra, Tata Teleservices Group Members  Srinath Iyer (34)  Harsh Parekh (52)  Siddhartha Gupta (29)  Pratik Maheshwari (41)

3 3 Aim of the project To design a handheld device having a touch screen interface to be used for scribbling notes

4 4 Agenda A. Introduction 5 Processor P’s uClinux Benefits B. Steps Involved C. Hardware and Software Requirements D. Detailed Process E. Application Example and Uses F. References

5 5 5 Processor P’s  uClinux 2.6.12 kernel  Open Source Development Tools (gcc, gdb, kgdb, oprofile)  Thousands of Open Source Applications Performance Power Price Peripherals Penguins  10/100 Enet MAC  UART  High Speed Serial Ports  Drivers for External: Various Codecs ADC, DAC (SPI) Compact Flash (IDE, 802.11b) IDE (Hard Drive, CD- ROM, DVD) NOR, NAND Flash (YAFFS, JFFS2)  $4.95 @ 10k units for BF531  $200 for complete Open Source Development Suite Target, Toolchain, and kernel  265mW Core, 600 MHz @ 1.2V  uClinux Power Management Drivers, for Dynamic voltage/clock control  Up to 600MHz:  992.87 BogoMIPS @ 500MHz

6 6 No runtime licenses  Source code freely available  Robust and reliable  Modular, configurable, scalable  Superb support for networking and Internet  Supports a large number of devices, file systems, and networking protocols  Large pool of skilled developers and documentation  Upgrades and new features are constantly being added, tested and refined by a large community of programmers and users  Large number of applications and tools exist which require little to no porting effort  Portable What’s so special about uClinux?

7 7 Embedded Linux Porting the Linux kernel to run on a particular CPU and board which to be used in an embedded device (cell phones, PDAs, other consumer electronics)  uClinux  One type of Embedded Linux, “Microcontroller Linux”  Derivative of the Linux kernel for processors without an MMU  uClinux kernel tree maintained at:  Blackfin port maintained at: http://www.blackfin.uclinux.org  Considerations / Trade-offs: The Blackfin Processor does not have a full-fledged MMU. (Virtual Memory Management)  Normally Unix uses the MMU to allocate different physical memory areas to identical virtual memory addresses.  uClinux removes the MMU requirement by implementing a flat memory model (a 1-to-1 virtual-to-physical mapping)  The key feature of uClinux is the ability to look and feel almost like a MMU-based system.

8 8 Components of an Open Source System uClinux Kernel Compiler (gcc) Assembler (gas) Linker (ld) Apps debugger (gdb) Code Generation Tool Source Code Binutils uClinux Kernel Release 2.6.12 gcc release 3.4.4 Binutils release 2.15 Standard Apps Custom Apps Serial or Ethernet kernel debugger (gdb) JTAG

9 9 Hardware and Software Requirement Hardware  The BF-561 EZ-Evaluation kit  ADI-HPPCI-ICE (JTAG Emulator)  6” Touchscreen  6” Television set Software  Unix based Operating System (Fedora Core)  Qtopia Core Version 4.3.2  VisualDSP++5.0 (IDE)

10 10 The BF-561 Evaluation Kit

11 11 Why BF531?  Application deals with complex image processing of high resolution. Hence, need for a DSP Processor  Arm 9 and Freescale i.MX1 series is not appropriate  BF531 is the cheapest low end DSP Processor from Analog Devices  Support from Analog Devices Inc

12 12 Steps Involved  Develop a basic paint application using Qtopia Core V- 4.3.2 (a popular open source platform for application development on handheld devices)  Testing the application with a uCLinux kernel on the BF-561 EZ - Evaluation Kit  Design a hardware schematic for the handheld device

13 13 Detailed Process  STEP 1 -> APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Use Qtopia Core 4.3.2, a Linux based application development software to develop a minimalistic scribble application Three options:- File, Options, Help Image is to be saved with *. png or *.jpeg extension No Handwriting Recognition used!


15 15 Detailed Process  Step 2 -> Testing the application on evaluation board Set up development host with Linux (Fedora Core 5) Install ADI-PCI JTAG Emulator and load VDSP++ Connect the EZ-LITE board to the emulator using JTAG Cable Test the EZ-LITE board using VDSP++ Install GNU Linux Toolchain for Blackfin on development host Compile Das U-Boot (Bootloader) using GNU Toolchain Port U-Boot onto the target board using VDSP++ and JTAG Setup a TFTP server for Serial Port communication with the target Load and Configure the uCLinux Kernel on the host Port the kernel to the target using U-Boot through the TFTP Server

16 16 Detailed Process  Step 2 -> Testing the application on evaluation board Configure the kernel for the BF561 EZ-LITE board Cross-compile the application using GNU Toolchain Use the TFTP server to port the application to the target Reset the board and run the application. Connect a 6” BW Television to the VIDEO OUT of the board Place a touchscreen on the Television and connect it to the USB port of the board Test the application using the touchscreen

17 17 Detailed Process  Step 3 -> Optimizing the application  Step 4 -> Designing the product’s hardware schematic involving  1. Flash Memory  2. LCD & Touchscreen Controller  3. USB OTG  4. Power Management Unit

18 18 Applications of Notepad  Can be used for note taking in classrooms  Eliminates the need for notebooks for students and teachers  Perfect solution for press reporters and journalists  Facility to “read-back” your notes  Facility to transfer notes to your computer back home  Digital Laboratory Log book  Technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi can be incorporated at a later stage

19 19 REFERENCES          Embedded Linux, Dr. Chris Hollabaugh  BF561 EZ-KIT Evaluation Manual Rev 3.0  HPPCI Emulators Users Guide  VDSP++ Loader Manual

20 20 Thank You

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