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Chapter 3 Looking For a Job Workforce Essentials Ms. Baumgartner.

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1 Chapter 3 Looking For a Job Workforce Essentials Ms. Baumgartner


3 3.1 Preparing to Look for a Job Why do you want a job? –Be prepared to answer this question! Your coordinator needs to know so a suitable job for your interests/abilities can be found Review the benefits of work experience (p31) Rank these in order of importance – this will help you focus on your most important goals

4 3.1 Preparing to Look for a Job Social Security Number –Federal law requires every person regardless of age to have a SS# to be claimed as a dependent on Tax Form 1040. –SS is a national program of social insurance. –Your employer will withhold $ from your paycheck for this and the $ goes into the SS system. –When you retire, you will receive income payments from SS.

5 3.1 Preparing to Look for a Job Work Permit –Various federal and state laws now protect the health and safety of minors – people who have not reached the full legal age. –A work permit is a form issued by school officials that gives a student legal permission to work during school hours as part of a work experience education program.

6 3.2 Finding Job Leads If you do not have a job yet, you will need to plan how to get one At this point in your life, you will probably apply for an entry level position An entry-level job requires little or no experience

7 3.2 Finding Job Leads Sources of Job Leads –Family & friends –In-school sources –Classified ads –Job service –Private employment agencies –Direct employer contact –Internet It’s up to YOU to pursue the job lead!

8 3.2 Finding Job Leads Family & Friends –Make a list of all family and friends who may know of a job lead. In-School Sources –Coordinator –Guidance counselor –Job placement office/career center A counselor may help match students with job openings and make referrals for interviews.

9 3.2 Finding Job Leads Referrals are given to direct a student to employers are hiring. Newspaper Classified Ads –Most papers have a section that include help- wanted ads. Job Service –Every state has a system of public employment offices called the Job Service. –These offices offer free services such as job counseling, training, help with resumes, and job listings.

10 3.2 Finding Job Leads Private Employment Agencies –Businesses that find jobs for people for a fee. –These agencies generally do not deal with clients under 18 Direct Employer Contact –Many people find jobs by talking directly to employers –A help-wanted sign posted in the window is the oldest method –If you see a sign, ask the manager for an application

11 3.2 Finding Job Leads Internet –The Internet has changed the way that employers and employees search for one another. –There are numerous job websites specifically designed to help the job seeker –Examples: Monster, CareerBuilder, Better Auburn Jobs –Many companies have job info on their own websites

12 3.2 Finding Job Leads Keeping Track of Leads –A job-lead card is a card on which to record information and notes about a job lead (p 37). –Can help you get organized and save you time –Keep you from forgetting important information

13 3.2 Finding Job Leads Following Through –As soon as you learn about a job lead, follow through with quick action! –If you contact a potential employer and don’t hear back, follow up with a call. –Persistence will pay off! It will increase your chance of getting a job offer.

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