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2 Are You A Slacker ?  People who only do what it takes to get by usually are not very successful  The same goes for your safety program !!

3 Aim High to Succeed  Verifying an applicant’s past history should not just be about compliance minimum standards  Federal regulations are minimum standards a.k.a – just getting by!  Set you goals high to attract the best drivers

4 What is Your Goal  If your goal is the minimum standards, what kind of driver are you looking for?  If your goal is to attract poor drivers, hiring poor drivers will take care of that for you  Good drivers attract other good drivers!

5 What Is A Driver?  Employee, independent contractor, etc…  Witness, exhibit A, evidence  Keep in mind – all driver records are potential evidence in a court case  AND all drivers are potential witnesses in a court case!

6 Hiring is a Two Step Process Step 1 Step 1 - Know what you are looking for in a driver Step 2 Step 2 – Investigate the applicant to see if he/she is what you are looking for

7 Step 1 – Know What You Are Looking For  Establish company hiring standards –Min age –Min years and/or type of experience –Max number of accidents –Max number moving violations –Desired radius, home time, pay, etc…

8 Step 2 – Investigate the Driver  STOP THE CYCLE OF ADDICTION  Investigate the driver to make sure he/she fits the established standards  Use the four keys to unlock the mystery of their past

9 The Four Keys  Interviews – telephone and/or in-person  Application  MVR(s)  Employment History Checks

10 Interviews  Use as a screening tool  Make a list of qualifier questions –Use established company hiring standards –If driver does not meet these qualifications tell them why and cut your loses  Take notes for future reference

11 Application  Have consent forms in application pack  Do not accept incomplete applications –No blank sections, unexplained gaps, at least month/year on dates of employment, etc  Review application with driver if possible –Can catch errors/omissions and get clarification –ASK QUESTIONS!!!

12 MVR  Must check ALL CDLs held in past three years  Watch for “surrendered” CDL comment – means there was a CDL from another state  “Failure to appear”, “Failure to comply” etc. goes to driver’s responsibility  Require driver to maintain current address

13 Background History Checks  Studies show that more than 35% of people lie on their application – CHECK IT!  “That sounds right” is not a good response –Ask for exact dates when verifying employment  Ask the question – “Would you re-hire this driver?”  Listen to their tone, and listen to your gut!

14 Why Insist On Exact Dates?  Applicant lists Company A: from Jan 99 to March 00, and Company B: from April to Dec 00  Both companies say “that sounds right”  Actually, he worked at Company A from Jan 31, 1999 to Feb 25, 2000 and Company B from April 30 to Dec 1, 2000  During this 63 DAY gap he worked at Company C and was fired for a positive drug test and has never been evaluated by a SAP

15 Background Checks Continued  What do you do with these? –Out of business –Self-employed –Unemployed –Gaps in employment  How do you find company information? –Telephone –Mailing address

16 Information Resources  Call Information (area code) 555-1212  DAC   Internet search engines & directories  Friends, associates in industry  State trucking associations  Chamber of Commerce  Tax Statements

17 Compare All Sources of Information  Crosscheck all of the information –Do all the pieces fit?…don’t try to put a square peg in a round whole  Did a key open a hidden skeleton closet Gaps in dates of employment Hidden jobs Hidden moving violations and/or accidents

18 Stay Off the Slippery Slope  When you make an exception – you are changing your standards  One exception quickly becomes the rule  This fuels your addiction

19 Who Cares Who or How We Hire?  The DOT  Your Insurance Carrier  Your Current Drivers  A JURY

20 Stop Gambling With Your Company’s Future  The next roll of the dice could cost more than you can afford to lose  For addiction counseling, feel free to contact us any time…800-457-5255

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