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Paragraph & Essay Types. Index Expository Description NArration Persuasive.

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1 Paragraph & Essay Types

2 Index Expository Description NArration Persuasive

3 Introduction There are four types of paragraphs and essays. Through them we can accurately express our ideas in the correct context. Each type has a specific purpose and format, so it is important to know which you need to use.

4 Though all the them permit the use of opinion, it is often difficult for beginning students to accurately adapt them to do so. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that you leave your opinions for the that paragraph type specifically designed for it – argumentation/persuasion.

5 The following types of essays each has an example with the topic sentence in white, developmental sentences in yellow, and the concluding sentence in green.

6 Expository An expository essay explains, or acquaints the reader with knowledge about the topic. Expository essays use facts and statistical information, cause and effect relationships, or examples. A magazine article that tells about the impacts of seals on the recovery of the cod stocks is an example.

7 Good Exposition: 1. Makes a point. 2. Gives detailed and specific examples 3. Gives enough examples to get the point across. Usually written in the third-person and is unbiased writing – the facts.

8 Expository Paragraph Example Although they don’t consider it stealing, many people regularly take things from their jobs. The most common items to disappear are pens and pencils that the employees almost unconsciously stuff into their purses and pockets. Over time, they may accumulate a lot of them. Another big item is all kinds of paper: pads of lined paper, little notepads, and file folders. Finally, one of the most significant ways people steal from their employers is by taking home samples of products the company makes. Employees think they are entitled to these products and even give them to friends. These examples many not seem like stealing, but the results are the same: extra costs to the company, which may result in lower pay raises.

9 Narration Writing that tells a story of an event or an experience. Good narration: 1. Reveals something of importance. Has a message or main point. 2. Includes all the important events of the story. 3. Brings the story to life with a detailed, true account of what happened. 4. Presents events in a clear order. 5. Usually written in the 1 st person.

10 Narration Paragraph Example My most embarrassing moment happened when I was working in a Mexican restaurant. I was a hostess working on a busy Friday night. As usual, I was wearing a blouse and a long Mexican skirt. While I was taking some menus to a table, one of the waiters accidentally stepped on the hem of my skirt. I didn’t even feel anything until I was hurtling towards the floor with the food flying away from me! Almost every customer in the restaurant saw me fall, but absolutely every customer saw my red face when I was able to get to my feet again!

11 Description Description creates a clear and vivid impression of the topic. Description translates your experience of a person, place, or thing into words, often by appealing to the physical senses.

12 Good description: 1. Creates a main impression-an overall effect, feeling, or image-about the topic. 2. Uses concrete, specific details to support the main impression. 3. Uses details that appeal to the five senses.

13 Descriptive Paragraph Example The subway is an assault on your senses. First, you walk down the steep, smelly steps on the subway platform. On the far right wall, a broken clock shows that the time is four- thirty. Just how long it has been broken is anyone’s guess. A mother and her crying child are standing just to the left trying to clean dried chocolate syrup off the young child’s face. Farther to the left, two old men are arguing about the most recent tax increase. A little noise catches my attention and I see some paper trash roll by like a soccer ball. However, like a flash of lightning, a poster catches my attention. It reads “Come to Jamaica.” Deep blue skies, a lone palm tree, and sapphire waters call me to this exotic faraway place… “Only if” I think, as I head back up the steep smelly steps to my destination.

14 Persuasive Essay Persuasion takes a position on an issue and offers reasons and supporting evidence to persuade someone else to accept or at least consider the position. Good argumentation paragraphs: 1. Take a strong and definite position on an issue or advises a particular action. 2. Give good reasons and supporting evidence to defend a position or recommended action. 3. Consider opposing views. 4. Have enthusiasm and energy from start to finish.

15 Persuasive Paragraph Example School uniforms should be mandatory for all students for a number of reasons. First, they make everyone equal. In this way, the “rich” kids are on the same level as the poor ones. In addition, getting ready for school can be much faster and easier. Many kids waste time choosing what to wear to school, and they are often unhappy with their final choices. Most important, some studies show that school uniforms make students perform better. Many people might say that uniforms take away from personal freedom, but I believe that the benefits are stronger than the drawbacks.

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