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THE VOLUNTEERS OF DON BOSCO (a Salesian Secular Institute)

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1 THE VOLUNTEERS OF DON BOSCO (a Salesian Secular Institute)

2 Their FOUNDER... Blessed Philip Rinaldi (1856-1931) The 3rd successor of St. John Bosco

3 BRIEF HISTORY... Founded in Turin, Italy on May 20, 1917. August 7, 1978, elevated as Salesian Secular Institute of Pontifical Right by Pope Paul VI

4 The DBV is a Secular Institute of Pontifical Right. WHAT IS A SECULAR INSTITUTE? “A Secular Institute is an Institute of Consecrated Life in which CHRIST’s faithful living in the world, strive for the perfection of charity and endeavor to contribute to the sanctification of the world, especially from within.” (Canon 710) DBV UNIQUENESS IN THE SALESIAN FAMILY

5  DBV are consecrated women in the world.  Consecrated Seculars  They make the vows of CHASTITY, POVERTY and OBEDIENCE for life or perpetuity.  DBV made an integration of

6 FULL CONSECRATION - total following of Christ through the profession of the evangelical counsels and TOTAL SECULARITY - living and working in the midst of the world in whatever will promote the Kingdom of God.

7 WHY ARE THEY CALLED THE DON BOSCO VOLUNTEERS? They are called the DON BOSCO VOLUNTEERS because they follow the Salesian path to holiness, the Don Bosco way to sanctity. The word “Volunteer”comes from the Latin word “Volunta” (will). A true VOLUNTEER is one whose only reason for being is to do God’s will.

8  Mother Church requires that members of Secular Institutes live hidden life.  Their reserve is for the sake of their mission in the Church and in the world.  This is the reason for their Serene and Responsible Reserve

9  This is the reason why they do not wear religious habit.  Mary is their model of consecrated secularity.  Truly Marian in their attitude and deportment.

10  They live a HIDDEN LIFE in CHRIST.  The silent answer to their way of life is  Their life as Salesian Consecrated Women is ?

11 FOLLOWING OF CHRIST (Sequela Christi)  Vow of CHASTITY  Vow of POVERTY  Vow of OBEDIENCE

12 MEMBERSHIP (Requirements for Admission)  Pre-Aspirantate (1 year)  Aspirantate (3 years) ªTemporary Profession (6 years) STAGES OF INCORPORATION ªPerpetual Profession


14  and wherever there are young people to love and to serve...

15 Wherever they are the genuine VOLUNTEERS of DON BOSCO  EVANGELICAL and PROPHETIC WITNESS  PRESENCE and RESPONSIBLE RESERVE  Their “being” and their “doing” are testimonies of their life rooted in CHRIST.

16 CONTRIBUTION TO THE SALESIAN FAMILY ªTheir CONSECRATION in SECULARITY in the SALESIAN SPIRIT ªThey are also CONSECRATED like the SDBs and FMAs ªThey are SECULARS like the Salesian Cooperators & Alumni ªThey become all things to all men and women.

17 DBVs in the Philippines...  Metro Manila  34 fruitful years in existence  Cebu  Negros Occidental  Laguna  Tarlac Like SALT and LEAVEN... Manila, Makati, Parañaque & Mandaluyong  Cavite  Rizal Bacolod & Victorias  Iloilo City

18 WOMEN CONTEMPLATIVES IN ACTION AND IN DAILY LIFE  Prayer is the key that opens and closes their day.  The Eucharist is the source and summit of their prayer life.

19 COMMUNION OF LIFE...  No community life but live a strong communion of life.  The GROUP in which they belong is the best environment to put communion of life in practice.

20 DBVs present in 45 countries... Strong discipline and commitment loving kindness gentle presence Salesian motto, “Give me souls, take away the rest” Joyful sacrifice

21 The DON BOSCO VOLUNTEERS are greatly indebted to the Salesians of Don Bosco (North and South Provinces) for their fraternal support and dedicated ecclessiastical Assistance.


23 Living Fully the Mysteries of the Christ-Life in the World

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