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Unit 3 Message of the Land Pira Sudham SentenceParaphrase Word Study.

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1 Unit 3 Message of the Land Pira Sudham SentenceParaphrase Word Study

2 About the Text Sentence Paraphrase
1. My husband moved into our house as is the way with us in Esarn. (When we got married) my husband came to live in our house. It was the tradition here in Esarn that the bridegroom should come to live with the bride’s family. 2. Often they sent some money to us and tell us that they are doing well. I know this is not always true. … although they always tell us that everything is fine with them. I know they also have difficulties and problems. They just do not tell us because they don’t want us to worry.

3 About the Text Sentence Paraphrase
3. Sometimes, they get bullied and insulted, and it is like a knife piercing my heart. When I hear about their hardships, I feel very sad. 4. It’s easier for my husband . He has ears which don’t hear, a mouth which doesn’t speak, and eyes that don’t see. News about my children’s problems doesn’t make my husband as sad. He doesn’t bother about what is happening around us and to our children. He never says anything about them.

4 About the Text Sentence Paraphrase
5. All of them remain my children in spite of their long absence. Although they are often away for a long time, I love and care about them as always because they are my children. 6. Our piece of land is small, and it is no longer fertile, bleeding year after year, and like us, getting old and exhausted. Our land is getting poorer with each passing year, like us who are getting old, weak and tired.

5 About the Text Sentence Paraphrase
Only ten years ago, you could darter for things, but now it’s all cash. Just ten years ago, you could exchange one thing for another, but today we have to use money to get everything we need. 8. In my day, if I were to put on a pair of trousers like they do now, lightning would strike me. When I was young, I surely would be punished by God if I ever wore the kind of trousers they wear today.

6 About the Text Sentence Paraphrase
9. My eyes do see--- they see more than they should. My ears do hear---they hear more than is good for me. I’m not what my wife says I am. I do see and hear--- I see and hear too much evil, too many ugly and terrible things, things that I wish I did not have to see and hear. And this is not good for me. 10. Still the land could not tie them down or call them back. My children grew up and had happy days on this land. But this couldn’t prevent them from leaving or making them return. ----end

7 About the Text Word Study
marry: vt./vi. They married young. John is going to marry Jane. marry sb off He married his daughter off to a rich man. married: a. be married to sb. He is married to a famous writer. married to sth.: dedicated to sth He is married to his work. marriage: n.

8 About the Text Word Study
afford to: can / could/ be able + afford sth to do sth They walked because they couldn’t afford (to take) taxi. I mustn’t annoy my boss because I can’t afford to lose my job. 他告诉我公司无法支付如此巨额的工资。 He told me that the firm could not afford to pay such large salaries.

9 About the Text Word Study
now and then: now and again; occasionally here and there: everywhere ups and downs: alternate good and bad luck 盛衰, 沉浮 ins and outs: the details and complexities (of sth) 详情、细节; 底细, 来龙去脉

10 About the Text Word Study
in spite of: (used as a prep.) regardless of; despite 尽管下雨我还是出去了。 despite (prep.): without being affected by 尽管天气不好,我们的假期仍过得很愉快。 regardless of: (used as a prep.) (infml) paying no attention to 他怎么想就怎么说,不考虑别人的情绪。 I went out in spite of the rain. Despite the bad weather we enjoyed our holiday. He says what he thinks, regardless of other people's feelings.

11 About the Text Word Study
mind one’s own… : mind one’s own business: not interfere in other people’s affair mind one’s own p’s and q’s: be careful and polite about what one says or does

12 About the Text Word Study
bleed: v. (bled; bled) loose or emit blood bleed to death bleed for sth: suffer wounds or die (for a cause ,one’s country) 我心里为这些挨饿的孩子感到悲痛。 bleed sb for sth: (infml) extort (money) from sb 勒索; 老板力图从雇工们身上榨取出每一分钱。 My heart bleeds for the starving children. The boss tried to bleed his employees for every penny.

13 About the Text Word Study
barter: v./ n. exchange (goods, property, etc) for other goods, etc without using money barter sth for sth: 农民们用大米换机器。 我们决不拿原则做交易。 barter with sb for sth: The prisoners tried to barter with the guards for their freedom. Farmers bartered rice for machinery. We will never barter away principles.

14 About the Text Word Study
replace: v. ---put back in its place 杂志阅后放回原处。 ---take the place of 有什么东西能取代母亲的爱和关怀吗? ---provide a substitute for sb / sth replace a broken window with a new one Replace the magazines after reading. Can anything replace a mother's love and care?

15 About the Text Word Study
spring: v. jump from the ground in a single movement spring out of bed 从床上跳起来 spring to action 突然行动起来 spring from sth: have sth as a source or origin Hatred often springs from fear. spring up: appear, develop, grow, etc. quickly or suddenly 微风已开始吹拂。 我的家乡建了许多工厂。 A breeze has sprung up. Many new factories have sprung up in my home town.

16 About the Text Word Study
fashion: n. in / after the fashion of sb: (fml) like sb She paints in the fashion of Picasso. act after sb.'s fashion 照某人的样子去做 come into / be in fashion: become or be popular go / be out of fashion: become outdated fashionable: a. barber: n. hairdresser: n. beautician: n.

17 About the Text Word Study
occur: v. happen 事故发生在五点钟。 occur to sb: come into (a person’s mind) 我想到一个主意。 It never occurred to her that he might be cheating her. occurrence: n. event; incident, happening incident: n. unimportant or minor things happened event: n. a happening of importance The accident occurred at five o'clock. An idea has occurred to me.

18 About the Text Word Study
a bag of bones: a very thin person or animal. 骨瘦如柴的人 The cat was just a bag of bones. bag and baggage: with all one’s belongings, often suddenly or secretly ; adv带着全部财产 Her tenant left, bag and baggage, without paying the rent. be in the bag: (of an result, outcome) be as desired [俗]确实无疑, 稳操胜券 Her re-election is in the bag. bag of moonshine 无稽之谈

19 About the Text Word Study
rag: n. torn,, odd cloth I use a rag to clean my bike. rags: (pl.) old, worn or torn clothes 这件衬衫已穿得破烂不堪。 The shirt was worn to rags.

20 About the Text Word Study
tie sb down to sth: restrict sb to certain conditions Children do tie you down, don’t they? tie sb up: --- (use passive) occupy sb so that he has no time for other things I’m tied up in a meeting until 3 p.m.. 交通因意外事故而受阻。 tie n. 这场比赛打成平局。 The traffic was tied up by the accident. The game ended in a tie.

21 About the Text Word Study
pass sth on to sb: hand or give sth to sb else, Pass the book on to me when you’ve finished with it. 请把这句话传给你的老板。 pass sth down: (esp passive) pass sth from one generation to the next 这些珠宝在我们家代代相传已有好几百年的历史了。 pass sth up: (infml) refuse to accept a chance, an opportunity, 永远不要放弃学习的机会 Please pass the word to your boss. These jewels have been passed down in our family from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Never pass up a chance to learn.

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