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Religion, Ethics and Development – Method and Metamorphosis*

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1 Religion, Ethics and Development – Method and Metamorphosis*
Dr V. Basil Hans M.A, MPhil, PhD Associate Professor & HOD of Economics, St Aloysius Evening College, Mangalore (city), INDIA May 21, 2012 *Ppt – Virtual Presentation for International Scientific Conference at Iasi, ROMANIA, May 21-June 3, 2012 Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty

2 INTRODUCTION The field of Religious Studies engages perennial questions about religion and human society Interdisciplinary approach to the study of religion – theological, sociological, literary- critical too Asian context (multicultural) today – Religion beyond crusades and conversions to role of civil society – relation of religion, ethics and development

3 Religion and Ethics – role, relationship
Religion for wholesome life: socio-economic development; not simply faith-following Communal harmony, socially acceptable development are threatened by fundamentalism and terrorism Economic Man – good citizen with rational thinking Religion – to bind with the Being and human beings

4 Cont’d Faith with good deeds: ethical, i.e. vision & practice of wellbeing Secular yet spiritual Trust-based economic life; rights and righteousness Charity in plurality with equality: values Caste, culture, market – handle with care Traditional ‘caste’ becoming modern now

5 Dilemmas and Development
Defending the religious tenets and moral values during marketisation Sustainable Development Peace vs. Terrorism; Protests vs. Production Gospel needed: one world vision Respect for identities of individuals and communities Strong polity, society and economy

6 Direction of Development
Rebuilding communities of development Fight communalism through intra-community and inter-community relations Inclusive development, composite approach to socio-economic problems Representative democracy & development must become participative democracy & development in action; a culture of equity in action

7 Conclusion Religiosity and loyalty can go together for social transformation and economic change Economic development needs social integration and religious harmony A re-engineering of theories and renewed focus of practices to appreciate the intellectual, religious and spiritual values is essential Development without discrimination

8 THANK YOU dear organisers, participants and audience
Dr V. Basil Hans MA., M.Phil, PhD Mobile:

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