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Persuasive Writing.

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1 Persuasive Writing

2 Purpose To influence or change a reader’s thoughts or opinions on a particular topic. To be successful, your writing should be well-planned Planning includes: Choosing a topic Researching the topic thoroughly Mapping out the structure of the writing

3 Step 1 – Choosing an Issue
Decide what you are trying to persuade someone to believe Make sure you feel strongly about this issue Know a large amount of facts about your issue Examples: School uniforms Civil Rights Womens’ Rights Cloning Animal Cruelty

4 Step 2 – Research the Topic
You must have content to back up your claims Claims must be well-documented and elaborated You should include information that supports BOTH sides of the topic / issue

5 Step 3 – Mapping Out Your Writing
List the arguments for and against your issue A good persuasive gives arguments for both sides in order for the reader to evaluate the information and make a decision

6 Step 3 – Mapping Out Your Writing
Plan your Structure Introduction Body Paragraphs Conclusion

7 Introduction Introduce your readers to the topic
Example: Use a question as a hook Give background information State your position of the issue in the last sentence of the paragraph List your arguments in the order of least important to most important

8 Body Paragraphs At least three
Each paragraph discusses each argument or reason Each argument/reason needs SUPPORT Use facts NOT opinions Save the most compelling point for last Do not forget the reason for examining an opposing viewpoint

9 Conclusion Restate the issue
Tie in the three reasons from your body paragraph Summarize the arguments End with a powerful statement relating to the original issue

10 Steps to Follow Brainstorm/ choose a prompt
List pros and cons of the issue you chose from your brainstorm (worksheet 3) Fill out graphic organizer Write first draft skipping lines PQP Fill out checklist (worksheet 6) Type teacher edit/ second draft and circle items that might need changing in green Make revisions and edit teacher edit on the computer for your final draft

11 Example Persuasive Essay
“Cats make the ideal house pets.”

12 Prompts Given four prompts
You may do the prompts in any order you like but all of the prompts must be used by the end of the quarter You may write more persuasive essays for extra credit You may turn in your teacher edits and final drafts at any time

13 Prompt 1    Recently, some public schools have been adopting the private school idea of having students wear uniforms. Mrs. Slingerland is deciding whether or not to make the students at Kelvin Grove School wear uniforms. Some parents agree that uniforms should be required at K.G. because there will be less arguments over buying and wearing designer clothing. Other parents disagree because school uniforms takes individuality away from their child. Write a persuasive paper stating whether or not you think your principal should have you wear school uniforms.

14 Prompt 2 A recent news article talked about the State of Illinois wanting to increase the amount of homework for students on the weekends. The current amount of homework for fifth graders is 50 minutes a night. Some teachers give homework on the weekends and some do not. The state suggests that all students should have two hours of homework on the weekends. Some parents disagree because homework on the weekends takes away from family activities. Other parents feel that there is not enough time to learn all of the material and practice it during the week. Do you feel that the amount of homework on the weekends should be increased? Write a persuasive essay stating what you believe and why.

15 Prompt 3       A recent study has shown that most children spend too many hours each week watching television. The article on the study mentioned that many children spend as much as four hours each day in front of a T.V. rather than doing physical activity or spending time on homework. As a result of this article, the District 91 School Board is holding a meeting to ask parents to limit the amount of television that their children watch. The school board is going to ask parents to only allow their children to watch television only on the weekends. Some parents agree with the article and others feel that some television shows are educational and also allow their children to relax and unwind before doing homework. Do you agree or disagree that students in District 91 should only be allowed to watch T.V. on the weekends? Write a persuasive essay saying whether you agree or disagree and why.

16 Prompt 4 A leading doctor has published a research paper, which claims that all students should be in bed by 8:00 p.m. Some parents believe that going to bed at 8:00 p.m. will increase the amount of attention their children pay in class and will help their children stay healthy and rested. Other parents believe that 8:00 p.m. is too early for their child to go to bed because they do not get home from work until late in the evening and want to spend time with their children. Write an essay to your parents and explain your position. Use specific examples and evidence to support your position.

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