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EmpowHR 9.0 Upgrade Status Meeting Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (EDT)

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1 EmpowHR 9.0 Upgrade Status Meeting Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (EDT)

2 Meeting Agenda Welcome/Introductions Oracle Assessment 9.0 Upgrade Project Status Project Schedule Changes 9.0 Testing Approach –Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) –User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Training Update/UPK Initiatives Overall Timeline Data Warehouse Project What’s Next? Questions

3 Oracle Assessment Brenda Mandella Billy Dantagnan

4 Oracle Assessment Assessment Completed Executive Summary Distributed Findings highlighted three focus areas –Customer Satisfaction –Technical Challenges –Reporting

5 Oracle Assessment Improve Customer Satisfaction –Create Governance Board –Configuration Control Board established –User group established –Release planning –Assist in change management –Create ‘Tiger’ teams to evaluate projects –Provide PeopleSoft functionality demonstrations –Establish improved performance measures

6 Oracle Assessment Technical Challenges –Maintain existing 8.8 functionality –Component Interface –PeopleSoft delivered PPS interface –Person Model –Replace custom code –Maintenance packs Consulted with Oracle Apply individual maintenance packs Strategy for maintenance packs

7 Oracle Assessment Reporting –Requirement for enhanced reporting –Ability to report EmpowHR and Payroll Personnel System data –Establish “Tiger” team to identify requirements –Decision to purchase HCM Warehouse

8 EmpowHR 9.0 Upgrade Project Status Brenda Mandella

9 EmpowHR 9.0 Upgrade Project Status 8.8 Support - Through September 2008 Continue supporting all high-level IRs Deploy data synchronization fixes piloted by DHS to all customers Expand data synchronization project to additional data areas Support USDA NEIS efforts Migrate FSIS Migrate USDA OCFO HDQ

10 EmpowHR 9.0 Upgrade Project Status 9.0 Upgrade - By the end of September 2008 Use 8.8 push views Use data component of Person Model for employees only Support conversion of customer queries Complete DHS Enterprise Requirements I ePerformance pilot with LoC

11 Project Schedule Changes Billy Dantagnan

12 9.0 Project Schedule Changes Revised Implementation Date –September 22, 2008 (Processing for Pay Period 19) Quality Assurance Test (QAT) Window –July 14, 2008 – August 8, 2008 (4 Weeks) User Acceptance Test (UAT) Window –August 11, 2008 – September 5, 2008 (4 Weeks)

13 9.0 Testing Approach Jane Ladner Chris Elwood Billy Dantagnan

14 Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) – Status To Date Functions Tested –Portal –HR Setup –Position Management –Security –Payroll Documents HR –Reports

15 Quality Assurance Testing – Status To Date Test Scripts –Executed - 334 –Total Created - 532 Defect Problem Reports (DPRs) –Closed - 56 –Post 9.0 - 13 –Open - 13 –Total - 82

16 Quality Assurance Testing – DPR Process

17 9.0 Testing Approach – Current Status New Test Dates –QAT: July 14, 2008 – August 8, 2008 –UAT: August 11, 2008 – September 5, 2008 New Environment –New data as of June 14, 2008 (Pay Period 11) –New UAT PPS environment: IDMS61, Paymain2

18 Quality Assurance Testing – Status of Remaining Test Functions –ESS Tasks, ESS View, MSS Tasks, MSS View, Labor Relations, Manage Performance (8.8), PAR, History Override, Payroll Processing, Payroll Interface, Mass OIP Update, Recruitment (LOC), Queries, Transit Subsidy, Fill-a-Position/Job Classification, Who Has the PAR, Worklist Admin, ePerformance, System Interfaces SCRs scheduled for 9.0 –DHS-104, DHS-099, DHS-105, DHS-050a, DHS-053, DHS-051, DHS-055, DHS-107, 70529a, GAO-033a All open IRs

19 User Acceptance Testing (UAT) UAT Dates: August 11 – September 5 Establish a Command Center for all four weeks (Location to be determined) Onsite assistance: –EmpowHR QA staff –Publications and Communications staff –Human Resources Applications Staff –Help Desk staff –Unisys staff

20 User Acceptance Testing - DPR Process

21 Training Update/UPK Initiatives Theresa Trentacoste

22 9.0 Upgrade Training Award for Contract Trainers in its final stage. Sessions are expected to begin in early August through September 19, 2008. Need facilities that are available during August/September timeframe with computers/internet access for 20 students per class.

23 UPK Status Licenses have been purchased for a pilot of UPK. UPK developer software being installed at NFC. UPK Developer training scheduled for July 2008 at NFC. Goal: UPK product for use in conjunction with 9.0 rollout.

24 Overall Timeline Brenda Mandella Larry Barreca

25 Overall Timeline – Post 9.0 Activities 9.0 Release 1 - December 2008 9.0 Security deployment DHS Enterprise Requirements II Additional data synchronization enhancements USDA OCIO migration FEMA Migration Reporting and Agency Migrations - February 2009 HCM Data Warehouse GPO Migration

26 Overall Timeline – Post 9.0 Activities Future – To be scheduled CI views DHS AWE Basic Pilot DHS AWE MSS Pilot Enhancement of HCM Warehouse capability Expanded deployment of ePerformance Tri-Bureau’s migrations Talent Acquisition & Candidate Gateway pilot Assessment of full Person Model capabilities USDA NEIS enhancements Future functionality deployment plan Expanded Deployment of AWE Customization Baseline Monster interface USDA Migrations

27 EmpowHR Timeline

28 Data Warehouse Project Larry Barreca

29 Data Warehouse Project Purchased PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), HCM Data Warehouse, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Software License Contracted with Oracle Consulting Services for Implementation Kick-off meeting next Wednesday, June 18, 2008 Train Technical Staff (DBAs and Developers) Ready for Testing in October Ready for Production in February Initial Implementation will have Out-of-the-Box functionality Next Phase will include necessary customization from EmpowHR

30 What’s Next? Billy Dantagnan

31 Questions?

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