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USPTO Seal Trademark Public Advisory Committee Status of the OCIO John B. Owens II Chief Information Officer August 28, 2009.

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1 USPTO Seal Trademark Public Advisory Committee Status of the OCIO John B. Owens II Chief Information Officer August 28, 2009

2 2 Overall Message All major initiatives are on track except: –Organizational Strengthening – Human Capital Plan –Disaster Recovery – Additional infrastructure servers and switches for the remote facility –Desktop Stabilization – Desktop Management tool selection & core configuration deployment All are dependant on resource availability and delayed to FY 2010 Y Y Y

3 3 OCIO Funding Reductions October 1, 2008 Sept 31, 2009  Compensation  Business Projects  Note: Some projects were intended to replace aging systems (PFW, OACS, EAST)  Road Map Projects  Operations & Maintenance Total Reduction = $60 Million From our FY 2009 Spending Plan $67 $44 $37 $139.5 $61 $7 $30 $129

4 4 Hiring Status OCIO Position Ceiling – 549 Current On-Board – 457 Vacancies – 92 Authorized to Pursue Remaining – 12 –1 with on-board date pending –3 interviewing –3 paneling –1 no selection/re-advertise –4 authorized to advertise As of August 18, 2009

5 5 Details to OCIO 29 Patent and 3 Trademark resources are working to support the OCIO. Chris Doninger, a Managing Attorney, was detailed in June to be the Acting Special Assistant to the CIO on Trademarks. Two trademark examining attorneys with IT knowledge have been selected for limited work details with the OCIO. Trademark details will be for 90-120 days and can be extended with the agreement of both business units and the employees.

6 6 Strategic Information Technology Plan (SITP) The SITP presents the course of action the Agency intends to take over the next five years for IT. The primary purpose is to establish a strategic framework for guiding the course of IT initiatives through the Agency’s strategic planning and decision making process. For FY 2010, the Roadmap will be subsumed into the integrated Agency IT plan. The Trademark portion (Chapter 7) is being re-evaluated to reflect an accelerated strategy for electronic end-to- end processing and environment separation.

7 7 Revised Trademark Strategy Begin planning for the separation of the Trademarks environment; deliver Concept/Definition in Q2 and Prototype in FY 2010 Includes the re-write and re-hosting of the Trademark systems to modern technologies: –Redundant, scalable, and virtually hosted –Migration from legacy technologies to modern (not cutting edge) - Example: COBOL to Java –Hosted on industry standard cloud virtual platforms and commodity hardware (Linux) –Replacement of heavy client front-ends with Web 2.0 enhanced user interfaces –Industry standard platforms and technologies: Apache/Tomcat, Documentum, Service Mix/Fuse (SOA bus), Web Publisher, MySQL and Oracle.

8 8 Appendix OCIO Road Map Status Report for USPTO Management (Subcommittee only, not intended for the Public Session) Status As of August 3, 2009

9 OCIO Road Map Status Report August 03, 2009 OCIO Road Map to IT Modernization How the OCIO will upgrade IT for Better Service

10 Aug 03, 2009 10 Summary  A total number of 61 Road Map projects (several projects have been subdivided to improve financial accounting) are tracked. This includes the following: 9 Projects that have completed -Completed Previously -SDLC 3.0 -Infrastructure Standards Process -Policy Management -FY08 PALM Improvement -Alternate Process Site Analysis -Completed this Period -EPMS -Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC 1.0) -ECM Lite -SOA Strategy

11 Aug 03, 2009 11 Summary (cont …)  Break-up of Road Map Projects (continued): 45 Projects that are currently active. This includes: -18 Projects which have had an increase in scope or funding, or are net new projects -5 Projects that have had a decrease in scope or funding 7 Projects that have been deferred/stopped, due to funding or technology issues -Human Capital Strategy (delayed due to funding reduction) -Data Center Environmental Monitoring (technical priorities caused deferral to FY10) -Fire Suppression System (negotiation with City of Alexandria caused deferral to FY10- 11) -Advantage Gen Development (new Architectures are being evaluated for the 3 impacted systems) -Technology Refresh for Desktop Management (delayed due to funding reduction) -Voice System Technology Refresh (unfunded during FY09 deferred until FY12-13)

12 Aug 03, 2009 12 Summary (cont …)  Road Map Practices & Tools Road Map programs and projects continue to support the OCIO Project Management efforts through support for the early adoption of improvements in EPMS (improved automated reporting), the SDLC (project close-out procedures), status reporting (standardized monthly reports), planning, and budgeting. Contributions this period include: -Finalization of project close-out procedures -Finalization of a Road Map Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) document – along with accompanying responses -Initiating efforts to reduce the time for project initiation and kick-off for FY’10 projects -Improving program and project status reporting, milestones establishment, issues reporting and related matters -Moving towards automated program and project status reporting (though EPMS) -Developing year-end Road Map reporting -Developing graphical representations for Road Map Program Strategic Formulations

13 Aug 03, 2009 13 Summary (cont …)  To date the Roadmap has obligated $26.7 million (of a total of $30.2 million*). Open commitments (not yet obligated) are $2.0 million. AIS Stabilization - $574 K support for SWAT and other AIS Remediation Data Center Stabilization - $102 K Data Center technology transition support Organizational Strengthening - $202 K additional end-of-year training; and implementation and testing CPT * As of August 7, 2009

14 Aug 03, 2009 14 Individual Program Accomplishments  Organizational Strengthening The Organizational Realignment project submitted the proposed employee placement and organization structure to HR, and held multiple discussions with HR and OCIO management on the realigned OCIO organization Names for level two management were communicated to OCIO employees at the recent OCIO All Hands meeting. Level 3-4 management will be finalized and released during August/September if approved. The Skills Development Training Plan project scheduled ‘Writing Performance Work Statements’ and ‘Evaluating Contractor Performance’ training for COTRs/TOMs Completed 100% of the Corporate Planning Tool (CPT) development and unit testing, and 50% of Enterprise Data Warehouse development and unit testing (including reports)

15 Aug 03, 2009 15 Individual Program Accomplishments  Process Standardization The EPMS project deployed the EPMS Inventory dashboard, which provides a real time snapshot of all active projects in the system by program area. The project has been completed, including all project deliverables The ITIL project refined the detailed processes and procedures for Incident Management, Problem Management and Request Fulfillment, in preparation for piloting these in August The project also conducted Change Management training for ten OCIO employees and Configuration Management training for fifteen OCIO CM team members  Data Center Stabilization The Data Center FY08 Power Assessment project met with electrical engineers to agree and approve the final solution for power needs The Data Center To-Be Architecture project issued the P.O for the Server Implementation task order and began the Red Hat task order for Consultation, Documentation Support, and VMware Professional Services

16 Aug 03, 2009 16 Individual Program Accomplishments  Data Center Stabilization (cont …) The Operational Redundancy and Replace Aging Equipment project Awarded the P.O. for the second and final round of servers  AIS Stabilization The AIS SWAT Team project kicked off Analysis and Recommendations for the ACTS, OEDIS, EFSWEB, and TICRS systems See table on next page for detailed status Completed the Operational Readiness Review for all AISs ( ACTS, CIDM, EBCIS, EFOIA, OEDIS, OFIS, OLIADS) for the Documentum Software Upgrade project Completed the Deployment Phase and held briefings for all business web liaisons for the Web Site Redesign Phase III project Completed the Definition Phase for three new projects: Infrastructure Code Table Upgrade, OACS Performance Improvement Logging, and UI Redesign Study

17 Aug 03, 2009 17 Individual Program Accomplishments Legend:  =Done;  =Working;  =Not Started ; =Change occurred since last time  AIS Stabilization (cont …)

18 Aug 03, 2009 18 Individual Program Accomplishments  Desktop Stabilization Competed the Federal Desktop Core project, including all project deliverables such as testing 164 FDCC settings and the rolling deployment of 161 FDCC settings The Desktop Stabilization (DSV1) project awarded the contract for process improvement services to TOS The Symantec Endpoint Protection completed SEP console/server installation in the test environment  Service Desk Developed work instructions (standard operating procedures) for each step in the process flow for Problem Management The Service Management project completed Prioritizations and Escalations, and procedural Guidelines for Request Fulfillment; and also identified Categorizations for Standard Service Requests

19 Aug 03, 2009 19 Individual Program Accomplishments  Disaster Recovery Data Bunkering replicated 58 TB of data this period, for a total of 280 TB since the commencement of this project. This represents a completion percentage of 71.45 Data Bunkering has been impacted by equipment failures in Boyers and has experienced a 3 month delay. Completion is now scheduled for early FY10 The ECM LITE project was completed, including all project deliverables (such as set-up of the Test Environment and the deployment of ECM LITE). The project also completed the migration of all artifacts from Dimensions to ClearCase The AIS Failover (for Tier-1 Systems) project completed migration of all USPTO employee production user’s mailboxes to the new Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment The Disaster Recovery Infrastructure project awarded remaining procurements for equipment (e.g., servers, racks, network hardware, and telecommunication circuits), and obtained a ‘Go’ decision to move from Design to Deployment

20 Aug 03, 2009 20 Individual Program Accomplishments  Telecommunications Stabilization The PTONET III Phase 1 project deployed the IT-West network equipment The PTONET III Firewall project deployed Juniper Firewalls into Production PTONET III EOL TRINet completed TRINet Refresh MOAs, and shipped the required hardware and software (to EPO, JPO, WIPO, KIPO and IPAU) The CIO Command Center Initial Operating Capability project, purchased and installed the required Forensic software  Enterprise Architecture Completed the SOA Strategy project, including all project deliverables (such as the High Level ‘As-Is’ and ‘To-Be’ SOA implementation and investment strategy, the enterprise SOA strategy and transition Plan, and the SOA high level governance plan)

21 Aug 03, 2009 21 Detailed Status Reports Road Map Financial Summary (non-comp)

22 Aug 03, 2009 22 Detailed Status Reports Road Map Financial Summary (comp & totals) July 2009 June 2009 Status Reports for Each Program  Attached

23 Aug 03, 2009 23 Significant Issues & Risks  Data Center Power/Network Connectivity MDW/E data center facilities were at 96% of power and network capacity (start of FY09). Current utilization is 94% with 72 KW free. Equipment installations will be impacted Mitigation efforts include: -Short-term [1 to 3 months] - Completed Shutdown of non-utilized systems. Coordinate with AIS Stabilization -Mid-term [3 to 18 months] - 50% complete Move IT West data center to single power service, temporarily lose redundancy (development laboratory) – Completed – gain 90KW Move IT West data center (development/testing) to local battery. Facility remains on generator and will be redundant – gain 110KW (additionally restore 90KW (above) to redundant operation) -Long-term - [2 to 3 years] Expand Boyers facility (FY10-11). Procure another generator for Alexandria (FY11-12). Evaluate data center alternatives (other local sites; shared facilities; commercial availability)

24 Aug 03, 2009 24 Significant Issues & Risks (cont …)  Interdependencies The CIO initiated a special project to integrate Road Map interdependencies. The Project is in the Concept phase

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